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Spencer County

Spencer County was created in 1818 from Perry and Warrick Counties.  It is located in southern Indiana on the Kentucky border.  The county seat is Rockport.

Selected Holdings at the Indiana State Library

The following list is not complete.  Further resources may be found by searching the Indiana State Library online catalog.

Print Materials from the Genealogy Division

Court Records

Court Records
ISLG 977.201 S746s

Marriage Records

Early Marriages, 1818-1849
ISLG 977.201 S745pm

Index to Marriages, 1866-1868
ISLG 977.201 S745i

Marriages, Books 1-3, 1818-1849
ISLG 977.201 S754ps      

Marriages, 1818-1855
ISLG 977.201 S746yo

Marriages, 1850-1920
ISLG 977.201 S745pma v. 1-2

Marriages, 1855-1863
ISLG 977.201 S746yoa

Marriages, 1863-1868
ISLG 977.201 S746yob

Marriages, 1920-1941
ISLG 977.201 S746ma

Marriages, 1941-1987
ISLG 977.201 S745pmc

WPA Index to Marriage Records, 1850-1920
ISLG 977.201 S746u v. 3-4

WPA Index to Supplemental Marriage Transcripts, 1880-1920
ISLG 977.201 S746u v. 5

Vital Records

WPA Index to Birth Records, 1882-1925
ISLG 977.201 S746u v. 1, 6

WPA Index to Death Records, 1882-1920
ISLG 977.201 S746u v. 2

Wills and Probates

Early Will Book 1818-1831 and Will Book 1853-1880
ISLG 977.201 S746phi

Early Wills and Estate Settlements, 1818-1839
ISLG 977.201 S746yw

Probate Books A-D and Will Record Books A-D
ISLG 977.201 S746pp

Other Library Materials

Online Resources

Marriage Records


Locating Original Records

For Further Research

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