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New Harmony

New Harmony is a historic small town in southern Indiana that was home to George Rapp’s Harmonist society and later to Robert Owen’s utopian community. Although both societies were short lived, they contributed to numerous scientific and cultural achievements in the early 19th century.

Indiana Collection

ISLI 16.335 P412G
Title: Guide to the Microfilmed Harmony Society Records, 1786-1951, in the Pennsylvania State Archives
Author: Robert M. Dructor and Roland M Baumann
Publisher: Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, Division of Archives and Manuscripts, 1983

ISLI 335 B222E (Microfilm)
Title: Education in the Search for Utopia: The Educational Theories and Experiment of Robert Owen and Charles Fourier
Author: Baptiste, Ronald Eugene
Publisher: Boston University, 1970

ISLI 335 B725R
Title: Robert Owen, the Founder of Socialism in England
Author: Booth, Arthur John
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ISLI 335 G135E (Microfilm)
Title: Education in Utopia: Curriculum Theory and Design in the New Harmony Communal Settlement
Author: Gaglione, Rodger T
Publisher: Rutgers University, 1982

ISLI 335 H319U
Title: Utopianism and Education: Robert Owen and the Owenites
Author: Harrison, John Fletcher Clews
Publisher: Teacher’s College Press, 1968

ISLI 335 H745H
Title: Heavens on Earth: Utopian Communities in America, 1680-1880
Author: Holloway, Mark
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ISLI 335 097 NA 1966
Title: A New View of Society, and other writings
Author: Owen, Robert
Publisher: Dutton, 1966

ISLI 335 R642P
Title: Robert Owen’s American Legacy: Proceedings of the Robert Owen Bicentennial Conference, Thrall Opera House, New Harmony, Indiana, October 15 and 16, 1971
Author: Robert Owen Bicentennial Conference
Publisher: Indiana Historical Society, 1972

ISLI 335 S245R
Title: Robert Owen, and his social philosophy
Author: Sargant, William Lucas
Publisher: Smith, Elder, and Co., 1860

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Title: America’s Communal Utopias
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Title: The Harmony Society: A 19th Century American Utopia
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Title: The Harmony Society at Economy, Penn, Founded by George Rapp
Author: Williams, Aaron
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Title: A Documentary History of the Indiana Decade of the Harmony Society, 1814-1824
Author: Arndt, Karl John Richard
Publisher: Indiana Historical Society, 1975-1978

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Title: George Rapp’s Harmony Society, 1785-1847
Author: Arndt, Karl John Richard
Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1965

ISLI 335.97 A747GA
Title: George Rapp’s Successors and Material Heirs, 1847-1916
Author: Arndt, Karl John Richard
Publisher: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 1971

ISLI 335.97 A747I
Title: The Indiana Decade of George Rapp’s Harmony Society, 1814-1824
Author: Arndt, Karl John Richard
Publisher: American Antiquarian Society, 1971

ISLI 335.97 B881T 1972
Title: Twelve Months in New-Harmony: presenting a faithful account of the principal occurrences which have taken place there within that period: interspersed with remarks
Author: Brown, Paul Donald
Publisher: Porcupine Press, 1972

ISLI 335.97 D974H
Title: The Harmonist’s, a Personal History
Author: Duss, John S
Publisher: The Pennsylvania Book Service, 1943

ISLI 335.97 E46D
Title: Development of the New Harmony Community with Special Reference to Education
Author: Elliot, Helen
Publisher: Indiana University, 1933

ISLI 335.97 F655DI
Title: Dictionary of American Communal and Utopian History
Author: Fogarty, Robert S
Publisher: Greenwood Press, 1980

ISLI 335.97 G347
Title: George Rapp’s Separatists, 1700-1803: the German Prelude to Rapp’s American Harmony Society: A Documentary History
Author: Arndt, Karl John Richard
Publisher: Harmony Society Press, 1980

ISLI 335.97 H2878
Title: Harmony on the Connoquenessing
Author: Arndt, Karl John Richard
Publisher: Harmony Society Press, 1980

ISLI 335.97 H288
Title: Harmony on the Wabash in transition, 1824-1826 : transitions to George Rapp's Divine Economy on the Ohio, and Robert Owen's New Moral World at New Harmony on the Wabash : a documentary history = Harmonie am Wabasch im Übergang, 1824-1826 : Übergänge zu Georg Rapps Göttliche Ökonomie am Ohio und Robert Owens Neue Moralische Welt zu Neu Harmonie am Wabasch
Author: Arndt, Karl
Publisher: Harmony Society Press, 1982

