LEU Workshops

The Indiana State Library Professional Development Office conducts free classes that can be presented at any location and count towards library education units under certification standards. Any library that is in scheduling a PDO workshop locally should contact their regional library consultant. If you are uncertain of your regional consultant or the recently redrafted regional boundaries, please refer to this regional coverage map.

Free LEUs are also available via LYRASIS, WebJunction and many other training partners. Click here for a listing of free webinars scheduled throughout June.

Advanced Inspire K-12

Worries about term papers, science fair projects, and biographical reports are a thing of the past after you learn about the resources Inspire has for K-12 students. This class will provide an overview of all the K-12 Inspire databases. A hands-on portion of the class will allow attendees to answer potential reference questions using the Inspire K-12 sources.
Databases Included: Biography InContext, Contemporary Authors, Funk & Wagnalls New Encyclopedia, Kids Click, Kids Search, LitFinder, MAS Ultra, Middle Search Plus, Primary Search, Science InContext, Student Research Center, TeachingBooks.net, Teaching and Education Reference Center, Topic Search, What Tree is That?
1-3 Technology LEUs

Advanced Inspire Academic

After you show students how to use Inspire databases, they’ll never need to come to the library again for homework help! Well, maybe not, but after attending this session, you’ll be able to help students and faculty with research. A hands-on portion of the class will allow attendees to answer potential reference questions using the Inspire academic databases.
Databases Include: Academic Search Premier, Directory of Open Access Journals, ERIC, Google Scholar, Library Information Science& Technology Abstracts, LItFinder, NetLibrary, Professional Development Collection, Project Guttenberg, Testing and Education Reference Center
2-3 Technology LEUs

Advanced Inspire Business

Inspire has databases for every patron in your library, from MBA students to investors to small business owners. This class will provide an overview of all of the Inspire business databases. A hands-on portion of the class will allow attendees to answer potential reference questions using the Inspire business databases.
Databases Include: Business Source Premier, Corporate ResourceNet, Datamonitor Company Profiles, Health Business, Regional Business News, Small Business Resource Center
2-3 Technology LEUs

Advanced Inspire Government and Military

Did you know Inspire has two military databases and access to several government websites in its search? Whether your patrons are interested in census figures, historical military analysis, or joining a branch of the armed services, Inspire can help. A hands-on portion of the class will allow attendees to answer potential reference questions using the Inspire military and government databases.
Databases Included: Census.gov, Military and Government Collection, Military and Intelligence Database, Testing and Educational Reference Center
2 Technology LEUs

Advanced Inspire Local History & Genealogy

Take a more intensive look at the Inspire from a local history and genealogical perspective in this one hour workshop.  This workshop also focuses on resources available from the Indiana State Library and State Archives
1 Technology LEU
Databases Included: Census.gov, Biography in Context, Gale Literary Databases, VINE and Indiana History Online

Advanced Inspire Medical

Whether patrons need general medical information, journal articles for a college class, or citations to studies for professional use, you can help them find what they need on Inspire. This class will provide a overview to all of the Inspire medical databases, from consumer health to advanced medical research. A hands-on portion of the class will allow attendees to answer potential reference questions using the Inspire medical sources.
Databases Included: Biomedical Reference Collection, Health and Wellness Resource Center, Health Business, Health Reference Center, Health Source: Consumer Edition, Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition, Lexi-PALS Drug Guide, Medline Plus, Medline, Nursing Resource Center
2-3 Technology LEUs

Advanced Inspire Newspapers and Magazines

Inspire has a wide assortment of newspaper and magazine articles on everything from reality television to the war in Afghanistan. Learn about all the full-text options available through the Inspire databases. A hands-on portion of the class will allow attendees to answer potential reference questions using the Inspire business databases.
Databases Include: Informe! Espanol, MasterFILE Premier, McClatchy-Tribune Collection, Newspaper Source, Regional Business News
2-3 Technology LEUs


