912.772 I48f (1848) Map Rm-s  Indiana underground railroad routes, circa 1848 by Lewis Falley. Printed in Wilbur Siebert, The Underground Railroad from Slavery to Freedom, published 1898

912.772 I65g (1865) Map Rm-s Map of the Underground Railroad in Indiana, 1850-1865. Garman, Harry O.

912.772 I18 (1918) Map Rm-s Indiana in literature. Davis, Grace E.

912.772 I21fx (1921) Map Rm-s Three archaeological maps of Indiana: Mounds of Indiana; Enclosures of Indiana; and Other antiquities: 1. Mounds 2. Enclosures 3. Other antiquities. Fox, George R.

912.772 I32a (1932) Map Rm-s A chart of the history of printing in America. Aitchison, R.T.

912.772 I35u (1935) Map Rm-s Works progress administration districts of Indiana. U.S. Works Progress Administration- Indiana.

912.772 I39p (1939) Present map of Indiana showing early transportation routes.  Hand drawn map featuring canal, road and railroad routes.

912.772 I4-?c (194?) Map Rm-s Chevrolet truck owners map of Indiana.

912.772 I40uw (1940) Map Rm-s WPA Indiana writers’ project, 1940. U.S. Writers’ Program, Indiana.

912.772 I56l (1956 and 1974) Map Rm-s A literary map of Indiana. Indiana Council of Teachers of English.

394.2 H789  (1982-1985) Map Rm-L Indiana Festival Map

912.772 I98no (1998) Map Rm-s North Indiana Amish Country map: close to you, but worlds away. Elkhart County Convention & Visitors Bureau.

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