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Jim Jones Resources

The following materials may be of use when researching Reverend Jim Jones and the Jonestown murders and mass suicide.  These materials, as well as the card file indexes listed below, are available for use in the Indiana State Library.  For more information, please contact the Indiana Collection.


I 291.23 W515h
Title: How the millennium comes violently: from Jonestown to Heaven's Gate.
Author: Wessinger, Catherine Lowman.
Published: New York : Seven Bridges Press, c2000.

I 289.9 L429s
Title: Seductive poison: a Jonestown survivor's story of life and death in the Peoples Temple.
Author: Layton, Deborah.
Published: New York : Anchor Books, 1998.

I 289.9 M111h
Title: Hearing the voices of Jonestown.
Author: Maaga, Mary McCormick.
Published: Syracuse, N.Y. : Syracuse University Press, 1998.

I 289.9 H177g
Title: Gone from the promised land: Jonestown in American cultural history.
Author: Hall, John R.
Published: New Brunswick, U.S.A. : Transaction Books, c1987 (1996 printing).

I 289.9 T529o
Title: The lonliest one alive: surviving Jonestown, Guyana.
Author: Thrash, Catherine, 1905-.
Published: Indianapolis, Ind. : M. Towne, 1995.

I 289.9 C533s
Title: Salvation and suicide: an interpretation of Jim Jones, the Peoples Temple, and Jonestown.
Author: Chidester, David.
Published: Bloomington : Indiana University Press, c1988.

I 289.9 W886ch
Title: The children of Jonestown.
Author: Wooden, Kenneth.
Published: New York : McGraw-Hill, c1981.

I 289.9 T431bg
Title: The broken god.
Author: Thielmann, Bonnie.
Published: Elgin, Ill. : D. C. Cook, c1979.

I 289.9 K48s
The suicide cult : the inside story of the Peoples Temple sect and the massacre in Guyana.
Author: Kilduff, Marshall.
Published: New York : Bantam Books, 1978.

I 289.9 K91g
Title: Guyana massacre : the eyewitness account.
Author: Krause, Charles A.
Published: New York : Berkley Publishing Corporation, c1978.

I 289.9 R379r
Title: Raven : the untold story of the Rev. Jim Jones and his people.
Author: Reiterman, Tim.
Published: New York : Dutton, c1982.

I 289.9 Y42i
Title: In my father's house : the story of the Layton family and the Reverend Jim Jones.
Author: Yee, Min S.
Published: New York : Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, c1981.

I 289.9 K65c, 1980
Title: The cult that died : the tragedy of Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple.
Author: Klineman, George.
Published: New York : Putnam, c1980.

I 289.9 M657s
Title: Six years with God : life inside Reverend Jim Jones' Peoples Temple.
Author: Mills, Jeannie.
Published: New York : A & W Publishers, [1979].


I 289.9 J61j
Title: Jim Jones [videorecording] : journey into madness.
Produced by Ron Steinman ; ABC News Productions.
Published: New York, NY : A&E Home Video.

I 289.9 J79m
Title: Jonestown [videorecording] : mystery of a massacre.
Producer, Jim Hougan.
Published: New York : A&E Home Video.


  • Supplementary Index (card file):  Jonestown, Guyana
  • Indianapolis Newspapers Index, 1898-1979 (card file):  Jones, Rev. James W.
  • Indianapolis Newspapers Index, 1848-1991:  Jonestown or also Rev James Jones
  • Indiana Biography Index (card file):  Jones, Rev. James W.

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