2004 Howey Political Report

Date Headline Article Keywords / Descriptors File Name
1/8/2004 Kernan, Daniels: Indispensable men Governor election drives 2004 Top 50 HPR1020.pdf
1/15/2004 Jobs, not FDK, will drive gov's race Kernan's state of state rated well; Borst declares for re-election, Waltz engages; The Mitch and Murphy show (on a prayer) HPR1021.pdf
1/22/2004 How deep is that 'wrong track' rut? Assessing Statehouse vulnerabilities; Corruption lid-lifters on the way; Lt. Gov. Davis seeks a new model for government HPR1022.pdf
1/29/2004 The Region-to-Indy axis of scandal From the Steel City to IPALCO; LaPlante won't run; Election Commission won't meet; They were quoting Victor Hugo in Valpo, Fort Wayne HPR1023.pdf
2/5/2004 Pastrick, Rokita drive scandal front Spann appointment a thumb to nose?; Another 'fast one' on the Indiana House floor top' HPR1024.pdf
2/12/2004 Public policy comes to governor's race Daniels, Kernan push economy, FDK; How deep are Bush's political troubles? HPR1025.pdf
2/19/2004 2004 dynamic takes shape this week Poll shows Kernan up by 1 percent; Indiana 2004 Gubernatorial/Congressional HPR1026.pdf
2/25/2004 Gay marriage stalls Indiana legislature How dangerous is this wedge issue?; 2004 racing form HPR1027.pdf
3/5/2004 With sine die, end to Jurassic Age Are we finally leaving 20th Century?; Reality TV comes to Hoosier politics HPR1028.pdf
3/11/2004 Rating Bayh's odds for Kerry's ticket Key question: could he carry Indiana?; My First Big Story and Gov. Orr; 2004 Racing Form HPR1029.pdf
3/18/2004 History finds Orr a strong governor Like Eisenhower, retrospect redeems; 2004 racing form HPR1030.pdf
3/25/2004 Kernan, GOP war over jobs & budgets Events, Daniels have him defensive; 2004 racing form HPR1031.pdf
4/1/2004 Hamilton, Roemer navigate 911 politics Commission's 'deepest look'; 2004 racing form HPR1032.pdf
4/8/2004 Ominous' Iraq puts Bush on brink Lugar, Bayh worry about uprising; Lugar hearings could be problematic for Bush HPR1033.pdf
4/15/2004 Bush's 'Texified' nation building Borst no longer the 'long ranger'; O'Bannon legislature lacks courage HPR1034.pdf
4/22/2004 Big guns for Borst, Dobis, Lawson Anti-incumbency fuels challengers; Dr. Sabato to headline 2004 HPR forum HPR1035.pdf
4/29/2004 Daniels expected to win over Eric, but… No polling in a state with an upset past HPR1036.pdf
5/3/2004 Bush comes back for 'My man Mitch' Miller draws Daniels to the right; Borst, Waltz joust with mailers, phone calls HPR1037.pdf
5/5/2004 Borst's defeat a seismic power shift Meeks, Kenley, Nugent eye Finance; Daniels easily defeats Eric Miller HPR1038.pdf
5/13/2004 Skillman, Miller join the 'new crew' Daniels selects both his LG finalists; The regenderfication of Hoosier politics; Chairman Borst twists in the recount winds HPR1039.pdf
5/27/2004 Lugar, Bayh fret war, terror woes While Pence issues a sunny statement; Pence, Hill deal with new Medicare card; HPR Poll: Kernan has Marion County lead; Dr. Sabato likes Kerry-Bayh ticket HPR1040.pdf
6/3/2004 Borst's Titanic campaign plunges How will it impact the Senate floor?; Making Sense of the Bush referendum HPR1041.pdf
6/10/2004 Image (& change) unites Republicans Daniels works a Reaganesque show; A hallway of mirrors in the Indiana Senate; President Reagan and the Soviets HPR1042.pdf
6/15/2004 Kernan, Democrats ready for a fight Tew replaces Hogsett as chairman HPR1043.pdf
6/24/2004 Kernan, Daniels and the glass half… Site Selection magazine data contested; Oesterle surveys the Daniels-Kernan race in an interview with HPR HPR1044.pdf
7/8/2004 Negativity and issues fuel governor race Daniels, Kernan trade perceptions; Another pass, but Bayh viable through 2024; Toon preparing to expose Daniels' record HPR1045.pdf
