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Gas Industry in Indiana

Books and Printed Materials:

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The Gas Industry of Indiana Presents a Historical Sketch and Word Picture of Its Activities and Efforts Toward Victory in World War II. Bloomington, Ind., 1945.
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Supervisor of Natural Gas. Report. Included in Indiana Dept. of Geology and Natural Resources Reports. 1891-1919.
I 557 I91-I19


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Map of a Portion of Indiana Showing the Natural Gas Fields. Indiana, 1900?.
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Public Service Commission of Indiana. Map of Indiana Gas Transmission Lines. Nov. 1947.
I 557 I385g (1947)

Manuscript Collections and Oral Histories:

  • Cecil Beeson Sr., S97
  • Nicodemus Biggler, L346
  • Blackford County, S1648
  • John Coburn, L34
  • Tom Crumlety (Oral History)
  • Kokomo Natural Gas and Oil Co., S2719

Indianapolis Newspaper Index Headings:

  • Gas
  • Gas, Natural
  • Indiana Gas and Water Company
  • Indianapolis--Gas

Supplementary Index Headings:

  • Gas
  • Natural Gas

Clippings File Headings:

  • Fuels
  • Gas
  • Natural Resources
  • Petroleum

Compiled by Andrea Bean Hough, 1998

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