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Football in Indiana

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Resources from the General Collection:

ISLM 796.33 D199H
Danzig, Allison.  The History of American Football:  its great teams, players, and coaches.  Prentice-Hall:  1956.

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Treat, Roger L.  The Official Encyclopedia of Football.  6th rev. ed.   A.S. Barnes:  1968.

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Porter, David L.  Biographical Dictionary of American Sports; Football.  Greenwood Press:  1987.

REF GV 954.N44 1991
Neft, David S.  The Football Encyclopedia:  the complete history of professional NFL football from 1892 to the present.  St. Martin’s Press:  1991.

ISLM GV 956.N38 M35 1967
Maule, Hamilton.  The Game; the official picture history of the NFL and AFL.  Random House:  1967.Resources from the Indiana Collection

ISLI 796.33 B6575
Hoepker, Doug.  Blue Heaven:  Indianapolis Colts, 2007 Super Bowl Champions/edited by Doug Hoepker.  Sports Publishing:  2007.

ISLI 796.33 G228w
Gardocki, Sally.  The Wives’ Room:  a look behind the NFL curtain.  Masters Press:  1997.

ISLI 796.33 M126S
McClellan, Keith.  The Sunday Game:  at the dawn of professional football.  University of Akron Press:  1998.

ISLI 927 D916D
Dungy, Tony.   Quiet Strength:  a memoir.  Tyndale House Publishers:  2007

ISLI 927 T146B
Knight, Dawn (Dawn K.).  Taliaferro:  Breaking Barriers from the NFL Draft to the Ivory Tower.  Indiana University Press:  2007.Resources from the Talking Book & Braille Library Collection:

[16099]   GV 939.B45 H34 2006
Halberstam, David.  The education of a Coach.  Wheeler Publishers:  2006.

[13331]  GV 939.L6 M37 2000
Maraniss, David.  When Pride Still Mattered:  a Life of Vince Lombardi.  Thorndike Press:  2000.

Resources from the Federal Documents Collection:

Y4 J 89/2:S.HRG. 104-552
United States Congress.  Antitrust Issues in Relocation of Professional Sports Franchises:  Hearing before the Subcommittee on Antitrust, Business Rights, Competition of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, One Hundred Fourth Congress, first session…November 29, 1995.   GPO:  1996.Clippings File Index:

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