2008 Howey Political Report

Date Headline Article Keywords / Descriptors File Name
1/4/2008 Obama's ''definitive moment'' of change Obama wins stirring victory in Iowa, also this issue, Iowa caucus coverage HPR1420.pdf
1/10/2008 The coming of 7th CD Dem donnybrook Democrats eyeing power in 7th CD, also this issue, Clinton wins New Hampshire caucus HPR1421.pdf
1/17/2008 Daniels Bayh head 2008 top 50 HPR's top 50 most influential in the statehouse HPR1422.pdf
1/24/2008 Remember that war over there? Candidates grading 'D- to F+' on Iraq; Jobs; Obama vs. Bill, as Sen. McCain surges; The Peterson defeat; Little hysteria after Rules snuffs repeal; key reform votes up;  HPR1423.pdf
1/31/2008 JLT talks jobs, taxes and reform JLT talks jobs, taxes, and campaign plans; Daniels class over jobs; frosty reception for governor at county confab; I was about to zing Schellinger and then Tim Jeffers called; Eric's revenue and an accusation of Sen. Long's 'abuse of power'; Lugar surveys Iraq complexities for the next president;  HPR1424.pdf
2/7/2008 An Indiana primary that matters! Democratic primary: How ugly will it get?; Indiana's tax revolution coming to education; Still no word from the Schellinger campaign HPR1425.pdf
2/14/2008 Angst and the Daniels Revolution: Cities, Counties balk but Governor presses reform IU's crack addiction; HPI Interview: Sen. Evan Bayh on presidential race; Insert the Alamo here; Lugar dispenses energy advice to presidential candidates via Prius; Evan Bayh's Hillary predicament; Hoosier blogger takes aim at McCain; Daniels embraces Kernan-Shepard; Horse Race: the Dem Phony War; Mary Ann Sullivan's improbably win HPR1426.pdf
2/29/2008 7th CD special could be a wild ride 21st Century Whigs; Taxes are toys for legislators; Now that's entertainment (Cleveland State Univ. presidential debate) HPR1428.pdf
3/6/2008 Clinton-Obama Hoosier Showdown Hillary wins in Texas, Ohio sets the stage for intense May 6 primary showdown; About that recession; Dream ticket is Evan Bayh's nightmare; Holes in House GOP recruiting class has dampened prospects; Delphi's outreach on immigration spurned HPR1429.pdf
3/13/2008 Act 2 awaits Rep. Andre Carson Orentlichers; Mays & Myers cue up for May primary; Obama vs. Big 10; What we learned from first two '08 elections; Gov. Daniels gets his priorities right with academic proposal HPR1430.pdf
3/21/2008 Daniels: Tax substance 'decisive' Says tax reforms, Major Moves making state recession ready; Last Swing State: Clinton (Bayh) & Obama hit Indiana; Obama and Clinton: Come to Indy on April 4; HPI interview with Gov. Daniels; Trending rot will imperil tax reforms; The Democratic dilemma HPR1431.pdf
3/27/2008 Bayh goes to (Electoral) College New case for Hillary nomination is a curious twist in the logic; Bauer facing Dem heat?; Daniels invites 'anvil' to Muncie, Michigan City; Obama endorsed by 25 Indiana legislators; It took a year, but Schellinger begins to talk public policy; Rep. Hill voting with GOP, but will still be tethered to leadership; 2008 Indiana Governor: Daniels TV begins Easter; Parsing the county population figures HPR1432.pdf
4/3/2008 Hamilton: Obama creates unity Former congressman's endorsement could shift Southern Indiana; Gov's race fully enjoined; Hoosier House freshman face super dilemma; Welcome to Indiana, home of the veeps; Race ads have been effective in the past; It's not the jobs, it's the money, stupid HPR1433.pdf
4/10/2008 Clinton, Obama in a Hoosier zone Presidential candidates connecting with the people; A shunted primary; Woody Myers: From the junction of medicine, business & politics; Rexford's crazy village; National, local problems have same source HPR1434.pdf
4/17/2008 Under the hood of Clinton-Obama Hillary's Indiana campaign planning on the fly with Bayh; Time running out for the Schellinger campaign; Obama seeks Hoosier hearts from the heart; Obama, a nexus and message and technology; Can we handle Obama's truth?  HPR1435.pdf
