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Parke County

Archeological and Historical Survey of Parke County (George Branson, 1927)
977.201 P237b, copy located in closed stacks

History of Parke and Vermillion counties, Indiana, with historical sketches of representative citizens and genealogical records of many of the old families (B.F. Bowen and Co, 1913)
977.201 P237, copy located at IND REF,  also on film at F2655 and Reel 41 No 146, also available

History of Turkey Run, 1826-2007 (Charles Davis, 2007)
977.201 P237d, copy located at IND REF

History of Vigo and Parke counties, together with historic notes on the Wabash Valley (H.W. Beckwith, 1880)
977.201 V689, originals located in closed stacks, please use the film located at LH6279 and F2654, or the reprint located at IND REF, also available online

Index for the histories of the Wabash Valley ... Parke County, Indiana ... Vigo County, Indiana
977.201 V689 index 1974, copy located at IND REF

Parke County Campfire Stories (Stan Sinclair, 1993)
977.201 P237s, copy located in closed stacks

Parke County Guide
977.201 P237g, copies located in closed stacks; library has 1991, 1997-2000 

Parke County, Indiana, centennial memorial (Isaac R Strouse, 1916)
[q] ISLI 977.201 P237sm, copies located in closed stacks, Quarto, also available

Parke County, Indiana History and Families, 1821-1989 (Parke County Historical Society, 1989)
977.201 P237h, copy located at IND REF  

Parke County, Indiana index of names of persons and of firms
977.201 P237z, copy located at IND REF 

Parke Place, Parke County's monthly magazine
977.201 P237p, copies located in closed stacks, library has 1981-1988   

Portland Mills Remembered, 1822-1959 (Don D. Harbison, 2001) 
977.201 P237zph, copy located in closed stacks

A Portrait and Biographical Record of Montgomery, Parke and Fountain Counties, Indiana, Containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens (Chapman Brothers, 1893)
977.201 M787p, copy located at IND REF, also on film at LH6314, also available

Rockville's Sesquicentennial Review, Rockville, Indiana, 1824-1974 (Rockville Sesquicentennial, 1974)
977.201 P237zrr, copy located in closed stacks

Rosedale Centennial Issue (Vol. 3 no. 24, July 28, 1960, Valley News)
[f] ISLI 977.201 P237zrsv, copies located in closed stacks, Folio 

The Story of Bridgeton, Raccoon Township, Parke County, Indiana (Marilyn Mitchell Payton, 1994)
977.201 P237zbp, copy located in closed stacks 

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