Indiana State Library Staff Directory

Main Line: 317-232-3675
Toll Free: 1-866-638-0008

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Jacob Speer

 Jacob Speer
 (State Librarian)

Katrice Anders-Jordan


  Katrice Anders-Jordan
  (Chief Financial Officer)

Wendy Knapp


  Wendy Knapp
  (Associate Director)

Connie Bruder


  Stephanie Asberry
  (Deputy Director of Public Services)


  Sylvia Watson
  (General Counsel)


  Angela Downs
(Administrative Assistance) 

John Wekluk (Director of Communications)
Scott Lambert (Director of Building Operations)

Catalog Division

Jocelyn Lewis (Catalog Supervisor)


Cheri Harris (Certification Program Director/Legal Consultant)

Circulation Division

Rayjeana Duty (Circulation and Support Supervisor)


Charissa Ginsberg (Business Specialist)

Genealogy Division

Jamie Dunn (Genealogy Supervisor)

Indiana Division

Monique Howell (Indiana Division Supervisor)

Library Development Office (LDO)

Jen Clifton (LDO Supervisor)
Terry Black (Administrative Secretary)

Rare Books & Manuscripts

Bethany Fiechter (Rare Books & Manuscripts Supervisor)

Management Information Services (MIS)

Jason Boyer (MIS Supervisor)

Preservation & Conservation

Seth Irwin (Conservator)

Professional Development Office (PDO)

Kara Cleveland (PDO Supervisor)

Reference & Government Services

Marcia Caudell (Reference & Gov Services Supervisor)

Talking Books & Braille Library

Margret Ansty (TBBL Supervisor)

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