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Property Tax Citations

Books and Periodicals

Indiana.  Laws, Statutes, etc.  Indiana Tax Laws, annotated.   
IND.  336.2 I385AT 1930 (note: has various titles and editions; all tax-related legislation of a historical nature)

Indianapolis:  Indiana Business Development, Indiana Department of Commerce.  Indiana Tax Structure.   [2001]. 
IND.  336.2 I385

Indiana.  General Assembly.  Legislative Council. Property Tax Replacement Study Commission.  Final Report of the Property Tax Replacement Study Commission.  [2004].
IND.  336.22 I385f, 2004

Indiana.  Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations.  Property Tax Reassessment:  issues in implementation/Indiana Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations.  [2001].
IND.  336.22 I385p

Bennett, David J.  Everyone’s Guide to Indiana Taxes.  [2004]. 
IND.  336.2 B471e

Kiefer, Donald W.  The Effects of a Property Tax Circuit-Breaker in Indiana.  [1972}.
IND.  336.22 K47e

Indiana Legislation

HEA 1001-State and Local Finance
SJR 0001-To make the circuit breaker caps constitutional and permanent
HB1001 (2008)-Property tax reform
HEA 1001 (2008)-concerning taxation and to make an appropriation
SB 0398-Homestead
IC 6-1.1
IC 6-1.1-3-1, et seq.


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