ISLI 335.97 K72C
Title: Die christlich-kommunistische kolonie der Rappisten in Pennsylvanien und neue mitteilungen uber Nikolaus Lenau's aufenthalt unter den Rappisten (The Christian- communist colony of Rappisten in Pennsylvania and new releases about Nikolaus Lenau 's stay under the Rappisten)
Author: Knortz, Karl
Publisher: Verlag Von Ernst Wiest, 1892

ISLI 335.97 K81W
Title: Women in Utopia: the Ideology of Gender in the American Owenite Communities
Author: Kolmerten, Carol A
Publisher: Indiana University Press, 1990

ISLI 335.97 K92H
Title: The Harmonists: A Folk-Cultural Approach (Microfilm)
Author: Kring, Hilda Adam
Publisher: Scarecrow Press, 1973

ISLI 335.97 L817N
Title: The New Harmony Communities
Author: Lockwood, George Browning
Publisher: The Chronicle Company, 1902

ISLI 335.97 L8172
Title: The New Harmony Movement
Author: Lockwood, George B, and Prosser, Charles A
Publisher: Appleton and Company, 1905

ISLI 335.97 L817E
Title: The Educational Experiment at New Harmony
Author: Lockwood, George Browning
Publisher: The Moore & Langen Press, 1904

ISLI 335.97 L817N
Title: New Harmony Communities
Author: Lockwood, George Browning
Publisher: The Chronicle Company, 1902

ISLI 335.97 L8172 1971
Title: The New Harmony Movement
Author: Lockwood, George Browning
Publisher: Dover, 1970

ISLI 335.97 M166E
Title: Education and Reform at New Harmony: Correspondence of William Maclure and Marie Duclos Fretageot, 1820-1833
Author: Maclure, William
Publisher: Augustus M. Kelley, 1973

ISLI 335.97 M166P
Title: Partnership for Posterity: the Correspondence of William Maclure and Marie Duclos Fretageot, 1820-1833
Publisher: Indiana Historical Society, 1994

ISLI 335.97 M649E (Microfilm)
Title: Education in the Harmony Society, 1805-1905
Author: Miller, Melvin
Publisher: University Microfilms, 1973

ISLI 335.97 N828c
Title: The Communistic Societies of the United States: from personal visit and observation
Author: Nordhoff, Charles
Publisher: Harper & Bros, 1875

ISLI 335.97 O44S
Title: Old Stones in New Harmony (Video recording)
Author: WNIN-TV, Wayne Aldridge
Publisher: WNIN-TV

ISLI 335.97 O978D 1973
Title: Diary of William Owen from November 10, 1824 to April 20, 1825
Author: Owen, William
Publisher: Augustus M. Kelley, 1973

ISLI 335.97 P361
Title: New Harmony, an Adventure in Happiness; Papers of Thomas and Sarah Pears
Author: Pears, Thomas Clinton
Indiana Historical Society, 1933

ISLI 335.97 S671T
Title: Town of the Fearless
Author: Snedeker, Caroline Dale
Publisher: Doubleday, Doran & Company, 1931

ISLI 335.97 W371E
Escape to Utopia; the Communal Movement in America
Author: Webber, Everett
Publisher: Hastings House Publishers, 1959

ISLI 335.97 W544F
Title: Frontier Musicians on the Connoquenessing, Wabash, and Ohio: a History of the Music and Musicians of George Rapp’s Harmony Society
Author: Wetzel, Richard D
Publisher: Ohio University Press, 1976

ISLI 335.97 W754A
Title: The Angel and the Serpent: The Story of New Harmony
Author: Wilson, William Edward
Publisher: Indiana University Press, 1984

ISLI 335.97 Y74 1966
Title: Angel in the Forest
Author: Young, Marguerite
Publisher: Scribner, 1944

ISLI 335.973 B561B
Title: Backwoods Utopias; the Sectarian and Owenite Phases of Communitarian Socialism in America, 1663-1829
Author: Bestor, Arthur Eugene
Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1950

