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Indiana Business Resources

The following resources can be used in researching businesses and industries in Indiana.   Please note that this is not all inclusive; some businesses may not be listed in these resources.
**The State Archives has business dissolution records up through the 1970’s. **

Books, Periodicals, and Pamphlets

IND. 910 I385CH
Chandler, H.C. & Co.  Business Directory for Indiana.  1868

IND. 658.8 I388c
Dun, R.G. & Co.    Indianapolis Commercial Index to First Hands.    Spring/Fall 1883

IP 658.05 no.2
Hammond, P.D.  Hammond’s Business Bulletin.  January 1884. 

IND. 380.1 I385bu
Harris Infosource.  Indiana Business Directory.    (1988-current)

IND. 670 I385d
Harris Infosource.  Indiana Industrial Directory.   (1946-current)

IND. 338H314i
Harris Infosource.  Indiana Services Directory (2002-current)

IND. 353.9 I385SS
Indiana.  Report of Secretary of State of Indiana.  1873-1916. (articles of incorporations and dissolutions)

IND. 910
Indiana City Directories. 

IND. 910 I385
Indiana Directory Co.  Business and Professional Directory of Central Kentucky and Southern Indiana embracing…statistical and geographical information.   1903

IND. 910 I385j
Johnson Publishing Co.  Johnson’s Business and Professional Directory.  1902-1903. 

I* 977.201 M341ZiL
Land, J.E.   The Industries of Indianapolis.  Trade, Commerce and Manufactures.  Historical and Descriptive Review.  1881

IND. Ref. 670 I385
Manufacturers’ News, Inc.  Indiana Manufacturers Directory. 

IF 333.33 N721N
Nirenstein’s National Realty Map Company.   Nathan Nirenstein’s preferred real estate locations, downtown business districts, decentralized shopping areas [Indiana].  Springfield, Mass.  1950?

IND. 910 I385
Polk, R.L. & Co.  Indiana State Gazetteer and Business Directory.    (1849-1917)

IND. Ref 910 I385a
Turner, Samuel.  The Indiana Annual Register and Pocket Manual…  1846. 

IND. 910 I385u
Union Directory Company, Indianapolis.  Business and Professional Directory of Central Indiana.  1902

IP910 No. 34
U.S. Pocket Directory Co.  Hamilton County, Indiana, pocket business directory of leading firms including county officials, township officials. 

IP 910 No. 8
Warring, Harry J.  Business Directory of Noblesville, Indiana, 1896. 


912.772 ILa76 (1876?) 
Blanchard, Rufus.  Hardesty’s Sectional Map of Lake County, Indiana.  Alphabetical list of subscribers who are the prominent businessmen and farmers of Lake County.  1876. (large map)

912.772I23 (1923)
Rockwood, William M.  Picturesque and Industrial Indiana.  (small map)

912.772 IA1F29F
Nirenstein’s National Realty Map Company.   Fort Wayne, Indiana [business section].  Springfield, Mass. 1929. (1929) (small map)

912.772 IMAI29?I (1929)
Nirenstein’s National Realty Map Company.  Indianapolis, Indiana [business section].  Springfield, Mass.  [1929?]  (1929)  (small map)

912.772 IVAE30E (1930)
Nirenstein’s National Realty Map Company.    Evansville, Indiana [business section].   Springfield, Mass.    (1930)  (small map)

912.772 I39ic
Indianapolis City Plan Commission.  Trade Areas of Indianapolis.  1939. (small map)

912.772 IMAI41?IC (1941?)
Indianapolis City Plan Commission.  Light Industry in Indianapolis.  1941. (small map)

912.772 I42c (1942)
American Map Co.  Cleartype County-Town Trading Center Map of Indiana.   American Map Co., Inc.: New York. 1942. (small map)

912.772 IMAI46IH (1946)
Indianapolis City Plan Commission.  Heavy Industry in Indianapolis…1946.  (small map)

912.772 I47b (1947)
Indiana National Bank, Indianapolis.  Banking Towns in Indiana.  1947.  (small map)

912.772 I52e (1952)
Indiana Economic Council.  Electrically Speaking Indiana is Power-full, Generating Stations and Transmission System Network of the Indiana Electric companies.  1952.  (small map)

912.772 IJe64? (1964?
Greater Madison (Ind.) Chamber of Commerce.  Map and Business Directory.  1964.) (small map)

912.772 I86g (1986)
Indiana Department of Commerce.  A Guide to Southwest Indiana:  the highway to profit.  1986.  (small map)

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Indiana Secretary of State.  https://secure.in.gov/sos/online_corps/name_search.aspx.

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