Millions of articles, hundreds of government websites, and countless catalog records are all available to you through the Indiana Virtual Library. You’ll learn search tips for the individual interfaces of the different database providers, discover unique collections, and explore a valuable, reliable tool available to all Hoosiers.
1 Technology LEU

Basic Inventory

Conducting a periodic inventory is an essential part of collection maintenance for a library. This interactive session (be prepared to share some of your own examples!) examines why inventory is important, how to incorporate shelf-reading and weeding with it, and the steps involved in conducting an inventory in a library. Keep in mind this is a job never done!
1 - 2 General LEUs

Book Club Basics

Learn about how to start a book club and how to maintain the momentum once you have one established.
1 General LEU

Broadband & Social Networking

Help your staff and therefore your community better understand the importance of broadband access at your library during this workshop.  Special focus will be placed on social networking and how your library can use the tools.
1 Technology LEU

Certification Clarification

Clarification on the certification process, surviving a renewal, and concerns about receiving LEUs and a better understanding of the certification system will be addressed.
1 - 2 General LEUs

Children’s Services from the Indiana State Library

Youth librarians! Join us for this session all about making your job easier by taking advantage of services offered to you from the Indiana State Library. Book Club Kits, grant opportunities, listservs and more! This session provides an overview of the services the Indiana State Library provides for libraries serving children and teens.
1 General LEU

Collection Development

Developing a library collection is an ongoing and unending process of evaluation, selection and de-selection. This workshop will offer details and instructions on evaluating your collection, planning the short and long term goals for your collection, selecting and ordering materials, weeding, and everything in between.
1 General LEU

Connecting Teens with Technology

This one hour session will offer an overview of technology that teens are using today. You’ll also learn how to connect your with your teens through the use of these new mediums.
1 Technology LEU

Customer Service

In a library, every interaction is an opportunity for great customer service. This comprehensive workshop is designed for all staff, not just new, front-line staff. Refocus, reenergize, and retrain your staff on excellent patron service, from the phone, to email, to face-to-face interactions.
1 General LEU

Dealing with Challenging Patrons

Anyone who works with the public knows that conflict is part of the job. This class will review common types of challenging patrons in a library setting, coping techniques for library staff, and strategies for successful resolutions.
2 General LEUs

Duck Tape to Dunk Tanks: Teen Programs You Can Use

In this session, you will get concrete examples of great teen-tested programs for your library!  From duck tape to dunk tanks, get great program ideas that teens can't resist.  The speaker  will cover crafts, clubs, and community involvement in this session that's sure to spice up your offerings.
1 General LEU


eBooks and other downloadables are impacting libraries every day. You will learn how and much more about ebooks, downloadable audiobooks, music and videos in this one hour course, including benefits and challenges of this technology.  The second hour includes a digital petting zoo with nine different eReader devices.
1-2 Techonology LEUs

Evergreen Indiana - Overview

This class is intended for new and non-members of the Evergreen Indiana consortium that are interested in learning more about Evergreen Indiana. Information covered includes the history of Evergreen Indiana, consortium policies, and a tour of the Evergreen Indiana catalog. A question-and-answer session will follow the presentation.
1 - 2 Technology LEUs

Evergreen Indiana – Holds

This two hour class will explain the various moving parts that make the patron-initiated holds in Evergreen Indiana function including an introduction, patron and item settings, types, placing a hold, holds maintenance, transits, and hold notification options.
2 Technology LEUs

Every Child Ready to Read (For non-users)

This one hour course offers an overview of the Every Child Ready to Read @ Your Library program for staff not directly involved in children’s services. The five early literacy practices and the importance of storytime activities are covered in this session.
1 General LEU

Every Child Ready to Read Introduction

ECRR is an early literacy program that focuses on building literacy practices in children from birth to five. This training will help prepare children’s services staff to offer programs in their community, as well as use the kit and materials provided to public libraries by the State Library.
3 General LEUs (Introduction workshop)