ISLI 917.3 H232 VA
Title: The Travels of the Naturalist Charles A. Lesueur in North America, 1815 – 1837
Author: Hamy, Jules Theodore Ernest, 1842 – 1908
Publisher: Kent State University Press, 1968

ISLI 917.3 M135D
Title: The Diaries of Donald Macdonald: 1824-1826
Author: MacDonald, Donald
Publisher: Indiana Historical Society, 1942

ISLI 923 O968C
Title: Robert Owen
Author: Cole, George Douglas Howard
Publisher: E. Ben Limited, 1925

ISLI 923 O968CM
Title: Robert Owen of New Lanark
Author: Cole, Margaret Isabel
Publisher: Oxford University Press, 1953

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Title: Robert Owen, 1771-1858. Pioneer, Social Reformer, and Philanthropist. A memoir.
Author: Davies, Alfred
Publisher: Co-operative Wholesale Society Ltd., 1948

ISLI 923 O968DO
Title: Robert Owen: Owen of New Lanark and New Harmony
Author: Donnachie, Ian
Publisher: Tuckwell Press, 2000

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Title: Robert Owen (1771-1858)
Author: Dolleans, Edouard
Publisher: Felix Alcan, 1907

ISLI 923 O968GO
Title: Robert Owen, Och Kooperationens Uppkomst
Author: Gjores, Axel
Publisher: Kooperativa Forbundets Bokforlag, 1932

ISLI 923 0968M
Title: Robert Owen
Author: McCabe, Joseph
Publisher: Watts, 1920

ISLI 923 O968N
Title: Bibliography of Robert Owen, the Socialist, 1771-1858
Author: National Library of Wales, 1925

ISLI 923 O968P 1868
Title: Life of Robert Owen
Author: Packard, Frederick Adolophus
Publisher: J.B. LIPPINCOTT & Co., 1868

ISLI 923 O968PO
Title: Robert Owen, a biography
Author: Podmore, Frank
Publisher: Haskell House Publishers, 1971

ISLI 923 O968W
Title: Robert Owen; Lebensroman Eines Menschenglaubigen
Author: Wagner, Richard Robert
Publisher: Europa Verlag, 1942

ISLI 923 R221D
Title: George Rapp and his Associates
Author: Duss, John S
Publisher: Hollenbeck Press, 1914

ISLI 923 R221W
Title: Wonder Workers on the Wabash
Author: Walker, Janet R
Publisher: Historic New Harmony, 1999

ISLI 977.2 F919Z
Title: Zur geschichte des deutschthums in Indiana. Eine fest-schrift zur Indiana-feier im jahre 1900. Von W.A. Fritsch
Author: Fritsch, William August
Publisher: G. Steiger & Co., 1896

ISLI 977.2 I385I V. 5 No. 4
Title: An Indiana Village: New Harmony
Author: Holliday, John H
Publisher: Edward J. Hecker, 1914

ISLI 977.2 I385I V.23 No. 2
Title: Harmonist Construction: Principally as Found in the Two-Story Houses Built in Harmonie, Indiana, 1814-1824
Author: Blair, Don
Publisher: Indiana Historical Society, 1964

ISLI 977.2 I383I V.23 No. 4
Title: To Holland and to New Harmony: Robert Dale Owen’s Travel Journal, 1825-1826
Author: Owen, Robert Dale
Publisher: Indiana Historical Society, 1969

ISLI 977.201 P855B
Title: New Harmony as They Lived it: A Panorama of Rare Prints from the Collection on Don Blair
Author: Blair, Don
Publisher: News Publishing Co., 1964

ISLI 977.201 P855h 1967
Title: History of Posey County, Indiana.
Publisher: The Goodspeed Publishing Company, 1886.

