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School Consolidation

Books & Periodicals

Indiana Department of Public Instruction et seq.  Indiana School Directory. 1916-2000.
IND 379 I385d

Hill, Willie Warren.  The case for Indiana school reorganization. (1957)
IND 379.11 H648C

Marion County, Ind. School Reorganization Committee.  A comprehensive plan for the reorganization of school corporations of Marion county, Indiana. 1959-1961. (1961)  
IND 379.11 M341C
Young, Roland Edward.  The history of school district reorganization in the state of Indiana. (1968)
IND 379.11 Y75H


Indiana State Chamber of Commerce. Education Department.  Why school reorganization in Indiana; facts about a program for better schools through local community action. (1957)
Ip 379.11 NO. 16

Indiana League of Women Voters.  Your schools and you! (1959)
Ip 379.11 NO. 23

Indiana. Laws, statutes, etc.  The facts and the law on school corporation reorganization.  (1960)
Ip 379.11 NO. 25

Indiana. Laws, statutes, etc.  The school corporation reorganization act of 1959.
Ip 379.11 NO. 25

Indiana--Chamber of Commerce.  Facts-in-brief about Indiana's school reorganization program. Sound school planning is in your hands. (1960)
Ip 379.11 NO. 26

Indiana State Teachers Association.  Citizens control their schools in reorganization program. (1960)
Ip 379.11 NO. 27

Indiana State Chamber of Commerce. Education Department.  Progress in Indiana school reorganization. (1961)
Ip 379.11 NO. 30

Indiana--Department of Public Instruction.  Newly reorganized school corporations under Chapter 202 of the 1959 Acts and subsequent acts amendatory thereto (including corporations taking effect Jan. 1, 1961, July 1, 1961, Jan. 1, 1962, and July 1, 1962.
Ip 379.11 NO.31

Indiana. State Commission on Reorganization of School Corporations.  Report. (1962, 1965, 1967)
Ip 379.11 NO. 32

Indiana--State Commission for the Reorganization of School Corporations.  Progress report, school corporations reorganization. (1963)
Ip 379.11 NO. 33

Indiana--State Commission for the Reorganization of School Corporations.  Preliminary reorganization plan and final comprehensive reorganization plan. (1963)
Ip 379.11 NO. 34

Kohlmeyer, John Byron.  School corporation reorganization in Indiana. (1963)
Ip 379.11 NO. 36

Indiana--Department of Public Instruction.  Reorganization school corporations. (1965)
Ip 379.11 NO.38

Indiana State Chamber of Commerce. Education Department.  Four years of Indiana school reorganization; school reorganization legislation 1957, 1959, 1961, 1963, attorney general opinions, suits filed in the courts, reduction of units since 1959.
Ip 379.11 NO. 43  

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Indiana Department of Public Instruction. Indiana School Corporations, 1974-75.
IND Map 912.772 I74p

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