2008 Statistics and earlier

  • 2008 Statistics (Excel Spreadsheets)
  • 2007 Statistics (Excel Spreadsheets)
  • 2006 Statistics (Excel Spreadsheets)
  • 2005 Statistics (ZIP file)
  • 2004 Statistics (ZIP file)
  • 2003 Statistics (ZIP file)
  • 2002 Statistics (ZIP file)
  • 2001 Statistics (ZIP file)
  • 2000 Census Service Area Population
  • 2000 Statistics (ZIP file)
  • 1999 Statistics (ZIP file)
  • 1998 Statistics are available upon request
  • 1997 Statistics (ZIP file)
  • 1996 Statistics (ZIP file)
  • 1995 Statistics (ZIP file)
  • 1994 Statistics (ZIP file)

    Steps for accessing ZIP files

    1. After clicking on the link to the file you wish to open, you will be asked if you want to "save" or "open" the folder. Please choose to "open" the file.

    2. A new ZIP folder will appear. At this point, choose to "Extract all files" from the "Folder Tasks" box on the top left-hand corner of the screen. You will now be prompted to begin the Extraction Wizard application. Complete the Extraction Wizard.

    3. Now that your files are extracted, open up the "Statistics Menu" within the extracted folder and you are ready to view public library statistics

    LDO JC 12-12-2013