4/24/2008 Obama lures Hoosiers with change The earth shakes while political 'under current' comes to Indiana; Hillary at crisis point: what to expect in Indiana; A final hand is dealt in the Thompson-Schellinger race; Economic responsibility is easily misplaced HPR1436.pdf
4/29/2008 GOP may decide Clinton-Obama Howey-Gauge Poll has presidential race too close to call; JLT has big lead; Burton-Carson favored; When in doubt here in Indiana, play basketball; Beer-drinkin', gun-ownin' pickup truck drivin'… HPR1437.pdf
5/1/2008 Obama seeks beyond distractions Candidate talks of energy, Sen. Lugar and GOP support; HPI analysis: Clinton-Obama race see-saws; Interview with Obama; Bayh, Parker put the squeeze on Democrat county chairs; With Hill's endorsement, Obama gets Blue Dog nod HPR1438.pdf
5/8/2009 The Hoosier Glass Ceiling Shatters Clinton, JLT forge historic victories; Wright, Rush & race in wake of Hillary's tiny win; Bayh talks of Hillary and the math ahead; Steely JLT withstands Schellinger late charge; Thompson should seize control of the party; 3 Hoosier undecided super delegates back in the light; Rep. Hill backed the winner (and the loser) on Tuesday HPR1439.pdf
5/22/2008 Daniels, Kernan reforms attacked Sen. Waterman independent bid, attorney general race could change ' 08 dynamic; 'Say it ain't so, joe; Republican attorney general race appears too close to call; HPI tracks 13 races and finds odds against GOP; Hoosiers can really change the world;  HPR1440.pdf
6/5/2008 Daniels to GOP: 'We cannot fail' Governor challenges party as Waterman, Zoeller subplots fly; Recount redux; Parsing the gubernatorial, congressional races; Barack Obama completes a great American upset; How will history treat President (G.W.) Bush?; After 2 Howey-Gauge Polls and 2 elections, how did we do? HPR1441.pdf
6/12/2008 Can Barack Obama carry Indiana? With or without Evan Bayh, yes he can; Lugar, Obama & McCain; Rating 6 Hoosiers in the '08 veepstakes; Oxley, Fernandez in talks with JLT, sources say; The preposterous ticket of Waterman-Jehl; Viewing the tax revolution from Kokomo City Hall; The Mitch & Jill Twins HPR1442.pdf
6/19/2008 Thompson-Oxley seeking unity Waterman-Jehl look for a 'miriade' while Daniels picks up key RTL nod; Daniels' Iraq calculus; Elrod, Miller boost House GOP, but some unfilled holes, too; There will be blood between Obama, McCain on energy; Republicans to the Arctic!; Candidates avoid the global skills challenge HPR1443.pdf
6/24/2008 JLT labors under the unity façade UAW, Schellinger don't join Jill's Convention confab; Back home again with Jill; It's not just the economy, stupid; Chairman O'Connor to bow out; A retrospective on Clinton, Obama and the Hoosier pivot point; new era of campaigning HPR1444.pdf
7/10/2008 Untraditional: Daniels vs. Thompson Governor gearing up for final campaign, expects a windfall of policy to impact politics; Uneven jobs growth; Thompson campaign's refrain: 'It's only July'; JLT talks about her campaign, labor and the economy; Between Bayh and Biden?; 'Toxic' GOP brand may not hit CD campaigns; Obama to play in Indiana HPR1445.pdf
7/17/2008 Veepstakes into security wonk fest Obama, Bayh, Nunn weigh life and death issues at Purdue forum; Jill's election history; A look inside Obama's Indiana campaign; 23 Indiana House races in play in HPI analysis; On the road again with the toll road critics; Tully had a different take HPR1446.pdf
7/24/2008 Caution delivers Bayh to the cusp Decade in Senate brings few risks, but reputation as bipartisan centrist; Jill's SEIU 'blank check'; Montagano takes aim at Souder with more $$; Campaign report is good news for JLT HPR1447.pdf
7/31/2008 Municipal tax revolution arrives Cities, counties grapple with caps as Zionsville & townships talk merger; Quayle, Bayh & veeping; Thompson never caught the jobs irony; Missing elements of leadership: Obama and the New York elites; Gov race 'softball'; Daniels isn't to blame for Monaco, GM HPR1448.pdf
