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Indiana Biography Index List of Sources, "J-N"

The JTPA Journal
I331.2592 J86
Title: The journal / Indiana Office of Occupational Development.
Uniform title: Journal (Indiana Office of Occupational Development).
Published: [Indianapolis, Ind. : The Office].

January, Alan Frank. A century of achievement : Black Hoosiers in the Indiana General Assembly, 1881-1986.
I977.2 J35c
Title: A century of achievement : Black Hoosiers in the Indiana General Assembly, 1881-1986.
Author: January, Alan Frank, 1943- .
Published: Indianapolis : Select Committee on the Centennial History of the General Assembly in cooperation with the Indiana Historical Bureau, 1986.

Jazz notes. Indianapolis Jazz Club.
I785.42 J42
Title: Jazz notes : a monthly publication of the Indianapolis Jazz Club.
Uniform title: Jazz notes (Indianapolis, Ind.)
Published: [Indianapolis, Ind.] : The Club.

Jefferson National Life Insurance Co. Report.
I368 J46r
Title: Report.
Author: Jefferson National Life Insurance Company, Indianapolis.

JILE. Journal of Indiana Law Enforcement.
I351.74 I385i
Title: Indiana law enforcement.
Author: Indiana Professional Police Association, Ft. Wayne, Ind.

Jobs for the future
I331.1 J82
Title: Jobs for the future-- Indiana update : a publication of Jobs for Indiana's Future.
Published: [Boston, MA] : Jobs for Indiana's Future, [1988-1989].

Johnston, Thomas R. The Trustees and the Officers of Purdue University, 1865-1940.
I378 P985ar
Title: The archives of Purdue.
Title: The Trustees and the Officers of Purdue University, 1865-1940.
Author: Purdue University.

Joint venture. Indianapolis Alliance for Jobs.
I658.3 J74
Title: Joint venture.
Published: [Indianapolis, Ind.] : Indianapolis Alliance for Jobs.

Journal. Indiana School Boards Association.
I379.15 H789
Title: Indiana School Boards Association journal / ISBA.
Published: [Indianapolis, Ind.] : The Association, [1979-1991].

Journal of the Indiana Dental Association
I617.6 I385bu
Title: Journal / Indiana Dental Association.
Uniform title: Journal (Indiana Dental Association).
Published: Indianapolis, Ind. : The Association, [1974- ].

Journal of the Indiana State Medical Association
I610.5 J86i
Title: The Journal of the Indiana State Medical Association.
Published: Indianapolis [etc.] Indiana State Medical Association.

Juveniles in Indiana jails. Indiana Criminal Justice Institute.
I364.36 J97
Title: Juveniles in Indiana jails / Indiana Criminal Justice Institute and Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Advisory Board.
Published: [Indianapolis, IN] : The Institute.

Kemper. Medical History of Indiana.
I610.9 K32
Title: A medical history of the state of Indiana.
Author: Kemper, G. W. H. (General William Harrison), 1839-1927.
Published: Chicago, Ill. : American Medical Association press, 1911.

Knoll, H.B. The Roll of Honor of Purdue University.
I378 P985ar #3
Title: The archives of Purdue.
Title: The Roll of Honor of Purdue University.

Koerner, Gustave. Das Deutsche Elements ...
E184 .G3 K7 1880 [Indiana Historical Society Library]
Title: Das deutsche Element in den Vegetarian Staaten von Nordamerika, 1818-1848.
Author: Koerner, Gustav Philipp, 1809-1896.
Published: Cincinnati : A.E. Wilde & Co., 1880.

Kokomo. Howard County Chamber of Commerce.
I977.201 H848Zkk
Title: Kokomo.
Published: [Kokomo, Ind. : Kokomo-Howard County Chamber of Commerce].

Kosciusko Co. Historical Society. Newsletter.
I977.201 K86ne
Title: Newsletter / Kosciusko County Historical Society.
Uniform title: Newsletter (Kosciusko County Historical Society).
Published: Warsaw, Ind. : The Society, -[2002].

Labor Beacon
I331 L123b
Title: The Labor beacon.
Published: Michigan City, Indiana : Labor Beacon, [1941- ].

LaGrange County Historical Society. Newsletter.
I977.201 L178L
Title: Newsletter / LaGrange County Historical Society, Inc.
Author: LaGrange County Historical Society.
Published: LaGrange, Ind. : The Society.

Land, J.E. Indiana's Representative Men in 1881.
I920 L253i
Title: Indiana's representative men in 1881.
Author: Land, John E.
Published: Indpls., 1881.

Lanier News
I69 L287
Title: Lanier news.
Published: Indianapolis, Ind. : Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites, [1987- ].

The Leader
I331 L435
Title: The leader. Official publication.
Author: Indiana state federation of labor.

Leaves of Thyme
I977.201 V689L
Title: Leaves of Thyme.
Published: Terre Haute, Indiana : Vigo County Historical Society, Nov. 1949-.

