2010 Howey Political Report

Date Headline Article Keywords / Descriptors File Name
1/7/2010 2010 Power List invited to Tea Party legislative timelines, township reform HPR15a18.pdf
1/21/2010 Critical 'Mass' for Hoosier Dems? property tax cap, political upsets, Brian Bosma, Joe Donnelly, Jackie Walorksi HPR15a19.pdf
1/28/2010 Pence gives Bayh brief reprieve campaign finance, Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, Tom John, Scott Newman, School Year Bill HPR15a20.pdf
2/4/2010 Coats engages Bayh 12 years later Marlin Stutzman, John Hostettler, 5th Congressional District challengers, farmland taxes, Facebook, mail drops on Massachusetts HPR15a21.pdf
2/11/2010 A Senate donnybrook in the wings Marlin Stutzman, Dan Coats, John McGoff, Thomas McDermott, George Pabey HPR15a22.pdf
2/16/2010 Bayh bugs out, indicts Congress Evan Bayh HPR15a23.pdf
2/22/2010 Senate, 8th CD into HPI Tossup Congressional District races, Evan Bayh, House primaries, Dan Coats HPR15a24.pdf
3/4/2010 Brad Ellsworth's interesting week Dan Coats, John Hostettler, Iraq intelligence, redistricting reforms, Suan Ellsperman, Tony Long HPR15a25.pdf
3/11/2010 Mayors react to mergers differently Todd Rokita, 4th Congressional District, gerrymandering HPR15a26.pdf
3/17/2010 Speaker Bauer's last session stand? RICO, Blue Dogs, health reform HPR15a27.pdf
3/25/2010 Reform fingerprints from Indiana Franklin College, Republican Senate debate, health law consequences, Brad Ellsworth HPR15a28.pdf
4/8/2010 Time running out to catch Coats Todd Rokita, redistricting reform, 5th Congressional District, Greg Ballard, Carl Brizzi, Joe Donnelly, Brad Ellsworth HPR15a29.pdf
4/15/2010 GOP Senate race begins taking definition Statehouse Tea Party, Mike Sodrel, Todd Young, 9th Congressional District, Jackie Walorski HPR15a30.pdf
4/22/2010 Pence endorsement of Coats a deal maker? Republican Senate debate highlights, 9th Congressional District, township view of government consolidation HPR15a31.pdf
4/29/2010 Weary Souder expects one last hurrah Primary upsets, Republican Senate race, Dan Coats HPR15a32.pdf
5/5/2010 Incumbents survive primary tumult Primary results HPR15a33.pdf
5/12/2010 Daniels prepares Battle for the House Indiana House seats, Brad Ellsworth, Dan Coats HPR15a34.pdf
5/19/2010 Souder's stunning exit is more upheaval Mark Souder, congressional races HPR15a35.pdf
5/27/2010 Major Moves jobs back loaded to future IEDC job statistics, health care, 3rd Congressional District HPR15a36.pdf
6/10/2010 Obama's impact in Indiana profound Barack Obama, Tom McKenna, Vop Osili, Brad Ellsworth, Richard Lugar, cap and trade alternative, FSSA HPR15a37.pdf
6/17/2010 A Hoosier farmer in Congress? Marlin Stutzman, jobs, tax breaks HPR15a38.pdf
6/24/2010 Obama political wing works Indiana Stanley McChrystal, Gary Faulkner, Brad Ellsworth, health reforms, bailouts, Pat Bauer, IEDC HPR15a39.pdf
7/1/2010 Boss Bayh Evan Bayh, Democrats, Voter ID, Secretary of State race HPR15a40.pdf
7/15/2010 Energy bill passage unlikely Brad Ellsworth, Pacers HPR15a41.pdf
7/22/2010 Battle for House takes shape Mike Delph HPR15a42.pdf
7/29/2010 The fables of consolidation Becky Skillman, staff shift HPR15a43.pdf
8/12/2010 Coats reemerges in a new era Dan Coats, Mitch Daniels, Brad Ellsworth HPR1601.pdf
8/19/2010 Walkin' the walk with Baron Richard Lugar, Brad Ellsworth HPR1602.pdf
8/26/2010 Pence is a man with options Bad housing news, jobs, Democrats, Congress, Iraq War, Barack Obama HPR1603.pdf
9/2/2010 Weighing a GOP Tsunami Congressional District races, Becky Skillman HPR1604.pdf
9/9/2010 Falling out of love with Obama Barack Obama HPR1605.pdf
9/16/2010 Uncertainty grips health reform Mitch Daniels, president HPR1606.pdf
9/23/2010 Rollicking week for Daniels, Pence Mitch Daniels, Mike Pence, Chet Dobis, Pat Bauer HPR1607.pdf
9/30/2010 Dems navigate the 'killing fields' Charlie White, Vop Osili HPR1608.pdf
10/7/2010 Bucshon on the cusp of Congress Brad Ellsworth, auto industry, Jud McMillin, ethical issues HPR1609.pdf
10/14/2010 Debate lift for Ellsworth doubtful Todd Rokita, ISTA campaign funds HPR1610.pdf
10/21/2010 Baron facing withering assault Mitch Daniels, Hudson speech, Greg Goodnight, Pat Bauer HPR1611.pdf
10/28/2010 House Forecast:  53 seats for GOP Baron Hill, Joe Donnelly HPR1612.pdf
11/1/2010 Democrats brace for a wipeout House elections HPR1613.pdf
11/3/2010 GOP House will ignite reforms Baron Hill, Joe Donnelly, Dan Coats HPR1614.pdf
11/11/2010 A 'stifled' GOP governor race Joe Donnelly, Dan Coats HPR1615.pdf
11/18/2010 Bosma breaks 194 year tradition Brian Bosma, Richard Lugar, Mike Delph, Tea Party HPR1616.pdf
12/2/2010 A Southern Indiana realignment A Southern Indiana realignment HPR1617.pdf

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