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Interurban Railway Materials

Books and Printed Materials

Bradley, George K The northern Indiana railways. Chicago, 1953.
Ip 388 no. 26 [Pamphlet]

Brown, Robert A. Electric railroads in Sullivan County, Indiana, 1906-1931. 1979?.
I 388.4 B881e

Chicago South Shore and South Bend Railroad: First and fastest. Chicago, 1929.
Ip 388 no. 7 [Pamphlet]

The interurban railroads of Indiana: Research papers, Wabash College. Crawfordsville: 1980?.
I 388.4 I61

McDonald, William S. Union Traction Company of Indiana. 1969. [Microfilm]
I 388.4 M135u

Marlette, Jerry. Electric railroads of Indiana. Indianapolis: Council for Local History, 1959.
I 388.M347e

Nedden, William F. Small Hoosier lines: Marion, Bluffton & Eastern and Kokomo, Marion & Western. Milwaukee: Nedden Publishing Co., 1975.
Ip 388 no. 47 [Pamphlet]


Arnold Electric Power Station Co. Electric railways in Indiana. Chicago, 1904.
I 912.772 I04ar

American Engineering Company. Electric interurban map of Indiana. Indianapolis, 1905.
I 912.772 I05a

Terre Haute, Indianapolis and Eastern Traction Company. Official interurban map issued by the Terre Haute, Indianapolis and Eastern Traction Company. 1915.
I 912.772 Ntl5t (1915)


Interurban railway journal. Indianapolis: Interurban Publishing Co., 1905-1906.
If 386 I615j [Folio]

Traction and models. Indianapolis: Vane A. Jones, Co.
I 388 T759

Traction heritage. Indianapolis: Vane A. Jones, Co.
I 625.6 T759

Clipping Files Headings

  • Interurban roads, -1949
  • Interurban roads, 1950-1959
  • Interurban roads, 1960-

Indianapolis Newspaper Index Headings

  • Interurbans
  • Electric railroads
  • Union Traction Company
  • Indianapolis Traction Terminal

Picture Index Headings

  • Transportation
  • Marion Co.--Indianapolis--Transportation

Supplementary Index Headings

  • Interurbans

Compiled by Andrea Bean Hough, 1998

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