Free LEU Opportunities

Below are several free and online LEU opportunities scheduled by various organizations throughout June. Most run about 1 hour and are eligible for 1 LEU or TLEU (sessions with a “T” preceding the title are eligible for TLEUs).  Please note that some of these organizations will issue certificates and others will not. Below is a list of free webinars offered throughout this month.

Free LEU Opportunities in June

Tuesday, 6/4 (T) Getting the Most Out of Online Genealogy Sources (Washington State Library)
Genealogy continues to be a hot topic in libraries. And as more and more materials become available online, including digitized images of primary sources, the amount of information can be overwhelming, even for the most dedicated family historian. Join Kim Smeenk, of the Washington State Library, as she conducts a tour of web sites that will help you guide your patrons to valuable sources for family history such as vital records and historic newspapers. Kim will also share some tips that will help your patrons get the most out of searching two of the top genealogy web sites, and

Tuesday, 6/4 (T) Amp Up Your Technology Training (WebJunction)
A webinar on technology training for communities. Learn how OASIS Connections classes are helping communities build skills and confidence using computers, the Internet and today's technology.

Tuesday, 6/4 (T) A New Era in Nonprofit Marketing: Why Winging It with Social Media No Longer Works (NonProfit Webinars)
If you’ve dipped your toe in the social media waters, do you wonder why you aren’t reaching more people or raising more dollars? If you haven’t yet begun, have you considered what social media marketing might do to help you reach – or not reach — your goals? This webinar will explore why winging it no longer works in 2013 (e.g., putting up a page and sporadically begging for ‘likes’ and ‘follows’) and help you dive gracefully into the deep end. Plus, we’ll discuss the resources needed to achieve success and how to measure the return on your investment and engagement.

Tuesday, 6/4 Be the Change: Take the Lead on Standards: Common Core and More (School Library Journal)
Whether your district is Common Core or not, its arrival and collision with the broad digital transition create unmatched opportunity for librarians to take leadership on meeting standards using their collection development and technology skills–mixing up materials and tools, stepping up the professional development role with teachers, innovating on the collection level, informing curriculum, and integrating digital tools.

Tuesday, 6/4 (T) LibraryBox: Portable Private Digital Distribution (InfoPeople)
LibraryBox is an open source project designed to allow for the distribution of digital materials (books, music, movies, datasets) in the absence of reliable Internet connectivity. The hardware that LibraryBox uses is very inexpensive ($35) and the code is freely available, making it an attractive option for outreach and service to underserved areas for libraries. LibraryBox is a key that can unlock many possibilities for your services. This webinar will discuss how you can build your own LibraryBox, use-cases (systems to accomplish a particular goal), the development of the project from its beginnings, and where it’s headed in the future.

Wednesday, June 5 How Leaders Build Virtual Trust and Influence (American Management Association)
In this webcast, leadership development experts Charles H. Green and Kristi Hedges, explore how successful leaders are using influence best practices in creative and unique ways suited for managing in a virtual environment. You’ll hear “from the trenches” perspectives that explain common issues in leading virtual teams with concrete advice for solving the problems that arise from them. As virtual management becomes the new normal, this webcast equips you with practical tools to be a trusted, present leader in any environment.

Wednesday, June 5 Leadership Engagement as an Operations Strategy (NonProfit Webinars)
Organizations frequently overlook the “critical middle”–how the exercise of leadership at all levels and how the application of a well-integrated operations strategy contribute to results and outcomes. This webinar offers a practical framework for integrating defined leadership and management practices into a holistic operations strategy in order to maximize organizational outcomes. Strategic plans are crucial. Policies and systems are practical. But without an explicit operations strategy and a unified approach to leading and managing the human systems across an organization, significant promise is left unattained.

Wednesday, June 5 Crowdfunding: Not just for first-world problems (NonProfit Webinars)
Sometimes it seems like crowdfunding is just for new digital devices, iPhone covers and games. But crowdfunding can be used a powerful tool for social change! Whether you’re an established non-profit or a social start-up crowdfunding can help you activate and expand your supporter base and maximize your fundraising to make a difference. This webinar will introduce you to both the theory and practice of crowd funding, dispelling misconceptions, exploring case-studies and giving attendees the knowledge they need to utilize this new fundraising form in the pursuit of their social mission.

