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Canals in Indiana

Books and Printed Materials:

Bakken, J. Darrell.
"Now that time has had its say": a history of the Indianapolis Central Canal, 1835-2002.
1st Books Library, 2003
I 386.3 B168N

Benton, Elbert Jay.
The Wabash trade route in the development of the old Northwest.
Johns Hopkins Press, 1903
I 977.2 B477W

Canal Fund Commissioners.
Indianapolis, 1835-1841.
I 626 I385f

Fatout, Paul.
Indiana canals.
West Lafayette: Purdue University Press, 1985.
I 386 F254i

Meek, Thomas.
Profile of the Wabash and Erie Canal: Showing locks, aqueducts, major feeders,flood-gates, and waste-wiers.
Ft. Wayne: Anthony Wayne Printing, 1984.
I 627.13 M494p

Owen, Robert Dale.
Speech on internal improvements
n.p. [1839?]
[I][f*] 335 O97S    

Ward, Robert Wallace.  The Wabash and Erie Canal: a beautiful dream.
R.W. Ward, 1983. 
I 386.48 W262W


Central Canal.  [196-?]
IP 626 no. 41  [Pamphlet]

Harlow, Alvin Fay. Indiana's canal heritage.
Ft. Wayne: Public Library of Ft. Wayne and Allen County, 1954.
Ip 386.4 no. 10 [Pamphlet]

An act to provide for the funded debt of the state of Indiana and for the completion of the Wabash and Erie Canal to Evansville: passed 19th January, 1846, and an act supplementary thereto, passed 27th January, 1847
State of Indiana, 1847
Ip 626 no. 2 [Pamphlet]


Indiana canals: journal of the Canal Society of Indiana 
I 386.48 I385C                                                                                                           

Manuscript Collections: (See Manuscripts Catalog for additional information.)

  • L354 / Beeson, Isaac W.
  • L49 / Edwards, Elijah Evans
  • S449 / Fauntleroy, R. H.
  • L75 / Hovey, Edmund O.
  • L118 / Noble, Noah
  • L358 / Reser, William M.
  • S1122 / Roberts, Bessie Keeran
  • S1306 / Thompson, Lewis G.
  • L160 / Tipton, John


U. S. Engineer Dept. Map and profile of part of a line for determining the practicability of uniting by a canal the rivers St. Joseph's, St. Mary's and Wabash, with the Ohio, through the valley of the White-water. 1826.
I 912.772 I26uma (1826) [small]

U. S. Engineer Dept. Profile of part of a route for the proposed Erie and Wabash canal exhibiting the line on the north side of the Wabash river. 1827.
I 912.772 I27upr (1827) no. 1-3 [small]

U. S. Engineer Dept. Map of the proposed route of a canal to connect Lake Erie and the Wabash River. 1827
I 912.772 I27UMA (1827) no. 4 [small]

Burr, David H. Map of Ohio and Indiana exhibiting the post office and post roads, canals, railroads, etc. Washington, 1839.
I 912.772 I39b (1839)

Indiana, 1846-1847. New York: H. Anstice and Co., 1847.
I 912.772 I47a (1847)


Water and wheels videorecording/WFBM-TV, director, Earl Schuman,
WFBM-TV(Television station:Indianapolis, Ind., 196-?]
I 386 W314

Indiana Waterways
s.n. 198-?]
I 386 I385W

Hudson, Clarence, and Thomas Meek
Indiana’s Canal Heritage, Presented by Canal Society of Indiana
The Society, [1992]
I 386 I385C

Paulson, Lynn
The Wabash-Erie Canal, where frogs their vigil keep.
Produced and directed by Lynn Paulson a& Bob Schmidt
Canal Society of Indiana, 1994
I 386 W112C


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