ISLI 977.201 P855M 1980 (Microfilm)
Title: The Dilemmas of Utopian Communities: A Study of the Owenite Community at New Harmony, Indiana
Author: Mariampolski, Hyman
Publisher: University Microfilms International, 1980

ISLI 977.201 P855np
Title: New Harmony Then and Now
Author: Pitzer, Donald E
Publisher: Quarry Books, 2011

ISLI 977.201 P855ZF
Title: Historic New Harmony: A Guide
Author: Fretageot, Nora C
Publisher: Western Star, 1923

ISLI 977.201 P855ZNC
Title: New Harmony, Indiana: Robert Owen’s Seedbed for Utopia
Author: Carmony, Donald F

ISLI 977.201 P855ZND
Title: Book of Words: Historical Pageant, Closing the Centennial Celebration, June 6-13, 1914, of the Founding of New Harmony, Indiana, in 1814
Author: Dye, Charity

ISLI 977.201 P855ZNM
Title: Mary Fauntleroy and New Harmony in Search of Community
Author: Menke, R.H.
Publisher: Harmonie Haus, 1996

ISLI 977.201 P855ZNNE
Title: New Harmony at the Millennium, the Past and the Future on View
Publisher: Historic New Harmony, 2000

ISLI 977.201 P855ZNT
Title: Visions of Harmony, a Study in Nineteenth-Century Millenarianism
Author: Taylor, Anne
Publisher: Clarendon, 1987

ISLI 977.201 P855ZNW
Title: New Harmony, Indiana
Author: Weinzapfel, Connie A
Publisher: Arcadia Pub., 2000

Rare Books and Manuscripts

Ross Franklin Lockridge Collection

L9, B28, OBC88, OBD40
Arcada Balz Collection

Robert Dale Owen Correspondence

Robert M. Evans Papers

R.H. Fauntleroy Papers

Frederick Rapp Letter

S1687, V194
Posey County Papers

Society of Indiana Pioneers


ISLL 335 No. 2 1825B
Title: Two discourses on a new system of society; as delivered in the hall of representatives at Washington, in the presence of the president of the United states, the president elect, heads of departments, members of Congress, etc., etc. The first on the 25th of February, the second on the 7th of March, 1825 ...To which is added, a brief account of the origin and progress of Mr. Owen's present society at New Lanark.
Author: Owen, Robert
Publisher: Eichbaum Johnson, 1825

ISLV 335 E78
Title: An Essay on Common Wealths. Part I. The Evils of Exclusive and the Benefits of Inclusive Wealth. Part II. Extracts from Robert Owen’s “New View of Society.” Part III. Melish’s Account of the Harmonists…
Author: Melish, John
Publisher: The New York Society for Promoting Communities, 1822

ISLV 335 H288T
Title: Thoughts on the Destiny of Man, Particularly with Reference to the Present Times
Publisher: Harmony Society in Indiana, 1824

ISLV 335 O97J
Title: Journal explanatory of the means to well place, and well feed, well clothe, well lodge, well employ, well educate, well govern, and cordially unite the population of the world
Author: Owen, Robert

ISLV 335 097LE
Title: Lectures on an Entire New State of Society; Comprehending an Analysis of British Society, relative to the Production and Distribution of Wealth; The Formation of Character; and Government, Domestic and Foreign
Author: Owen, Robert
Publisher: J Brooks, 421 Oxford St

ISLV 335 097N
Title: New View of Society; or essays on the formation of the human character
Author: Owen, Robert
Publisher: R. A. Taylor, Shoe Lane, London

ISLV 335 O97 PO 1854
Title: Popular Tracts
Author: Owen, Robert Dale
Publisher: G. Vale, 1854

ISLV 335 O97R
Title: Report to the County of Lanark, of a plan for relieving public distress, and removing discontent, by giving permanent, productive employment, to the poor and working classes
Author: Owen, Robert

ISLV 335.97 B881T
Title: Twelve Months in New Harmony; presenting a faithful account of the principal occurrences which have taken place there within that period; interspersed with remarks, by Paul Brown
Author: Brown, Paul Donald
Publisher: Will Hill Woodard, 1827

ISLV 335.97 D838D
Title: Diary and Recollections of Victor Colin Duclos
Author: Duclos, Victor Colin

ISLV 335.97 K64K
Title: Eine Kleine Sammlung Harmonischer Lieder als die erste Probe der anfangender Druckery anzusehen
Note: With this is found: Ein Lied, gesungen von Kindern am 73-sten Geburts Tage ihres Geliebten Vaters, den 28-sten October 29, 1829; Also one folded sheet of manuscript dated Harmonie, 1837. d. 19 feb. and one sheet of mss. undated.

