2016 Howey Political Report

Date Headline Article File Name
1/7/2016 HPI Power 50: Statehouse clout shift HPI_20160107.pdf
1/14/2016 Pence’s dangerous missed opportunity HPI_20160114.pdf
1/21/2016 How the Chamber evolved on LGBT HPI_20160121.pdf
1/28/2016 Gregg’s campaign begins to emerge HPI_20160128.pdf
2/4/2016 Civil rights consequences unclear HPI_20160204.pdf
2/11/2016 Pence campaign pivots to Holcomb HPI_20160211.pdf
2/23/2016 Young’s Senate bid survives a ‘stunt’ HPI_20160223.pdf
3/4/2016 Trump the ultimate INGOP wildcard HPI_20160304.pdf
3/10/2016 Challengers take aim at Senate leaders HPI_20160310.pdf
3/17/2016 Meth compromise heads to Gov. Pence HPI_20160317.pdf
3/31/2016 Trump’s conundrum for IN Republicans HPI_20160324.pdf
3/31/2016 Clinton v. Sanders race heads our way HPI_20160331.pdf
4/7/2016 The Joseph Albert Hollingsworth III effect HPI_20160407.pdf
4/14/2016 Momentum appears to be with Young HPI_20160414.pdf
4/21/2016 Trump brings ‘the show’ to Indiana HPI_20160421.pdf
4/26/2016 WTHR/HPI Poll: A polarized gov race HPI_20160426.pdf
4/28/2016 Cruz goes Carly, Trump gets Knighted HPI_20160428.pdf
5/5/2016 INPrez: An epic, bizarre primary coda HPI_20160505.pdf
5/12/2016 Little chance for House majority shift HPI_20160512.pdf
5/19/2016 Baron Hill surveys his race v. Young HPI_20160519.pdf
6/2/2016 Hoosier leaders wary of Trump, Sanders HPI_20160602.pdf
6/9/2016 Why the people are so angry HPI_20160609.pdf
6/14/2016 Gov. Pence doubles down on Donald HPI_20160614.pdf
6/23/2016 Tsunami Watch: Indiana GOP braces HPI_20160623.pdf
6/30/2016 INGOP presses Gregg on Clinton HPI_20160630.pdf
7/7/2016 Pence on brink of Trump ticket? HPI_20160707.pdf
7/14/2016 Gov. Pence poised for Trump’s ticket HPI_20160714.pdf
7/21/2016 Pence cruises into Republican love HPI_20160721.pdf
7/28/2016 Holcomb faces time, money gauntlet HPI_20160728.pdf
8/2/2016 Crouch joins the Holcomb ticket HPI_20160802.pdf
8/18/2016 Bayh’s 2010 issues resurface in ‘16 HPI_20160818.pdf
8/30/2016 Holcomb navigates a stormy sprint HPI_20160830.pdf
9/9/2016 WTHR/Howey Poll: Senate tossup HPI_20160909.pdf
9/15/2016 The Johnson option to Clinton, Trump HPI_20160915.pdf
9/22/2016 Tsunami unlikely to swamp down ballot HPI_20160922.pdf
9/29/2016 Mild first gubernatorial showdown HPI_20160929.pdf
10/6/2016 Senate, Gov tossups; Trump up 5% HPI_20161006.pdf
10/13/2016 Pence straddles the GOP cataclysm HPI_20161013.pdf
10/20/2016 Trump/Pence down rigged rabbit hole HPI_20161020.pdf
10/27/2016 20 minutes that captured Gov contrast HPI_20161027.pdf
11/4/2016 Young takes Senate lead; Gov tossup HPI_20161104.pdf
11/7/2016 HPI Forecast: Bayh demise, Gov tossup HPI_20161107.pdf
11/10/2016 Holcomb rides Trump/Pence surge HPI_20161110.pdf
11/17/2016 Four days in July that rocked Indiana HPI_20161117.pdf

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