7/15/2004 Hill, Jennings hold money advantage 8th & 9th CDs most competitive; Too early to discern Bayh's political future; Gov. Kernan talks of his 'positive views' HPR1046.pdf
7/22/2004 Seven Hoosiers in primetime roles Will help shape dramatic 2004 election HPR1047.pdf
7/30/2004 Combative Kerry talks war & values But expect dead heat for home stretch; Democratic Convention over; questions remain; 911 Commission momentum lags in CD; Hamilton lauded for work on 9/11 Commission; Remembering the 911 prophet… Sen. Lugar HPR1048.pdf
8/12/2004 Five-pronged emasculation of the Lake County Democratic machine Pastrick's catastrophic week; Sabato, Kernan, Daniels will headline HPR Forum Series, political races; Ear wax, reform, hacks and statesmen; Labor gets behind Rep. Hill; HPR1101.pdf
8/19/2004 IPALCO deal anticipated to make a Kernan-Daniels comeback Emerging from the dissipating pot fumes; Choking on the bong. Duoh!; One last hurrah for the king of Steel town?; Kernan announces 300 new jobs; Miller says Daniels eyes tolls for U.S. 31; Kernan appoints Fernandez HPR1102.pdf
9/3/2004 Indiana's financial hole called 'staggering' by Fiscal Policy Institute US31 'Toll Road' ignites campaign discussion; Bush makes Kerry the critical question; Lonely Pastrick surveys his city, career, last hurrah; Kernan announce tuition cap of 4 percent; Jennings calls Hostettler 'ineffective'; Daniels to be barred from Princeton Labor Day Parade; Gas prices expected to fall; MacIntyre new director of IU Communications HPR1103.pdf
9/9/2004 Kernan, Daniels wage war over constituencies, ethics, debates Isolated skirmishes, or trends in the making?; HPR tracking 17 House races, including 5 tossups; Intelligence reform dominates Capitol Hill HPR1104.pdf
9/16/2004 President Bush's 'personal appeal' to the Hoosier vote is intense Many question his policies, but like the man; Sabato and Howey survey the '04 Election homestretch; Sodrel looks to the 'L' word to define Rep. Hill HPR1105.pdf
9/23/2004 It's 'make or break' week for Gov. Kernan's re-election campaign IPALCO, debates needed to overcome Daniels' lead; A 'Gray Davis Presidency' with faith in Iraqi troops HPR1106.pdf
9/30/2004 Kernan initiates critical sequence, but Daniels had memorable debate bite Will question trumpt governor's IPALCO card?; Making the case for a Constitutional Convocation in September 2005 HPR1107.pdf
10/7/2004 Daniels bleeding over IPALCO, but editorials panning Gov. Kernan Race race tightens; Daniels seeks to regain offensive; Daniels calls campaign a 'controlled experiment' HPR1108.pdf
10/14/2004 Daniels, Democratic warhorses paint two very different pictures of Kernan Contrasts were jarring Tuesday on Indiana's economy; One more debate? How about a debate commission HPR1109.pdf
10/18/2004 Daniels takes 6 percent lead over Kernan; Bush slips a bit in Indiana Kernan and Daniels spar over IPALCO, abatements; unprecedented interest in this election: What's it mean? HPR1110.pdf
10/25/2004 Gubernatorial race trending toward Daniels in last three independent polls Horserace leans Republican; Will Pastrick follow Borst's political demise? HPR1111.pdf
11/1/2004 Epic presidential and gubernatorial races head into an unpredictable finish Kernan, Daniels and tall Hoosier sycamores HPR1112.pdf
11/4/2004 Moral values' and Daniels' brilliant campaign drove GOP to power Summary of election results HPR1113.pdf
11/18/2004 Daniels' pluralities driven by doughnut; inroads come in southern river counties Breakdown of voting results HPR1114.pdf
12/2/2004 Daniels 'A Team' coming from Lilly-Lugar sphere of influence The 'Freight Train of Change' is already leaving the station HPR1115.pdf

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