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Elections in Indiana

Books and Periodicals

Riker, Dorothy.  Indiana Election Returns, 1816-1851.   Indiana Historical Collections; v. XL, 1960. 
IND.  324 R5721i (general, not primary)

Indiana.  Secretary of State.  Election Report, State of Indiana.  (1950-1970). 
IND.  324 I 385g (general, not primary)

Indiana. Secretary of State.  Election Report, State of Indiana.    (1972- )
IND.  324 I385g (primary and general)

Indiana. Secretary of State.  Secretary of State Reports.  (1876-1916).
IND.  353.9 I385ss (general, not primary)

Indianapolis:  Wm. B. Burford.  Yearbook of the State of Indiana.  (1917-1950).
IR  328.1 IY (primary and general)

Pitchell, Robert Joseph.  Indiana Votes.  Election Returns for Governor, 1852-1956, and Senator, 1914-1958.  
IND.  324 P682I

Burnham, Walter Dean.  Presidential Ballots, 1836-1892.   
IND. 324.73 B966p (1836-1892 by county)

Scammon, Richard M.  America Votes. 
REF JK 1967 .A8 (voting information dating back to 1950; breakdown of votes by state and county; follows voting pattern for senator, governor, and president)


Indiana.  Department of State.  Indiana Election Results for President and Governor, 1928-1964. 
IP 324 no. 107

Indiana.  Department of State.  Indiana General Election Returns.  
IP 327 no. 79

Indiana.  Legislative Bureau.  Primary Election Returns of the State of Indiana.   (1952-1956)
IP* 324 no.1 (also found in the annual report of the secretary of state of Indiana)


Secretary of State Website:

Clippings file headings

Elections--1939, 1940-49, 1950-59, 1960-64, 1965-69, 1970-74, 1975-79,
1980-84, 1985-89, 1990-99, 2000-
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Special files on elections
ELECTIONS, PRIMARY    -1919, 1920-29, 1930-39, 1940-49, 1950-59,
1960-69, 1970-79, 1980-89, 1990-

Indianapolis Newspaper index headings

Election laws.
Election precincts.
Elections, city
Elections, Marion County
Electoral College
Electoral vote

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Democratic Party
Republican Party
Elections, city
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*Please note:  Statewide primary elections were not held in Indiana until 1916, though the results of the 1916 primary were not recorded by the Secretary of State.

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