Cataloging Tip of the Week August 2009

Tip #1, August 28, 2009

When adding a series statement to a MARC record, remember the 490 field does NOT end in a period, but the 8xx field does.

The reason for the no period rule for the 490 is interesting.  When the MARC format was being established, it was for helping to print Library of Congress cards.  The series information was printed in parentheses on the LC cards and hence the period at the end of the 490 (and the now obsolete 440) was not supposed to be present in the MARC records.  We still follow that rule.  However, when you put the series information in the 8xx fields, there should be a period.


490 1  |a Kurt Austin adventures

800 1  |a Cussler, Clive. |t Kirk Austin adventures.

Don't forget to attend the Evergreen Cataloging Roundtable to be held at both the Greenwood Public Library and the Kendallville Public Library this Wednesday, September 9 from 10:00 to noon.  There will be an overview of the MARC record (training that will earn registered attendees an LEU) followed by a Q & A session.  

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