ISLV 977.201 P855HE
Title: Visit to the colony of Harmony, in Indiana, in the United States of America recently purchased by M. Owen for the establishment of a society of medical cooperation and community of property, in a letter to a friend, to which are added some observations on that mode of society, and on political society and large
Author: Hebert, William


ISLG 929.102 H288AR
Title: George Rapp’s Disciples, Pioneers and Heirs: A Register of the Harmonists in America
Author: Arndt, Karl, Pitzer, Donald, and Leigh Ann Chamness
Publisher: University of Southern Indiana Press, 1992

ISLG Microfiche LH10030
Title: The Harmony Society [Microform]: A Chapter in German American History
Author: Bole, John Archibald
Publisher: Americana Germanica Press, 1904

[G.P.F.] ISLM 977.201 P UNCAT No. 1
Title: Personnel of the Rappite Community of Harmony, Ind. in the year 1824
Author: Young, Otis E
Publisher: Reprint from Ind. Magazine of History, Sep. 1951

[G.P.F.] ISLM 977.202 N UNCAT No. 1
Title: Persons Buried in Harmonie on the Wabash [New Harmony, Posey County, Indiana].
Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press (Photocopy from George Rapp’s Harmony Society, 1785 – 1847).


ISLO 016.335 No. 1
Title: The Harmonists: A Bibliography of the Collection on the Harmony Society in the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
Author: Demorest, Rose
Publisher: Carnegie Library of Pittsburg, 1940

ISLO 335 No. 3
Title: Papers sent to the national association for promoting social science; at its first meeting, at Birmingham, Oct. 12th 1857
Author: Owen, Robert

ISLO 335 No. 4 1818
Title: Observations on the Effect of the Manufacturing System; with hints for the improvement of those parts of it which are most injurious to health and morals
Author: Owen, Robert
Publisher: Longman, 1818

ISLO 335 No. 5
Title: Mr. Owen’s establishment at New Lanark, a failure!! As proved by Edward Baines, Esq
Author: Baines, Edward

ISLO 335 No. 6
Title: On Co-operation
Author: Monthly Repository

ISLO 335 No. 8
Title: Addresses (as published in the London journals), preparatory to the development of a practical plan for the relief of all classes without injury to any
Author: Owen Robert

ISLO 335 No. 9
Title: Description of an architectural model from a design by Stedman Whitwell, Esq., for a community upon a principle of united interests, as advocated by…
Author: Owen, Robert

ISLO 335 No. 12
Title: New Harmony Utopian Educator’s Quiz

ISLO 335 No. 13
Title: An Outline of the System of Education at New Lanark
Author: Owen, Robert
Publisher: Deming & Wood, 1825

ISLO 335 No. 14
Title: To the friends of Robert Owen; Suggestions for the Formation of an Owen Institute

ISLO 335 No. 22
Title: Herder and the Harmony Society
Author: Arndt, Karl J
Publisher: Reprinted from Germanic Review, Vol. XVI, No. 2, April 1941

ISLO 335 No. 23
Title: New Harmony’s Fourth of July Tradition: Speeches of Robert Owen, William Owen, Frances Wright
Author: Pitzer, Donald
Publisher: Raintree Books, 1976

ISLO 335 No. 38
Title: Outline of the Rational System of Society
Author: Owen, Robert

ISLO 335 No. 40
Title: Twelve Letters to Young Men, on the sentiments of Miss Frances Wright, and Robert Dale Owen. By an Observer.
Publisher: Thomas Kite, 1830

ISLO 335 No. 43
Title: The Last Calumny, by Robert Dale Owen, Fredonia, July 27, 1843 [Affidavit signed by Alex. Mc.K. Groves, and sworn before William Cox, J.P.
Author: Owen, Robert Dale

ISL0 335 No. 46
Title: Robert Owen; Pioneer of Social Reforms
Author: Clayton, Joseph
Publisher: Fifield, 1908

ISLO 335 No. 48
Title: The Dissection of Owenism Dissected
Author: Hanson, John

ISLO 335 No. 49
Title: Moral code of the new moral world, or rational state of society; containing the laws of human nature, upon which are based man’s duty to himself, to society, and to God. Drawn up by John Finch. Corrected, revised, and approved by Robert Owen
Author: Finch, John
Publisher: Steward, 1840

ISLO 335 No. 52
Title: A vindication of the principles of the rational system of society, as proposed by Robert Owen
Author: Fleming, G.A.
Publisher: Heywood

