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Basketball in Indiana

Basketball in Indiana is very popular. There are accounts in every newspaper on high school, college and professional basketball.

What follows is a partial listing of materials available in the Indiana Division of the Indiana State Library about basketball, specifically in Indiana. This does not include a listing of newspapers with articles about basketball. This is a starting point for researchers; for more assistance visit the Indiana State Library.

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Biographies and Books:

Adams, Bob. The Eagles: A History of Monmouth High School Basketball, 1925-1967. Indiana: B. Adams, c1995. 796.32 A211e

Adams, Bob. The Kangaroos: A History of Kirkland Township High School Basketball, 1917-1949. Indiana: s.n., 19--. 796.32 A211k

Alford, Steve. Playing for Knight: My Six Seasons With Coach Knight. New York: Simon and Schuster, c1989. 796.32 A389p

Bailey, Damon. Damon, Living a Dream: Life in the Limelight. Mooresville, IN: Backroads Press, c1995. 796.32 B154d

Bates, Don M. All-Star Memories: a History of the Indianapolis Star's Indiana-Kentucky High School All-Star Basketball Series, 1939-1989. Indianapolis, Ind.: Indianapolis Newspapers, Inc., 1989. 796.32 B329a

Bates, Don M. All-Star Memories: a History of the Indianapolis Star's Indiana-Kentucky High School All-Star Basketball Series, 1939-1989. Indianapolis, Ind.: Indianapolis Newspapers, Inc., 1989. 796.32 B329a

Bird, Larry. Drive: The Story of My Life. New York: Doubleday, 1989. 927 B618ab

Bird, Larry. Bird Watching: On Playing and Coaching the Game I Love. New York: Warner Books, c1999.

Bossaer, Jeffrey. Attica High School and Boys Basketball, Volume One, March 1992. Indiana: J. Bossaer, [1992] 796.32 B745a

Burchard, Marshall. Sports Hero, Larry Bird. New York: G.P. Putnam's Sons, c1982. 927 B618b

Caldwell, Howard. Tony Hinkle: Coach for All Seasons. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, c1991. 927 H663c

Corn, Frederick Lynn. Basketball's Magnificent Bird: the Larry Bird Story. New York: Random House, c1982. 927 B618c

Cox, Thomas. Indiana High School Basketball: New and Old, Silver and Gold. Indianapolis: Winner One Enterprises, 1977. 796.32 C878n

Davidson, Larry S. Visitor Spending at the 1991 Final Four Tournament in Indianapolis. Bloomington, Ind.: Department of Business Economics & Public Policy, Indiana University, [1991] 790 D252v

Ellett, Phillip. The Franklin Wonder Five: a Complete History of the Legendary Basketball Team. Franklin, IN: RLE Enterprises: Wonder Five [distributor], c1986. 796.32 E45f

Feinstein, John. A Season on the Brink: a Year with Bob Knight and the Indiana Hoosiers. New York: Macmillan, c1986. 796.32 K69f

Flora, Louis. Triton Trojans, 1965. Bourbon, Ind.: Flora, 1998. 796.32 T839t

Gildea, William. Where the Game Matters Most: A Last Championship Season in Indiana High School Basketball. Boston: Little, Brown, c1997. GV885.72.I6 G55 1997

Gould, Todd. Pioneers of the Hardwood: Indiana and the Birth of Professional Basketball. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, c1998. 796.32 G698p

Guffey, Greg. The Greatest Basketball Story Ever Told: the Milan Miracle, Then and Now. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, c1993. 796.32 G941g

Hamilton, Donald Eugene. Hoosier Temples: A Pictorial History of Indiana's High School Basketball Gyms. St. Louis, Mo.: G. Bradley Publishing, c1993. 796.32 H217h

Hammel, Bob editor. The Champs '81. Bloomington, Ind.: Herald-Telephone: Indiana University Press, c1981.
796.32 C453

Hammel, Bob. Beyond the Brink with Indiana. Bloomington, Ind.: Bloomington Herald-Telephone & Indiana University Press, 1987. 796.32 H224b

Hammel, Bob. A Banner Year at Indiana. Bloomington, IN: Herald-Times: Indiana University Press, c1993. 796.32 H224ba

Hammel, Bob. Silver Knight: 25 Remarkable Years of Championship Indiana Basketball. Bloomington, Ind: Herald-Times, c1997. 796.32 K69ha

Hammel, Bob. Hoosiers--Classified: Indiana's Love Affair with One-Class Basketball. Indianapolis, IN: Masters Press, 1997. 796.32 H224h

Haskins, James. George McGinnis: Basketball Superstar. New York: Hastings House, [1978] 927 M145h

Hoose, Phillip M. Hoosiers: the Fabulous Basketball Life of Indiana. New York: Vintage Books, 1986. 796.32 H776h

Hoose, Phillip M. Hoosiers: the Fabulous Basketball Life of Indiana. Indianapolis, IN: Guild Press of Indiana, c1995. 796.32 H776h, 1995

