2005 Howey Political Report

Date Headline Article Keywords / Descriptors File Name
1/6/2005 Monument Circle Fulcrum: Hoosier revolutionaries Daniels, Peterson head 2005 HPR 50 Most Influential List IDEC, Mitch Daniels, toll road, Mike Murphy, slots bill, Larry Aiken, Vanderburgh Democrats, David Donahue, Department of Corrections, HPR1118.pdf
1/13/2005 Daniels commences tearing down, rebuilding the Hoosier 'hot-wired barn' Tim Roemer, Joe Andrew HPR1119.pdf
1/21/2005 Daniels revolution off in controversy George W. Bush, Bart Peterson HPR1120.pdf
1/27/2005 Family values, legislative 'bobble heads,' and an embattled new Governor Mike Sodrel HPR1121.pdf
2/3/2005 Gov. Daniels preparing to take his appeal back out on the road Tim Roemer, Chris Chocola, energy HPR1122.pdf
2/10/2005 $98 million lobbyist throws a spiral, makes a point in the taxed House Jeff Espich, health care HPR1123.pdf
2/17/2005 Flying monkeys in an Escher print: Seeking Statehouse power boundaries social security, health care, marriage, tax HPR1124.pdf
2/24/2005 Daniels, Peterson preparing for 2007, 2008 re-election campaigns social security HPR1125.pdf
3/3/2005 A really futile and stupid gesture' Mitch Daniels HPR1126.pdf
3/10/2005 Visclosky blocks Lake County remake, endorses Stiglich Charlie White, Mitch Daniels HPR1127.pdf
3/17/2005 Cherry Master are coming (to a legislature near you) Randall Shephard, Mitch Daniels, Lee Morris HPR1128.pdf
3/24/2005 Daniels optimistic about jobs, DST, and a table full of options Bosma, Mitch Daniels HPR1129.pdf
4/7/2005 A Hoosier Tax Apocalypse Larry Borst, Luke Kenley, Robert Meeks, finances, Brian Bosma, Indianapolis Works, Robert Alderman, Win Moses, Robert Meeks, legalized gaming HPR1130.pdf
4/14/2005 The Hoosier Meth Crisis budget, Evan Bayh HPR1131.pdf
4/21/2005 Clay defeats Stiglich; Mayor King bolts Democrats Billy Bright, Terry Holt HPR1132.pdf
4/28/2005 Capitulation Week, Part 1: Daniels to sign unbalanced budget Bart Peterson, stadium, Bruce Wissel HPR1133.pdf
5/4/2005 Mitch's Triumph: The Devil's in the Details education, Bart Peterson HPR1134.pdf
5/11/2005 Indiana's Property Tax Dilemma and 2006 gay marriage HPR1135.pdf
5/18/2005 Budget ramifications ablaze Mitch Daniels, Indianapolis Works, BMV HPR1136.pdf
6/2/2005 Tanking GOP poll numbers fuel Democrat recruitment stem cell, Iraq HPR1137.pdf
6/9/2005 Taxing the Salad Days Tim Roemer, Richard Lugar, Evan Bayh HPR1138.pdf
6/16/2005 Garton's Hope defense wins alpha showdown Bart Peterson, George W. Bush HPR1139.pdf
6/23/2005 Communitarian GOP vs. the 'anti-Big Tent' right Eric Miller HPR1140.pdf
6/30/2005 Iraq War poised as top '06 election issue; Bush recasts Indianapolis Works, stadium, budget, I-69 HPR1141.pdf
7/14/2005 With Bush at Black Expo, Daniels seeks inroads Baron Hill HPR1142.pdf
7/28/2005 Daniels to join Chief Justice at HPR Forum on Oct. 4 Mike Sodrel HPR1143.pdf
8/11/2005 Health, energy costs putting locals on property tax edge also this issue, Bayh, Souder targeting Chinese trade practices HPR1201.pdf
8/18/2005 The 'Oil presidency' not up to energy challenge Lugar on Bush's energy bill, also, J. Robert Dailey's Legacy, Kernan calls for tax reforms HPR1202.pdf
8/25/2005 Daniels gets B+ in HPR's six month report card also this issue, HPR interview with Kathy Davis, Baghdad report from Capt. Jeffers HPR1203.pdf
9/1/2005 Sheriff Ellsworth takes aim at controversial Hostettler Brad Ellsworth gains congressional race, also, Daniels on gas tax HPR1204.pdf
9/8/2005 The pending 2006 politics of Pandoras box Political issued revolve around War, Hurrican Katrina and energy HPR1205.pdf
9/15/2005 Gov. Daniels on Government reform: "we need to discuss" also, interview with Baron Hill,Hostettler on Katrina HPR1206.pdf
9/22/2005 Is Sen. Harrison planning for his last hurrah in 06? This may be Sen. Harrisons final campaign, also, IACT working on new tax relief plan, Fed's reject time changes HPR1207.pdf
9/29/2005 A Hoosier Chief Justice; Bayh declines to confirm Bayh denies John Roberts Chief justice position, also this issue, Souder slams Bush on Meth, HPR poll shows support for Con-Con HPR1208.pdf
10/6/2005 Gov. Daniels exposes the "new fault lines in politics'' Daniels trying to reform political parties, also this issue, Sen. Miller pulls repro bill HPR1209.pdf
10/13/2005 6,000 Frozen Donuts on Election Eve Coast confident in Miers conformations, Capt. Jeffers Surveys the War HPR1210.pdf
10/27/2005 Parker predicting deluge of legislative challengers for '06 Parker predicts that challengers for General assembly will rise, also this issue, Indiana's leading employers HPR1211.pdf
11/3/2005 Bayh gets mixed reviews after second New Hampshire stump also this issue, what Bayh must do to win, Donnelly seeking attention HPR1212.pdf
11/10/2005 Government reforms begin to take shape in Indianapolis, Evansville Also this issue, Township government studied by IU, Kokomo faces worried future, Bayh raises 7.8 million HPR1213.pdf
11/17/2005 The triumph of inertia Split GOP defeating reforms, also this issue, Food stamp rates surge, Bayh, Lugar advocate energy independence HPR1214.pdf
11/29/2005 A debate about Bush's war and the 2006 impact also this issue, Thompson on SD23, HPR1215.pdf
12/8/2005 Lugar urges Bush to elevate Iraq dialogue Also this issue, Hill says he was ''misled'' on war, Bayh regrets 2002 war vote HPR1216.pdf
12/15/2005 Party of Lincoln rejects Randolph in Circle City Randolph loses election for city council, also this issue, Farm Bureau wants tax reform, HPR1217.pdf
12/20/2005 The Amnesty Edition Political year in review:2005 HPR1218.pdf

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