ISLO 335 No. 54
Title: Two memorials on behalf of the working classes; the first presented to the governments of Europe and America, the second to the allied powers assembled in congress at Aix-la-Chapelle
Author: Owen, Robert

ISLO 335 No. 63
Title: Life and Last Days of Robert Owen, of New Lanark
Author: Holyoake, George Jacob
Publisher: Trubner, 1871

ISLO 335 No. 65
Title: Address on Free Inquiry
Author: Owen, Robert Dale
Publisher: J. Watson

ISLO 335 No. 66
Title: Address on the hopes and destinies of the human species
Author: Owen, Robert Dale
Publisher: J. Watson, 1836

ISLO 335 No. 67
Title: Robert Owen at New Lanark; with a variety of interesting anecdotes…by one formerly a teacher at New Lanark
Publisher: Cave & Sever, 1839

ISLO 335 No. 68
Title: Lectures on charity, delivered by Robert Owen at the institution of New Lanark
Author: Owen, Robert

ISLO 335 No. 76
Title: Lectures on the Marriages of the Priesthood of the Old Immoral World
Author: Owen, Robert

ISLO 335 No. 77
Title: Edward; or, Almost an Owenite
Author: Tayler, Charles Benjamin
Publisher: Seeleys, 1840

ISLO 335 No. 78
Title: Robert Owen, “The Visionary”, a lecture
Author: Watts, John
Publisher: Heywood, 1843

ISLO 335 No. 79
Title: An analysis of the blunders and fallacies put forth by one John Hanson, in his misstyled answer to “Owenism dissected”.
Publisher: Leeds, Walker, 1838

ISLO 335 No. 107
Title: Manifesto of Robert Owen, addressed to all governments and people who desire to become civilized, and to improve permanently the condition of all classes in all counties
Author: Owen, Robert
Publisher: Globe Office

ISLO 335 No. 108
Title: The Courier
Note: Library has July 30 and Aug 15, 1817

ISLO 335 No. 109
Title: Morning Chronicle
Notes: Library has January 5, 1820 and August 11, 1827

ISLO 335 No. 113
Title: The Harmony Society in Pennsylvania
Author: U.S. Federal Writers’ Project. Beaver County, Pennsylvania
Publisher: William Penn Association, 1937

ISLO 335 No. 117
Title: Manifesto of Robert Owen, the discover, founder, and promulgator of the rational system of society, and of the rational religion
Author: Owen, Robert
Publisher: Home colonization society, 1841

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Title: The Late George Rapp and the Harmonists
Author: Nevin, D.E.
Publisher: Scribner’s Monthly, V.17 No. 5, March, 1879

ISLO 335.97 No. 1
Title: The Story of New Harmony for Children
Author: Pelham, Caroline Creese
Publisher: Pelham, 1914

ISLO 335.97 No. 4
Title: New Harmony Sketches
Publisher: New Harmony Times

ISLO 335.97 No. 5
Title: Letter to his Father Concerning New Harmony and Vincennes (Also includes “Call to the People of the World”)
Author: Owen, William
Publisher: Clipping from the New Harmony Times, August 17th, 1906

ISLO 335.97 No. 12
Title: New Harmony, Indiana…
Author: Pelham, Caroline Creese

ISLO 335.97 No. 13
Title: The New Harmony memorial movement; a brief prospectus explaining the nature and object of the memorial and summarizing progress during the first nine months of its operation from April 1st, to December 31st, 1939
Author: Indiana – New Harmony Memorial Commission

ISLO 335.97 No. 14
Title: The Labyrinth: A History of the New Harmony Labyrinth
Author: Lockridge, Ross F.
Publisher: New Harmony Memorial Commission, 1941

ISLO 335.97 No. 16
Title: The New Harmony Memorial Movement; a brief overview of its origin, aims, and progress… May 1942
Author: Indiana – New Harmony Memorial Commission

ISLO 335.97 No. 17
Title: In the Shower of the Golden Rain Train, New Harmony, Indiana
Author: Elder, Glenn E
Publisher: Golden Rain Tree Association

ISLO 335.97 No. 19 1967
Title: The New Harmony Story
Author: Blair, Don
Publisher: New Harmony Publications Committee, 1967