Wednesday, June 5 Rejuvenate Your Space: Top Building Trends in Library Design (Library Journal) 
Looking to spruce up your space? More than just a home for books, a library is a living organism, a vibrant community center for learning, digital content discovery, and exploration. Shouldn’t your 21st century patrons have a 21st century library? Learn about the top building trends in exterior and interior design from architects who have reinvigorated and re-imagined library spaces throughout the United States. Breathe new life into your library.

Thursday, June 6 (T) The New Reality of Virtual Training (Training Magazine Network)
The way we learn has changed. With just a few taps, we can now find and share information with anyone, anywhere. Today’s training professionals must embrace the new technology and create an environment where people can gain knowledge the way they want to. Join Cammy Bean, Vice President of learning design for Kineo, as she explores the resources and performance tools that are supporting this revolution in learning.

Thursday, June 6 (T) Data-Driven Libraries Part 1: Analyzing Data to Manage Print Collections (Library Journal)
Data-driven collection analysis is growing quickly as libraries take advantage of the new tools and services on the market that allow for rapid evidence-based decision making about everything from what materials to buy and how to deploy collections. Such data is also underpinning large collaborative efforts to create shared strategies for management of print collections.

Thursday, June 6 (T) The Accessible Website: If You Build It, Everyone Can Come (InfoPeople)
Libraries strive to be welcoming, friendly places for users of all types, including those with disabilities. From wheelchair ramps and handicapped parking to simple offerings such as large print books and good signage – these are some of the things that make a library’s physical space accessible. But what about the library’s online presence? This webinar will shed light on some of the common barriers faced by certain users and will provide techniques for identifying and fixing the problems.

Monday, June 10 (T) Social Media for Trainers (Insync Training)
Explore the use of free technologies like blogs, wikis, Facebook, Twitter, and online groups to help build communication, increase participation, and enhance transfer of training to the job. We'll both define and demystify each tool. You will get ideas for applying low-cost collaboration strategies to your own training programs—both classroom and online!

Tuesday, June 11 Geek the Library Informational Webinar (Geek the Library)
Get a complete Geek the Library overview and your questions answered in a live format. Our informational webinars are a simple way to learn about the details before committing to participate in the program.

Tuesday, June 11 Summertime and the Listening Is Easy (Booklist)
Celebrate National Audiobook Month with Booklist and audiobook publishers AudioGO, Books On Tape/Listening Library, Dreamscape Audio, Galaxy Press, and L.A. Theatre Works. Be the first to learn about new summer and fall titles during this hour-long, free webinar as we arm you with audio suggestions for family car trips, summer-reading lists, and more.

Tuesday, June 11 Telling the Right Story for Your Online Campaign (NonProfit Webinars)
Pink Slime. The Boy Scouts of America. Trayvon Martin. Each of these news stories started with an online petition that led to real, tangible impact. Each represents the power that people and organizations have today to engage and motivate hundreds and thousands of supporters to take action. The internet, social networks and mobile technology provide an unprecedented opportunity to increase the efficiency and impact of the time proven model of collective action, but you still need a story. Learn lessons from about how to not only tell a good story, but how to tell the right story.

Wednesday, June 12 (T) Uncovering Free and Low Cost Legal Resources (Wyoming State Law Library)
There are an abundance of free legal research resources available. Some resources provide all of their content for free while others provide a mixture of free and fee-based information. We will review a variety of electronic resources including university and nonprofit organization sites, government sites, and more. As with any resource, we will discover that one legal resource is more valuable than another for particular types of research.

Wednesday, June 12 (T) Tech Talk with Michael Sauers: Working with Wikipedia (Nebraska Library Commission)
Next to Google, Wikipedia is the major source of information used by people today. But libraries also own much content that isn't available on Wikipedia, so how should we make sure users don't stop there? In this session, Aaron Tay, Senior Librarian & eServices Facilitator at National University of Singapore, will cover ideas on how to link resources from Wikipedia to library resources using various tools including John Mark Ockerbloom's Forward to Libraries service. In the opposite direction, libraries can also move in and use Wikipedia entries to enhance findability of their collections.

Wednesday, June 12 The Brain-Based Approach to Building Brilliant Teams (American Management Association)
We all want to lead teams where the members act like owners, take performance personally, and are high-energy and ready to rock. In today’s bottom-line business world, results are what it’s all about. And consistent exceptional results require a dream team. In this program you’ll discover the keys to: Optimizing human performance and engagement by applying the latest neuroscience techniques and Cultivating Passion in your teams and yield more effective leadership and innovation in your organization.