8/7/2008 Obama-Bayh: The Audition Jill Long Thompson, John McCain, Mitch Daniels, Elkhart, Joe Donnelly HPR1501.pdf
8/21/2008 Going for Barack in river corridor health care, Indy parks, John Edwards HPR1502.pdf
8/29/2008 Aggressive Obama aims at McCain Sarah Palin, Evan Bayh HPR1503.pdf
9/4/2008 Howey-Gauge: Prez Barnburner Barack Obama HPR1504.pdf
9/11/2008 Midnight in the media garden Jill Long Thompson, mortgage, John McCain, Sarah Palin, Joe Biden HPR1505.pdf
9/18/2008 Shovel ready: U.S. 31 dividend Mitch Daniels, Yogi Berra HPR1506.pdf
9/25/2008 From Hope to Fear & Loathing Mike Sodrel HPR1507.pdf
10/2/2008 Raging river runs through IN Polls all over the map, bailout, & Obama vote add to dramatic October; JLT & Lazarus; Profiles in courage?; Answers, not charm; Gubernatorial poll rollercoaster continues; Wendell Willkie's Elwood; Horning doth protest HPR1508.pdf
10/9/2008 JLT's 'bizarre' opportunity Financial meltdown giving the Democrat a change at victory; Decisions & info; JLT poised to pull off upset?; Obama returns to Indiana for homestretch; Will white voters back Barack Obama?; Gov. Sixpack (wink-wink); Indiana congressional roundup finds 2 races; Behind the curtain HPR1509.pdf
10/16/2008 JLT presses her investment war With little money for TV, she takes aim at Major Moves; Lake in fraud crosshairs; The less you see JLT, the more you like her; McCain started fast, then emotion took over (debate); Sarah Palin, you're not Dan Quayle; Souder is nervous; McCain has to take one for the team HPR1510.pdf
10/23/2008 As wave builds, Souder confident But Obama-inspired turnout is the 'wild card'; Polls all over the map; Joe the Plumber, Turning Indiana blue; Indiana jobless rates are highly variable; Daniels' Major Move HPR1511.pdf
10/28/2008 Howey-Gauge: Blowouts & Burners Daniels has 31% lead; McCain up 2% over Obama; Rep. Souder losing to Montagano; Gauging Daniels era; Can Obama win Indiana?; So what should you do with your money now?; Obama's ground game HPR1512.pdf
11/3/2008 Final forecast for an epic election Obama, Daniels, Montagano, Dem House victories; Focus on Indiana HPR1513.pdf
11/6/2008 Obama, Daniels redouble change Historic 2008 election turns Indiana blue, but also brings status quo; The Arc of Abraham; HPI Forecast: a B+? (on presidential election); JLT repeated history and doomed the ticket; The Tina effect; Big change in the Big 10 states HPR1514.pdf
11/13/2008 The Obama 'landslide' impact Bulen Symposium weighs the shifts in demographic, media; As GM goes…; A Republican role model amidst the common man; Hill coasts on youth vote; The Donnelly juggernaut; Rushing into the Obama 'white guilt' factor HPR1515.pdf
11/24/2008 Indiana's death knell or phoenix? As Hoosiers gather for Thanksgiving, our past and future at crossroads; 2008 Turkey Awards; Lugar discusses Big 3, Wall Street bailouts; Goodnight says Big 3 'must' get bridge loan; Rainy days coming to the Indiana Legislature; Recession questions; It's 3 a.m., Sec. Clinton HPR1516.pdf
12/4/2008 New urgency on WMD front Roemer, Lugar renew warnings on terror in the homeland; CIA speculation; Cap slide in Muncie; Obama's team of rivals; Daniels meets Obama; Recession questions; Bauer names House committee chairs HPR1517.pdf
12/11/2008 Big 3, Indiana twisting, twisting… Fluid, chaotic,' Senate vote; State in for big impact; Personal for Donnelly; Dumezich ponders a challenge to Sen. Bayh; McVey eyes Dan Burton; Criteria for economic development unclear; Bosma announces House leadership, committees; Biggest Hoosier social event in Chicago HPR1518.pdf
12/18/2008 Bush legacy: shock, awe & atrophy First drafts in history focus on war, energy, an economy on the brink; Unrealized potential; A dismal legacy; Will Bush follow path of Truman?; Prevent defense vs. aggressive engagement; W for 'wrong track' HPR1519.pdf

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