Hosey, Tim. Bobby Knight, Countdown to Perfection: a Game-By-Game Review and Yearly Highlights of Bobby Knight's 18 Years as a Head Intercollegiate Basketball Coach. New York: Leisure Press, c1983. 796.32 K69h

Indianapolis Star [and] Indianapolis News. Larry Bird, an Indiana Legend. Champaign, IL: Sports Publishing Inc., c1999. 927 B618Li

Karpick, Alan R. Boilermaker Basketball: Great Purdue Teams and Players. Chicago: Bonus Books, c1989. 796.32 K18b

Kendall, Dean. The Wabash Valley High School Basketball Tournament. Indianapolis, Ind.: D. Kendall, c1997. 796.32 K33w

Knight, Bobby. Basketball. Bloomington, Ind. (1113 S. High St., Bloomington, Ind. 47401): Bob Knight Basketball Aids, 1986 796.32 K69b

Knight, Max. Somebody Stole the Pea Out of My Whistle: the Golden Age of Hoosier Basketball Referees. Indianapolis: Guild Press of Indiana, c1995. 796.32 K71s

Levine, Lee Daniel. Bird: the Making of an American Sports Legend. New York: McGraw-Hill, c1988. 927 B618L

Lipofsky, Steve. Bird: Portrait of a Competitor. Lenexa, Kan.: Addax Pub. Group; Kansas City: Distributed to the trade by Andrews & McMeel, c1998. 927 B618Ls [quarto]

Malayter, Shawn. Find a Way: Valpo's "Sweet" Dream. South Bend, Ind.: Diamond Communications, c1999. 796.32 M239f

Mannheimer, Steve. Pacer Power: The 1994 Wonder Season of the Indiana Pacers. Indianapolis, IN: Guild Press of Indiana, c1994. 796.32 M282p

Marshall, Kerry D. A Boy, a Ball, and a Dream: The Marvin Wood Story. Indianapolis, Ind.: Scott Publications, 1991, c1990. 796.32 M368b

Marshall, Kerry D. Two of a Kind: The Tom and Dick Van Arsdale Story. Indianapolis: Scott, 1992. 927 V217m

Marshall, Kerry D. The Ray Crowe Story: A Legend in High School Basketball. [United States?] : High School Basketball Cards of America, c1992. 927 M368r

Mellen, Joan. Bob Knight: His Own Man. New York: D.I. Fine, c1988. 796.32 K69m

Miller, Reggie. I Love Being the Enemy: A Season on the Court with the NBA's Best Shooter and Sharpest Tongue. New York: Simon & Schuster, c1995. 796.32 M649i

Montieth, Mark. Passion Play: a Season with the Purdue Boilermakers and Coach Gene Keady. Chicago: Bonus Books, c1988. 796.32 M791p

Moore, Jim. Indiana Pacers. [Mankato, Minn.] : Creative Education, c1984. 796.32 M667i

Moscowitz, Raymond. Small School, Giant Dream: A Year of Hoosier High School Hoopla. Wabash, Ind.: Littleguy Enterprises, c1990. 796.32 M896s

Neely, Tim. Hooping it Up: The Complete History of Notre Dame Basketball. Notre Dame, Ind.: Diamond Communications, 1985. 796.32 N378h

Nelson, Rodger R. The Zollner Piston Story. Fort Wayne, Ind.: Allen County Public Library Foundation, 1995. 796 N429z

Pieratt, Marty. Bobby Plump: Last of the Small Town Heroes. Indianapolis, Ind.: Good Morning Publishing Co., Inc., c1997. 927 P736p

Phelps, Richard. Digger Phelps and Notre Dame Basketball. Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice-Hall, c1981. 796.32 P541di

Plaiss, Mark. The Road to Indianapolis: Inside a Season of Indiana High School Basketball. Chicago: Bonus Books, c1991. 796.32 P699r

Pluto, Terry. Loose Balls: the Short, Wild Life of the American Basketball Association: as Told By the Players, Coaches, and Movers and Shakers Who Made it Happen. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1991, c1990. 796.32 P737L

Poore, Jack. Decatur Co. Basketball, 1946-1968: Burney Panthers, Clarksburg Knights, Greensburg Pirates, Jackson Tigers, New Point Little Giants, Sandcreek Indians, Sandusky Blackhawks, St. Paul Blasters. [S.l.: s.n., 199-?] 796.32 P823de

Poore, Jack. The Early Years, Decatur Co. Basketball, 1932-1945: Burney Panthers, Clarksburg Knights, Greensburg Pirates, Jackson Tigers, Letts Bearcats, New Point Little Giants, Sandcreek Indians, Sandusky Blackhawks, St. Paul Blasters, Westport Warriors. [S.l.: s.n., 199-?] 796.32 P823e

Rambeck, Richard. Indiana Pacers. Mankato, Minn.: Creative Education, c1998. 796.32 R167i

Rappoport, Ken. The Classic: the History of the NCAA Basketball Championship. Kansas City, Mo.: Lowell Press, c1979. 796.32 R221c [quarto]

