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Baseball in Indiana

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Books & Periodicals:

Thiel, John E.   Preliminary economic impact study and financial feasibility analysis of a major league baseball stadium in Hendricks County, Indiana / prepared for the Hendricks County Stadium Committee by John E. Thiel. 1985. 
IND.  352.5 T431T

Indianapolis Union Printers Baseball Association.  Union Printers National Baseball League.  Indianapolis, August 5-12, 1916.  1916.
IND.  796 I388U

Madden, W.C.  P.S.  Remembering Bush Stadium:  Home of the Indianapolis Indians / By W.C.  Madden. 1995.
IND.  796.068 M 179P

Debono, Paul.  The Indianapolis ABC’s:  History of a Premier Team in the Negro Leagues. 1997.
IND.  796.357 D287i

DiPrimio, Pete.  Hoosier hitmen:  Indiana University baseball / Pete DiPrimio. 2003.
IND.  796.357 D596H

Ginter, John.  Baseball at Ball State / John Ginter. 2002.
IND. 796.357 G493B

Gramling, Chad.  Baseball in Fort Wayne / Chad Gramling.  2007.
IND. 796.357 G745B

Heward, William.  Some are Called Clowns:  A Season with the Last of the Great Barnstorming Baseball Teams. 1975.
IND.  796.357 H597S

Indians (Baseball Team:  Indianapolis, Ind.).  At Bat:  Official Magazine of the Indianapolis Indians.   2004-
IND.  796.357 I388P

Indians (Baseball Team:  Indianapolis, Ind.).  Indianapolis Indians …Souvenir Program.IND.  796.357 I388P

Kovach, John M. Baseball in South Bend / John M. Kovach. 2004.
IND.  796.357 K88B

Madden, W.C.  Baseball in Indianapolis / W.C. Madden.  2003.
IND.  796.357 M179B

Madden, W.C.  The Hoosiers of Summer / By W.C. Madden. 1994.
IND. 796.357 M 179H

Mathews, Garret.  Can’t Find a Dry Ball:  The Evansville Otters on the Lowest Rung of Baseball / Garret Mathews. 2002.
IND. 796.357 M 429C

Reddick, David B.  The Magic of the Indians’ Baseball:  1887-1987 / David B. Reddick and Kim M. Rogers.1988.
IND.  796.357 R313M

Seymour, Harold.  Baseball… 1971.  
IND.  796.357 S 521B

Tuley, William T.  Hammond Braves, 1938-1947 / [by William T. Tuley].  1979.
IND.  796.357 T917H

Weygand, James Lamar.  …Night Baseball.   1970.
IND.  796.357 W547N

Van Riper, Guernsey.  The Mighty Macs; three famous baseball managers. 1972.
IND.  813 V274M

Landis, Lincoln.  From Pilgrimage to Promise:  Civil War Heritage and the Landis Boys of Logansport, Indiana / Lincoln Landis. 2006.


Indianapolis News.  [Baseball game score card.] Veterans vs Pioneers game, in Irvington, to benefit the Indianapolis News Fresh Air Fund.  
Ip 361 NO 79

Indianapolis:  Carlon & Hollenbeck.  Petition of the Business Firms of the City of Indianapolis to the General Assembly of the State of Indiana for the Passage of Senate Bill 113 Providing for the Amendment of the Present Statute Prohibiting the Playing of Baseball on Sunday. 1897.
Ip 796 NO 10

Kelly, Gene S.  The Indianapolis Indians. 1948.
Ip 796.357 NO 2

Weygand, James Lamar.  Nite Time Base Ball:  It all Started in Indiana.    1970.
Ip 796 NO 2

Fort Wayne Girls’ Ball Club, Inc.  Fort Wayne Daisies:  yearbook. 1947.
Ip 796.357 NO 4

Fort Wayne Girls’ Ball Club, Inc.  Fort Wayne Daisies:  official program.   1951.
Ip 796.357 NO 5

Y.M.C.A. – Kokomo, Indiana.  Kokomo Y’s Men’s Club presents Babe Ruth League, Indiana state championship.  Kokomo, Indiana, July 29, 30, 31, Aug. 1, 1965.  Official state tourney program. 1965.
Ip 796.357 NO 7

Hardin, Rebecca S.  Amos Rusie (1871-1942). 1974.
Ip 927 R955 NO 1


Baseball-Dowd, Alfred Frances 1890-1981.  Oral History / interviewed by:  F Gerald Handfield.  Transcribed; 347 pgs.

Clippings File heading:


Indianapolis Newspaper Index headings:

Baseball, Indianapolis
Baseball-see also
Mordecai Brown


Maultra, Rick.  Indianapolis Baseball [Videorecording] / Producer, Rick Maultra; written by Rick Maultra.  1992.
IND. 796.357 I388B

Neel, Richard L.  America’s Game in Middletown USA: Baseball in Muncie, Indiana, 1876-1953 / by Richard L. Neel.   [Microform] 1989.
IND.  796.357 N378A

Compiled by Kimberly Brown-Harden, April 2010.

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