Every Child Read to Read in Your Library

Interested in how to implement the Every Child Ready to Read program in your library programs? What about your library's spaces and collections? Join us for a hands-on workshop that will provide you with concrete examples for using ECRR in your library.
3 General LEUs (Storytime workshop)

Facebook @ Your Library

Many libraries already have a presence on Facebook, but might not be getting the return on investment they planned.  Explore new ways to engage your patron base on this ever changing social network.
1 Technology LEU

Freeware & Open Source

Your library doesn’t have to break the bank to have access to exciting software for staff and patrons.  Learn about the options for freeware and open source software that exist and how it can benefit your library.
1 Technology LEU

Free and Easy LEUs

Are you committed to Staff development but have limited funding? Do you want to maximize the LEU eligible opportunities in your library? Attendees will be updated on the resources supported by the Indiana State Library and share examples of low-cost LEUs from libraries across the state, including the workshops from the Professional Development Office, and the State Library-subsidized courses from WebJunction and Lyrasis.
1 General LEU

Google for Fun and Non-Profit

Google is one of America's most popular websites, but it has so much more to offer than your standard search engine. This workshop will cover Google applications, shortcuts, fun tricks and hacks, and search tips that will benefit both you and your patrons.
2 Technology LEUs

Google Apps
Google is much more than a search engine.  Go deeper in the apps that available and how you can use them to make your job easier.
2 Technology LEUs

Government Websites

More and more government documents are becoming available on the Internet. The class spends time on medical, government statistics, FBI and CIA websites, legislative information, and how to search for the government document you or your patrons need for research.
2 Technology LEUs

Intellectual Freedom

Do you know what to do if a patron asks your library to remove an item for the collection? Do you know the difference between a search warrant and a subpoena? All this and more will be covered in this one-hour session, which discusses ALA best practices for insuring intellectual freedom in our libraries and applying these to specific situations that have come up in libraries recently.
1 General LEU

Marketing and Promoting Your Youth Service Programs

Learn new ways to market and promote your programs for children and teens. We’ll look at using social networking and other technology to get the word out.
1 Technology LEU

Marketing Your Library's Physical Space

Is your library or department in need of a face lift? This workshop will give you a variety of ideas and suggestions on ways to market your library's displays, signage and collections, by closely examining your target market and by studying the "bookstore model".
2 General LEUs

The Newbery Award

Every librarian is familiar with the Newbery Award and most likely, has read several books that have won the award.  If you are looking for new and interesting ways to use the Newbery books for programs at your library, this workshop is for you!
1 General LEU

Pinterest and Libraries

Interested in using Pinterest in your library? This workshop will cover Pinterest basics and appropriate ways for libraries to use it.
1 Technology LEU

Professionalism in the Workplace

Professionalism doesn't always mean what position you hold at a library or what level of education you have attained. It can also mean how you show honesty and responsibility in any position you hold. The way staff members look, talk, and act in the library determines how patrons and colleagues perceive our institutions. This presentation will discuss topics such as dress codes, appropriate workplace language and conversations, diversity, and electronic communication issues. An optional small group exercise is also available.
1-2 General LEUs

Programming for Babies

This one-hour course will feature lots of ideas about how to program for babies and their caregivers. We'll talk about what is developmentally appropriate for babies 18 months and younger, and you'll leave with songs, stories and ideas for great programming.
1 General LEU

QR Codes

QR codes can be found everywhere from billboards to magazines. They can also be used in libraries for booklists, useful links, and even scavenger hunts. Creating a QR code is free, simple, and saves time for staff and patrons. The presentation will include information about creating QR codes, how libraries are using them, and time for questions and answers.
1 Technology LEU

Readers' Advisory

In a recent Harris Poll, reading remained the favorite leisure activity for Americans. What is your library doing to serve this demographic? In this class, we will talk about how to articulate a book's appeal to a patron, the readers' advisory interview, and tools we can use to match readers to books.
2 General LEUs

