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Township & Local Government

Books & Periodicals

Brittain, Kathleen.  Forms of local government: a descriptive summary with particular reference to Indiana. (1979)
IND 320.8 B862fo

Indiana--Governor's commission on unemployment relief--Division of finance.  Township and county financial information...compiled by Division of finance. (1935)
IND 336 I385T

Maxam, William.  Indiana government. (1967)
IND 342.772 M463i

Sikes, Pressly.  Indiana state and local government. (1940)
IND 342.772 S581s

Local Government Study Commission. Understanding the new local government law. (1981)
IND 342.772 U58

Adkinson, Francis.  Township and town officers' guide. A summary of the law governing towns and townships in the state of Indiana with instructions and forms. (1877)
IND 352 A236

Barreto, Tami & Jamie Palmer. Intergovernmental issues in Indiana : 1999 IACIR survey.
IND 352 B273i

Clarke, Thomas.  The law governing township officers, a compilation of the laws governing trustees, superintendents and road masters, defining their powers, duties and liabilities. (1882)
IND 352 C611L

Indiana County and Township Officials Association, Inc.  The Indiana public official. (1937-1954, scattered)
IND 352 C734 CI

Indiana--Accounts, State board of.  Township business extracts form letters. (1917)
IND 352 I385 AT

Indiana--Accounts, State board of.  Indiana statutes relating to townships trustees concerning their duties, powers and prohibitions. (1915)
IND 352 I385 BAT

Indiana Interim Study Committee on Local Government Issues.  Final report. (1986-1988, 1989, 1992, 1994-1995, 1998)
IND 352 I385fi

Indiana--Accounts, State board of.   Information concerning the business in county and township offices during fiscal year ending December 31, 1911; compiled and arranged for the sixty-eighth General assembly of the state of Indiana; submitted pursuant to the direction of concurrent resolution no. 6, adopted by the sixty-seventh General assembly. (1913)
IND 352 I385 TB

US Bureau of the Census.  Census of governments: Indiana. (1957; 1962; 1967)
IND 352 Un58c

Snider, Clyde. Township government in Indiana…as exemplified by the townships of Monroe County. (1932)
IND 352 S672t

Taylor, Robert Guilford.  A comparison of the civil and congressional townships in Indiana. (1953)
IND 352 T245C

Thornton, W. W.  Complete guide for Indiana township officers. (1919)
IND 352 T514C

Cass County League of Women Voters.  Cass County : a citizen's guide to local government. (1988)
IND REF 977.201 C343c


Indiana--Accounts, State board of.  Township opinions of the department of inspection and supervision of public offices; with citations to statutes, court decisions and opinions of the Attorney general. (1924)
Ip 336.772 NO. 9

Feightner, Harold.  Indiana township government. (1932)
IpQ 352 no. 6

Snider, Clyde. County and township government in Indiana. (1936)
Ip 352 no. 49

Snider, Clyde.  Indiana counties and townships. (1937)
Ip 352 no. 52

Indiana--League of Women Voters--Indianapolis.  Local government survey report, April 15, 1952, Marion County, Indianapolis, townships.
Ip 352 NO. 79

Indiana. State Board of Accounts.  Trustees' manual for civil townships. (1961, 1971, 1975)
Ip 352 NO. 98

Smith, Leo Xavier.  Medical and hospital care of indigents by townships. (1940)
Ip 361 NO. 140

Indiana. State Board of Accounts. Trustees' manual for school townships; a handbook of instructions. (1961)
Ip 379.11 NO. 42

Indiana--Laws, statutes, etc.  Laws of state of Indiana pertaining to fire protection in townships, fire protection by co-operation between two townships, fire protection by co-operation between towns and townships, fire protection by co-operation between cities and townships. (1946)
Ip 614.841 NO. 25

Indiana--Laws, statutes, etc.  Laws of state of Indiana pertaining to fire protection in townships. (1947)
Ip 614.841 NO. 25 1947

Indiana--State planning board.  Area of townships in Indiana. (1937)
Ip 910 NO. 26

Indiana—laws, statutes, etc. Proposed legislation which will affect the Perry-Decatur township line controversy, House bill no. 163 ... Senate bill no. 64. (1945)
Ip 977.201 M341 NO. 82

Laws & Administrative Regulations

Indiana Code, Local Government (IC 36)

Indiana Code, Government of Townships (IC 36-6)

Department of Local Government Finanace Rules & Regulations (50 IAC 1 et seq.)

Newspaper index

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Township Assessor
Township Assessors’ Association
Township Government
Township Trustees
Township Trustees, Indiana Association of

Clippings file

Local Government
Counties—Marion—Local Government

Maps & Atlases

US Bureau of the Census.  Indiana.  Minor civil divisions—townships. (1941)
IND Map 912.772 I41u

US Bureau of the Census.  Indiana.  Minor civil divisions—townships. (1952)
IND Map-L 912.772 I50?u

US Bureau of the Census.  Indiana.  Minor civil divisions—townships. (1961)
IND Map 912.772 I60i

US Bureau of the Census.  Indiana county subdivisions: townships and places. (1976)
IND Map 912.772 I76u

Researchers (firm). Indiana, her counties, her townships, and her towns.
IND 912.772 R432I

Stats Indiana Township Outline Maps by County

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