Wednesday, June 12 The Case for Integrated Planning (NonProfit Webinars)
The term “strategic planning” gets attached to a wide range of nonprofit planning—for programs and services, budgeting, communications, information technology, etc. But these address very different kinds of issues, and should involve different participants, processes, tools, and products. We’ll look at the various kinds of planning needed by a nonprofit, see how they can intersect with and reinforce each other, and consider an approach that is more strategic, more effective, and less stressful.

Wednesday, June 12 Support Patron Learning in Small Spaces with Small Budgets (WebJunction)
In small communities, libraries can often be the only provider of free public access to technology and the internet. And as more people turn to their library to learn technology skills, even the tiniest of libraries are faced with the challenge of providing training to patrons with limited staff, resources, and space. Learn from small and rural libraries that are making training a reality for their patrons, using volunteers, leveraging partnerships and integrating learning into everyday interactions. Whether the technology training you do (or want to do) is one-to-one, on-the-fly or a more formal program, this session will include tips and suggestions for improving the effectiveness of the training you provide.

Wednesday, June 12 (T) Data-Driven Libraries Part 2: Understanding Customers through Segmentation Analytics (Library Journal)
Customer segmentation studies and data analytics combines demographic data with lifestyle information to help public libraries better understand who their customers are and what services best meet the community’s need, whether school-aged children or empty-nester couples. This type of GIS-based market segmentation can also help inform strategies around such initiatives as a levy ballot and also eliminate inefficient marketing efforts.

Wednesday, June 12 Why aren’t they reading quietly?! Messing Around at the Library (Colorado State Library)
Do you seek ideas on how to turn your library from a grocery store to a kitchen? Are you looking for ways to engage folks in your library? Come hang out, mess around and geek out with us. Get inspiration from others about letting creation and HOMAGO happen in your library.

Wednesday, June 12 Community Led Library Service Development (InfoPeople)
Instead of adding projects or tasks to library staff in an effort to promote library services, the community-led approach establishes the library staff as trained listeners and brokers of awareness to provide service development for both marginalized and comfortable community sectors. The community-led approach helps the library to identify which traditional library roles are now redundant, and thus of little worth to the community, allowing both professional library staff and support staff to concentrate on those services that are meaningful to the public. Community-led service development allows both the community and its library staff to grow, become engaged in the civic sphere they share and find the best venues for individuals to pursue their aspirations for their primary needs of health and welfare, as well as life-long learning and the support of personal values.

Wednesday, June 12 To Raise More Money, Tell a Story (NonProfit Webinars)
From the story of creation to the flood of Noah to the Gilgamesh Epic, our ancestors have taught us that the most effective device for learning and engagement as well as to motivate action is the story. This Webinar will apply the art of storytelling to the development process–most particularly the major gifts face-to-face solicitation and stewardship functions. The webinar is intended for senior professionals and volunteers who engage with the public, both one-on-one or in group settings.

Tuesday, June 18 (T) Database of the Month: Mango Languages for Libraries (Wyoming State Library)
Ahhh, summer. Fresh mangos…oh, wait, not that kind of mango. Come check out Mango languages for libraries. Just in time for summer travel or practicing from your lawn chair. Mango is a quick intro to language and culture. Here you can learn Italian, Swedish, Latin, biblical Hebrew, Russian, and Pirate! There are 49 languages plus ESL courses. Join Chris Van Burgh for a quick tour of this great GoWYLD resource.

Tuesday, June 18 New Kids on the Block (Booklist)
While there won’t be any serenading from the beloved boy band, this hour-long, free webinar is sure to be almost as swoon-worthy! Hear from Algonquin Young Readers, Blink/Zondervan, Soho Teen, and Sourcebooks Fire as they present middle grade and YA titles from their new imprints hip to all things tween and teen.

Tuesday, June 18 Publishing at the Public Library: Become a Community Publishing Portal (Public Library Association)
Public libraries have always been in a unique position to help local writers connect with readers in their communities. The advent of self-publishing platforms presents libraries with a new resource to enhance that connection and reinforce their place at the center of community cultural life. Last year Los Gatos (Calif.) Library began a partnership with e-book self-publishing company Smashwords to offer a three-part series of e-book self-publishing seminars. This partnership has grown to include a co-branded publishing portal managed by Smashwords. Linked from the library website, the portal enables local authors to publish and distribute e-books at no cost and allows them to "Publish to the Library" if the library chooses to purchase their work. Find out how Los Gatos Library developed this partnership and how your library can easily do the same.