Reference Interview

This detailed training aims to give library staff of all levels a detailed orientation to asking the right questions and helping our patrons find out what they really need.
1 General LEU

Reference Services

This workshop walks your staff through the basics of reference services. With a large focus on how to have a positive reference session, including the all-important reference interview, this workshop is designed with your staff in mind. General sources are addressed, while specific sources can be covered with advanced preparation.
1 General LEU

Rock Star Start Up - Using Your Guitar at the Library

Want your patrons to think you're a rock star? Want to have programs in your back pocket at any given moment? Learn how easy it is to wow kids ages zero and up with your dusty old acoustic guitar and just three chords! This session, presented by a non-musician, will teach you easy ways to dig into your creative side and incorporate instruments into booktalks, story times, and open mic nights. We know that singing and music is an important way that children get ready to read. Channel your inner Maria Von Trapp or Phoebe Buffay and let's get strumming! This program is NOT for real musicians.
1 General LEU

Security in the Library

There are many challenges to working in libraries but safety does not have to be one of them. This workshop discusses the safety challenges faced in public library and many practical tips along with policy suggestions which can be incorporated into the library culture to ensure the safety of patrons and staff alike.
1 General LEU

Serving Homeschoolers

The numbers of homeschoolers are steadily increasing every year and often those families are heavy library users. This workshop will provide staff with tools for collection development, highlighting your current collection and programming for these patrons.
1 General LEU

Serving Seniors in the Public Library

Don't let the "Silver Tsunami" pass you by! From Boomers to World War II Vets to Centenarians, our patrons ages 60 and older have a variety of needs and interests. Explore marketing and programming ideas, and learn easy, and free tips to make your library senior-friendly.
2 General LEUs

Social Networking

Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, Oh My! Participating in social media can seem like work! Learn about social media and how it can help you connect better with your target audience.
1 General LEU

Storytime for Children with Disabilities

Youth librarians! Do you have questions about making your storytime more accessible for children with special needs? Join us for this session with information that addresses physical challenges as well as emotional challenges that some children who come to your storytimes might have.
1 General LEU

Summer Reading Workshops

These sessions focus on using the materials from the Collaborative Summer Library Program manual.
3-6 General LEUs

Teen Behavior: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Please be quieter. You are in a library. Please don’t push your friends. You are in a library. Please stop kissing your girlfriend. You are in a library.  Ever feel like a broken record when it comes to tackling teen behavior? Feel like you should advocate for them, but what’s the point? Want to turn those problem issues into great teen programs? This workshop will cover these topics and more in this session all about why teens act the way they do, and what you can do about it!
1 General LEU


Twitter is one of the newest social networking sites that enable libraries to quickly reach out to patrons on computers or mobile devices. This presentation gives an overview of the software, followed by examples of how to use Twitter in your library's marketing plan.
1 Technology LEU

WebJunction Indiana

Maybe you have heard of WebJunction, but you haven’t had time to fully explore all that it has to offer. Then this is session for you! After training on WJ-IN, you and your staff will know the breadth and depth of all that is offered, including free online courses, discussion groups and a calendar of events just for Indiana.
1 Technology LEU


The strongest collections are well-weeded collections! With space at a constant premium in libraries, weeding must always be on the agenda. If you don’t know where to start, or if you need to jump- start your staff, this workshop will meet your needs. From the basics of weeding, to guidelines for specific sections, to what not to weed, this workshop tackles this important library need head-on.
1 General LEU

Word of Mouth Marketing

It is never too late to restart the conversation about your library. Find out how this can and is being done in simple, cost effective ways, through word of mouth marketing techniques.
1 General LEU

Writing a Winning LSTA Grant

If you are curious about LSTA Grants and never knew where to go to ask, this is the workshop for you.  Helpful tips and strategies will be shared to help your library write a winning proposal.
1 General LEU

PDO SB 2-18-2013