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Bacon Albion Fellows

Bacon, Albion Fellows (8-April-1865 to 10-December-1933)

Albion Fellows Bacon was the wife of a successful Evansville merchant.  After she had been exposed to the conditions of that city’s poor, she devoted her life to housing reform.  
Bacon’s efforts at reform included national speaking engagements, lobbying and letter writing.  In 1908 she began drafting a state tenement law.  A watered down version passed in 1909, but was disappointing in that it only affected two Indiana cities.  After years of dedicated work Indiana passed a statewide housing law in 1913.

Indiana Collection:

Bacon, Albion Fellows. The Path to God.  Harper and Brothers, 1928. (IND 204 B129p)

Bacon, Albion Fellows.  Beauty for Ashes.  New York : Dodd, Mead & Company, 1914. (IND 331.8 B128b)

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Manuscripts Collection:

Albion Fellows Bacon, S45 (one letter)
Grace Julian Clarke, L33 – contains many letters from Bacon to Clarke

Pamphlet Collection:

Bacon, Albion Fellows. “A Tale of the Tenements”.  Indiana Housing Association, 1912. (Address delivered at Winona, IN to the Winona Women’s Club, July 1911) (IP 331.83 No 1)

Bacon, Albion Fellows. “What Bad Housing Means to the Community”. Department of Social and Public Service, Social Services Series, Bulletin No. 13. Boston :  American Unitarian Association. (IP 613.51 No 3)

Bacon, Albion Fellows. “The Housing Problem of Indiana”. Indianapolis : Charity Organization Society. (IP 331.83 No 2)

Bacon, Albion Fellows. “Supplement of songs to the Citizenship day program, July 4, 1923.” General  Federation of Women's Clubs Hdqrs, 1923. (IPQ 780.8 BAC2)

Bennett, Helen Christine. Albion Fellows Bacon. Taken from Bennett, H. C. American Women in Civic Work, 1915. (IP 923 B128 No 1)

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Will watch work of legislature. News 8-Jan-1915, p. 10
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Elected president of Indiana Charities and Corrections. News 7-Oct-1919
Writes women’s pageant, “War and Peace”. News 9-May-1925, p.26
Wrote pageant for Girl’s Week Celebration. Star 3-Oct-1925, p. 6
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Review of “The Charm String”. Star 29-Sept-1929, pt.  5 p. 9
Editorial. News 6-May-1930, p. 6
Death. Star 11-Dec-1933, p.1

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