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Indiana Library Management History


Indiana—Committee to Study Library Needs of the State.  Report. (1966)
IND 20 I385r

Indiana State Board of Accounts. Accounting and uniform compliance guidelines manual for libraries. (2002)
IND 21.83 I385a

Indiana—Budget Division.  Library budget manual: a guide through the process of local government budgeting. (2003)
IND 25.11 I385L

Downey, Lawrence. A live thing in the whole town: the history of the Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library, 1873-1990. (1991)
IND 27.4 D748L

Indiana Public Libraries Study Committee. Final report. (1993)
IND 27.4 I385f

Indiana Interim Study Committee on Library Issues. Final report. (1994)
IND 27.4 I385fi

Indiana State Library. Library Services and Construction Act (LSCA): long range program for Indiana, October 1994 through September 1997. (1994)
IND 27.4 I385L

Kramer, Carl. 100 years and counting: the Jeffersonville Township Public Library, 1900-2000. (2000)
IND 27.4 K89o

Rumer, Thomas. Bridging the centuries at the Carmel Clay Public Library, 1904-2005. (2005)
IND 27.4 R936b

Indiana State Library. Statistics of Indiana public libraries. (1996-2003)
IND 27.4 S797p

Slater-Putte, Dawne. Beyond books: Allen County’s public library history, 1895-1995. (1995)
IND 27.4 S631b

Schaperjohn, Selma, ed..  Where there’s a Willard: the first 100 years of the Willard Library of Evansville, Indiana. (1986)
IND 27.4 W691

University City Science Center. The funding of public library services in Indiana: an assessment of the present and guide for the future. (1982)
Z732.I4 F8


Hull, Thomas. The origin and development of the Indianapolis Public Library, 1873-1899. (1956)
IND 27.4 H913o (microfilm)

US Educational Resources Information Center.  The Public library planning process: case studies of its implementation in smaller libraries, final report. (1991)
ED 1.310/2:341403 (microfiche)


Indiana—laws, statutes, etc. Laws regarding county libraries, 1816-1852.
KFI3399.A335 A3 1900Z

Indiana Code, Libraries (IC 36-12)


Indiana State Library.  1998 Indiana State Library Budget Workshop. (1998)
VHS Z683 .I53 1998


Governor’s Conference on Libraries and Information Services.  Records, 1961-1981.

“History of the Library Movement in Indiana” in Smith, JL.

“Governor Leslie’s remarks” in Libraries.

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Indiana State Library. Public Library Statistics. (1994-2006)

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