Switzerland County

History of Dearborn, Ohio and Switzerland counties, Indiana. From their earliest settlement. (1885)
977.201 D285h, originals located in closed stacks, please use film at F2254 and reel 34 no 126, the reprint located at IND REF or online through Indiana Memory

History of Switzerland County, Indiana by Dufour
977.201 S979d, copy located in closed stacks  

The Swiss settlement of Switzerland County, Indiana
977.201 S979du, copy located at IND REF 

Greetings from Beautiful River: oral histories of an Ohio Valley Community
977.201 S979f, copy located in closed stacks 

Yearbook, Switzerland county historical society
977.201 S979y, copies located at IND REF, library has 2010  

Switzerland County, Indiana index of names of persons and of firms
977.201 S979z, copy located at IND REF 

Index to the Indiana reveille and the Weekly reveille, 1855 to 1860, Vevay, Indiana
977.201 S979zvr, copy located at IND REF 

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