ISLO 335.97 No. 20
Title: Records of the New Harmony Community: A Descriptive Catalog of the Manuscript Volumes Preserved in the Working Men’s Institute, New Harmony, Indiana, and Elsewhere, and Reproduced Photographically for the Illinois Historical Survey
Author: Bestor, Arthur Eugene
Publisher: Illinois Historical Survey, 1950

ISLO 335.97 No. 21
Title: Interim Report on the Arrangement, Microfilming, and Cataloguing of the New Harmony Manuscripts
Author: Bestor, Arthur Eugene
Publisher: University of Illinois, 1950

ISLO 335.97 No. 23
Title: Old Number 53 and Some of its Occupants at New Harmony on the Wabash
Author: Strieby, Irene Macy

ISLO 335.97 No. 25
Title: The Harmony Society from its Beginnings in Germany in 1785 to its Liquidation in the United States in 1905
Author: Arndt, Karl J
Publisher: American Philosophical Society, 1953

ISLO 335.97 No. 27
Title: A Pageant of New Harmony. To be presented at the Festival of the Golden Rain Tree
Author: Lockridge, Ross

ISLO 335.97 No. 28
Title: Where So Few Did So Much, New Harmony, Ind.
Author: Boynton, Claudia G
Publisher: Tallis-au Press, 1967

ISLO 335.97 No. 29
Title: Old Fauntleroy Home, New Harmony, Indiana
Author: Indiana Federation of Clubs

ISLO 335.97 No. 30
Title: A House of History: Authentic Rappite Dwelling, Given by Indiana Bell, to be preserved for the Future
Author: DeGraw Diantha
Publisher: Indiana Bell, 1967

ISLO 335.97 No. 31
Title: Community Life in New Harmony
Author: Pelham, Caroline Creese
Publisher: New Harmony, IND 1906

ISLO 335.97 No. 32
Title: Lectures on New Harmony, 1905-1906
Author: Pelham, Caroline Creese

ISLO 335.97 No. 33
Title: New Harmony State Memorial
Author: Indiana Division of Museums and Memorials

ISLO 335.97 No. 34
Title: Points of Interest in New Harmony, Indiana: Home of the New Golden Raintree
Author: Blair, Don

ISLO 335.97 No. 35
Title: New Harmony, Indiana
Publisher: Golden Rain Tree Association

ISLO 335.97 No. 36
Title: Guide to points of unusual interest in historic New Harmony
Publisher: New Harmony Commercial Club, 1930

ISLO 335.97 No. 37
Title: New Harmony, Posey County, Indiana: Home of “The Golden Rain Tree”, Second Home of “The Harmony Society”, home of Robert Owens “Community of Equality”
Publisher: New Harmony Tourist Council, 1961

ISLO 335.97 No. 38 (Available in 1964, 1966, and 1971 Editions)
Title: New Harmony, Indiana: Posey County, Indiana
Publisher: New Harmony Tourist Council

ISLO 335.97 No. 39
Title: New Harmony, Indiana, site of two 19th Century Experiments in Communal Living
Publisher: New Harmony Tourist Council

ISLO 335.97 No. 40
Title: Tourist Guide to Historic District, New Harmony, Indiana
Publisher: New Harmony Tourist Council, 1975

ISLO 335.97 No. 41
Title: Visitor’s Guide: National and State Historic Landmark, Historic New Harmony, New Harmony Indiana 47631
Publisher: Historic New Harmony, 1976

ISLO 335.97 No. 42
Title: Historic New Harmony
Publisher: Historic New Harmony, Inc., 1976

ISLO 641.5 No. 29
Title: Rappite Cookbook
Author: Southern Indiana Gas and Electric Company

ISLO 720 No. 8
Title: Architecture in New Harmony, Indiana, 1814-1969
Author: New Harmony Guild of Guides
Publisher: Indiana Junior Historical Society, 1969

ISLO 728 No. 13
Title: This Authentic Harmonist Dwelling has been restored by the National Society of the Colonial Dames of America in the State of Indiana
Author: Blair, Don

ISLO 923 D838 No. 1
Title: Reminiscences of Victor Duclos
Author: Duclos, Victor Colin
Publisher: New Harmony Times

ISLO 977.201 P855 No. 2
Title: Centennial Historical Sketch of Posey County, Indiana
Author: Hovey, Allen P

ISLO 977.201 P855 No. 3 1934
Title: Historic New Harmony: A Guide
Author: Fretageot, Nora C