Wednesday, June 19 Facilitating Virtual Meetings (NonProfit Webinars)
Virtual meetings are the norm today. Sure, you may know how to facilitate group meetings, but how are your virtual facilitation skills? Do you know how to use technology effectively to achieve maximum group results even when you’re not in the same room? How do you minimize the common challenges? In this webinar, learn how to adapt facilitation skills to the virtual environment. Discover critical components of virtual facilitation, how to overcome common dysfunctions in virtual meetings, and ways to accomplish full group participation – as if you’re in the same room.

Wednesday, June 19 Leading Virtual Teams (Training Magazine Network)
Virtual teams often face difficulties solving problems, making decisions, generating innovative ideas, and reconciling differences. When team members don't meet with each other face-to-face, it can be harder to build rapport, develop trust, and establish meaningful collegiality. Team members multi-task, leaders fall back to presenting endlessly, and the work goes sideways. Join us as the speakers help you tackle the common challenges that go along with leading virtual teams. Our speakers will describe and demonstrate several practical skills and methods you can use right away to help team members and leaders improve the way they collaborate and perform.

Wednesday, June 19 RDA Has Arrived: Essentials for RDA for Public Services (Georgia Library Association)
After years of buzz, the Library of Congress implemented the new cataloging standard RDA (Resource Description and Access) on March 31, 2013. What is RDA and why should I care? RDA is part of the ongoing transformation of library data with an objective of responsiveness to user needs. Susan Wynne will discuss the major differences between AACR2 practices and RDA, focusing on how RDA affects user displays and navigation in local catalogs, WorldCat, and elsewhere.

Wednesday, June 19 Transformationall Advancement (NonProfit Webinars) 
Why, when and how to plan and take an institution’s fundraising to higher levels of accomplishment is the focus of this session. To help grow philanthropy, participants are asked to present current questions and concerns and to share insights, ideas and creative ways to transform fundraising efforts, considering challenges to: Share your story of value, Recruit and coach fundraising leaders, Build a generous board, Mine giving records, and Sustain conversations and thanks to make “asks” happen.

Tuesday, June 25 (T) Data-Driven Libraries Part 3: Decoding Data to Plan for the Future (Library Journal)
Data-driven decision making is creating large pools of data around which public libraries are trying to define everything from overarching strategies to granular collection development strategies. Although the analysis of this data is often left to third-parties, some libraries are taking the step of hiring their own data analysts to help administrators decide what the data means, why it matters, and how best to present it to other stakeholders.

Tuesday, June 25 (T) Need Nonprofit Board Members? LinkedIn Helps You Make Connections (NonProfit Webinars)
With nearly two million nonprofit board seats open, good board members are hard to find. Yet, according to Taproot Foundation, most professionals want to be on boards. How do nonprofits attract the right professionals to their boards, the ones who want to do the job and who have the particular skills needed by the organization? Well, the simple answer is – just ask. The longer answer is you need a conduit to professionals who care. LinkedIn Board Connect now provides that conduit for nonprofits, at no cost.

Wednesday, June 26 (T) Spotlight! on National Library of Medicine Resources
This month's webinar topic: National Library of Medicine's Disaster Information Management Resource Center - Siobhan Champ-Blackwell will provide a tour and highlight its resources. Taking the one-hour class and completing the exercises and class evaluation makes you eligible to receive 1 Medical Library Association Continuing Education credit. Instructions to connect to the audio will show up once you’ve logged in.

Wednesday, June 26 (T) Using Census Data to Get Grants (NonProfit Webinars)
The basis for any successful grant proposal is objective evidence that a vital community need exists. This is why the best American fundraisers are intimately familiar with the US Census Bureau web site, including American FactFinder and mapping tools. This workshop is intended for those who are new to the US Census site, are confused by its new format or haven’t had time to learn about the wide array of data and services offered at the site.

Thursday, June 27 MOOCs and More! (Wyoming State Library)
What's a MOOC? It's a Massive Open Online Course -- higher-level learning coming from top universities, all online, all free. Join Susan Mark to learn how to put your patrons in touch with MOOCs and other quality learning interests that suit their needs.