Reed, Billy. The Final Four. Lexington, Ky.: Host Communications, c1988. 796.32 R25f

Roberts, Randy. "But they can't beat us": Oscar Robertson and the Crispus Attucks Tigers. Indianapolis, Ind.: Indiana Historical Society; Champaign, Ill.: Sports Publishing Inc, c1999. 796.32 R646b

Robison, Roger Frank. Everett Case and the Frankfort Hot Dogs: When Indiana Was King. Vincennes, IN: Hot Dog Press, 1998. 796.32 R666e

Schwomeyer, Herbert Frederic. Hoosier Hersteria: A History of Indiana High School Girls Basketball. Indianapolis, Ind. (7745 S. River Rd., Indianapolis 46240): Herb Schwomeyer, c1985. 796.32 S415ho

Schwomeyer, Herbert Frederic. Hoosier Hysteria: A History of Indiana High School Boys Single Class Basketball. Indianapolis, Ind.: Herb Schwomeyer, 1997, c1970. 796.32 S415h, 1997

Shaw, Mark. Larry Legend. Lincolnwood, Ill.: Masters Press, c1998. 927 B618s

Sheets, Harley. Where in the World is Westview, Wes-Del and Wapahani. Lebanon, Ind.: Where in the world, 1983. 796.32 S541w

Stedman, Bill. 90 Years of Alice's. Vincennes, IN (32 N. Fifth St., Vincennes 47591): B. Stedman, c1995. 796.32 S812n

Sulek, Robert Paul. Hoosier Honor: Bob Knight and Academic Success at Indiana University. New York: Praeger, 1990. 796.32 S949h

Trogdon, Wendell. No Harm No Foul: Referees are People, Too. Evanston, Ill.: Highlander Press; Mooresville, Ind.: Local distribution by W. Trogdon, c1987. 817 T844n

Trogdon, Wendell. Gym Rats. Evanston, Ill.: Highlander Press; Mooresville, Ind.: Local distribution by Wendell Trogdon, c1990. 796.32 T844g

Trogdon, Wendell. Shooting Stars: Trek to the Championship. Evanston, Ill.: Highlander Press, c1990. 796.32 T844s

Williams, Bob. Indiana High School Basketball. South Bend, Ind.: Icarus Press, 1982. GV885.72.I6 W54 1982

Williams, Bob. Hoosier Hysteria!: Indiana High School Basketball. South Bend, Ind.: Hardwood Press, c1997. 796.32 W721i, 1997

Wolff, Alexander. A March for Honor. Indianapolis: Masters Press, 1997. 796.32 W855m

Wooden, John R. Wooden: A Lifetime of Observations and Reflections On and Off the Court. Lincolnwood, Ill.: Contemporary Books, c1997. 927 W886wo

Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame. Indianapolis, IN: The Hall of Fame, [1984-1992] 796.32 N558

Indiana Basketball Handbook. Indianapolis, Ind.: David M. Pert, [19uu] 796.32 I385b

Indiana High School Tourney Basketball Record Book. Indianapolis: Indianapolis Newspapers, Inc., 198?. 796.32 I385

The Indianapolis News Basketball Record Book. Indianapolis, Ind.: Indianapolis News Pub. Co., [19uu] 796.32 I385

Indiana Basketball History: a Publication of the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame. New Castle, IN: Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame, 1992. 796.32 I385bh

The Lafayette Journal and Courier Presents Most Memorable Moments in Purdue Basketball History. Champaign, IL: Sports Publishing Inc., c1998. 796.32 L161p

Vincennes University Trailblazers, 1979-80. Vincennes, Ind.: The University, 1981? 796.32 no. 1



Holland, John Christopher. Heart Rates of Indiana High School Basketball Officials as Measured By Electrocardiographic Radio Telemetry [microform] 1970. 796.32 H735h

Paino, Troy D. The End of Nostalgia [microform]: a Cultural History of Indiana High School Basketball During the Progressive Era. 1997. 796.32 P147e

Schwomeyer, Herbert Frederic. A History of Indiana High School Basketball [microform]. 1970. 796.32 S415hi


Indiana's Game Videorecording Indianapolis: Indiana High School Athletic Association, c1986.
796.32 I385g

Knight, Bobby. A Knight of Basketball. Indianapolis, IN: Television Enterprises Network: Kartes Video Communications, Inc.; 1985 796.32 K69k

Maultra, Rick. The Indiana Pacers Videorecording: The ABA Days. Indianapolis: Government Cable Channel 16, 1988. 796.32 M449i

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Biography Index Headings:

Alford, Steve
Bailey, Damon
Bird, Larry
Bryce, Drew
Dakich, Dan
Hinkle, Tony
Keady, Gene
Knight, Bobby
Leonard, Slick
McGinnis, George
Miller, Reggie
Mount, Rick
Phelps, Digger
Plump, Bobby
Robertson, Oscar
Thomas, Isiah
VanArsdale, Tom
VanArsdale, Dick
Wooden, John

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