ISLO 977.201 P855 No. 4
Title: Book of words; historical pageant, closing the centennial celebration, June 6-13, 1914, of the founding of New Harmony, Indiana, in 1814; presented by the school children of the town assisting by their friends, June 13, 1914 at early candle-light
Author: Dye, Charity

ISLO 977.201 P855 No. 5
Title: Guide to Points of Unusual Interest in Historic New Harmony, Indiana, on Harmony Way
Author: D.A.R. Indiana, New Harmony Chapter, New Harmony

ISLO 977.201 P855 No. 6
Title: The Story of New Harmony, 1814 – 1930
Author: Wolfe, Clarence P
Publisher: Commercial Club of New Harmony

ISLO 977.201 P855 No. 7
Title: Story of the Old Fauntleroy Home
Author: Stuart, Milo H

ISLO 977.201 P855 No. 8
Title: The Rappites: Interesting Notes about early New Harmony
Author: Schneck, Jacob and Richard Owen
Publisher: Courier Co., Printers, 1890.

ISLO 977.201 P855 No. 10
Title: Old Fauntleroy Home: Scene of the First Woman’s Club
Author: Fauntleroy, Mary Emily
Publisher: New Harmony Times, 1927

ISLO 977.201 P855 No. 11
Title: Report and Recommendations of the New Harmony Memorial Commission, December 26, 1939
Author: New Harmony Memorial Commission

ISLO 977.201 P855 No. 12
Title: A City of Dreams: Road to New Harmony
Author: O’Malley, Charles J
Publisher: The Angelus Magazine, November 1895, page 57-66

ISLO 977.201 P855 No. 13
Title: National Trust Report & Recommendation for New Harmony, Indiana
Author: Bullock, Hellen Duprey
Publisher: National Trust for Historic Preservation, 1954

ISLO 977.201 P855 No. 14
Title: A Guide to Points of Interest in Historic New Harmony, Indiana (Home of the Golden Rain Tree): Located on State Highways 66, 68, 69, and U.S. 460
Author: Daughters of the American Revolution, revised by the Golden Raintree Association
Publisher: White County Bridge Commission

ISLO 977.201 P855 No. 15
Title: A Guide to Points of Principal Interest in Historic New Harmony, Indiana: Home of the Golden Rain Tree: Located on Highways U.S. 460, Indiana 68 and 69
Author: New Harmony Publications Committee, 1961

ISLO 977.201 P855 No. 16
Title: New Harmony’s Roofless Church, New Harmony, Indiana

ISLO 977.201 P855 No. 17
Title: The Roofless Church
Author: New Harmony Publications Committee

ISLO 977.201 P855 No. 20
Title: Why New Harmony
Author: Unknown

ISLO 977.201 P855 No. 21
Title: 150 years of living history, 1814 – 1964, New Harmony, Indiana: anniversary festival June 19 – 21: Historical drama trumpet, Blow true, June 19 – 28

ISLO 977.201 P855 No. 23
Title: Souvenir program for the 150th anniversary celebration
Publisher: 150th Anniversary Official Committee, 1964

ISLO 977.201 P855 No. 28
Title: The Story of New Harmony, 1814-1970
Author: Wolfe, Clarence P, and Wolfe, Ruth P, 1970

ISLO 977.201 P855 No. 29
Title: New Harmony, IND. House Tour, Sunday, October 13, 1968
Publisher: Harmonie Associates

ISLO 977.201 P855 No. 30
Title: Harmonie State Park
Publisher: Indiana Department of Natural Resources


ISLZ 912.772 IPOSN24B (Small Map)
Title: Maps and Scenes Depicting the Harmonists Era 1814-1824
Author: Blair, Donald
Publisher: National Society of Colonial Dames of American in the State of Indiana, 1964

ISLZ 912.772 IPOSN24P (Small Map)
Title: A Plan of the Town of Harmonie in Posey County, Indiana. The Property of Frederic Rapp
Author: Pickering, William

ISLZ 912.772 IPOSN243W (Small Map)
Title: Town of New Harmony in 1824, founded by the Harmony Society in 1814
Author: Weingartner, Walrath

ISLZ 912.772 IPOSN32WA (Small Map)
Title: Map of Harmony on the Wabash, 1814-1825
Author: Weingartner, Walrath

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