Ledger. Savings & Loan League of Indiana.
I332.3 S267L
Title: Ledger / Savings & Loan League of Indiana.
Uniform title: Ledger (Indianapolis, Ind.)
Published: Indianapolis, Ind. : The League, [1973- ].

Legislative Ledger
I328.8 L514
Title: Legislative ledger.
Published: Indianapolis, Ind. : Indiana Legislative Council.

Legislature and State Manual of Indiana
I328.8 I385
Title: State of Indiana legislative manual.
Author: Indiana State Library.
Published: Indianapolis, 1899-1913.
Editions: 1899-1900; 1903; 1905; 1907; 1909; 191; 1913.

Library Trends
I20.5 L697i
Title: Library board postings. Indiana State Library--Extension Division.

Life Times. Central Indiana Council on Aging, Inc.
I362.6 L723
Title: Life times.
Uniform title: Life times (Indianapolis, Ind. : 1986).
Published: Indianapolis, IN : Central Indiana Council on Aging, c1986- .

Lilly News
I615.1 L729n
Title: The Lilly news.
Published: Indianapolis, Ind. : Employee Communications Dept., Eli Lilly and Co., [1957-1980].

The Lilly Review. Eli Lilly and Co.
I615.1 L729
Title: The Lilly review. Eli Lilly and company. Indianapolis.

Lilly World News. Eli Lilly & Co.
I615.1 L729wo
Title: Lilly world news.
Published: [Indianapolis, Ind. : Eli Lilly and Co., 1980-1984].

Lincoln Lore
I923 L736Li
Title: Lincoln Lore.
Published: Fort Wayne, Ind.

Lindert. Gunmakers of Indiana, 1968.
I683.4 L743g 1968
Title: Gunmakers of Indiana.
Author: Lindert, Albert W.
Published: [Sheffield Press], [c1968].
Edition: 3rd edition.

I367 R842
Title: Link / Rotary Club of Indianapolis.
Author: Rotary Club of Indianapolis.
Published: [Indianapolis, IN] : The Club, [1988-2002].
Dates: v. 17, #16 (Oct. 18, 1988)- .
For earlier issues, see
This Week. Rotary Club of Indianapolis.

The Literacy Letter. Indiana Adult Literacy Coalition.
I374 L776
Title: The literacy letter / Indiana Adult Literacy Coalition.
Published: [Indianapolis, IN] : The Coalition, [1984- ].

Littell. One Hundred Men.
I328 L777o
Title: One hundred men; a legislative history of Morgan County, Indiana.
Author: Littell, Noble Kieth, 1920- .
Published: n.p., 1970.

Little Hoosier Historian. Newsletter.
I977.2 I385Li
Title: Little Hoosier historian newsletter.
Published: [Indianapolis, Ind. : Indiana Junior Historical Society, -1984].

Little Hoover Report
I353 I385ri
Title: Little Hoover Report.
Published: Indianapolis, 1953.

The Little Red Door Bulletin
I616.994 M341ra
Title: Bulletin. Marion County Cancer Society.

The Log Chain
I977.201 H234Lo
Title: The Log chain / Hancock County Historical Society.
Published: [Greenfield, Ind. : The Society].

Lutheran Church in America. Ind.-Ky. Synod. Minutes.
I284.1 U58ia
Title: Minutes of the ... Convention / Indiana-Kentucky Synod of the Lutheran Church in America.
Author: Lutheran Church in America. Indiana-Kentucky Synod. Convention.
Published: Indianapolis, Ind. : The Synod, [1962-1986].

Lutheran Witness. Indiana District. Part II.
I284.1 L973w
Title: The Lutheran witness. Part two, Indiana district.
Uniform title: Lutheran witness. Part two, Indiana district (West Lafayette, Ind. : 1969).
Published: [West Lafayette, Ind. : Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod, Indiana District, 1969- ].

McAuliffe. Profiles of Excellence.
I920 M117p
Title: Profiles of excellence, by Martin L. McAuliffe.
Author: McAuliffe, Martin L.
Published: [Evansville, Ind.] : University of Evansville Press, [1970].

McDonald: History of Freemasonry in Indiana
I366.1 M135h
Title: A history of freemasonry in Indiana from 1806 to 1898.
Author: McDonald, Daniel, 1833-1916.
Published: Indianapolis : Published by authority of the Grand Lodge, 1898.

McNamara. The ASCAP biographical dictionary of composers, authors and publishers.
ML106 .U3 A5
Title: The ASCAP biographical dictionary of composers, authors and publishers, ed. by Daniel I. McNamara.
Author: American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers.
Published: New York, T.Y. Crowell Co. [1948].
Magazine. University of Indianapolis. I378 Ic385mag
Title: Magazine / University of Indianapolis. Uniform title: Magazine (University of Indianapolis (1986- ).
Published: Indianapolis, IN : The University, [1986-1987].
Dates: v. 4, #12 (June 1986)- .

The Mailbox Bulletin.
I374 M219
Title: The Mailbox bulletin / Indiana Adult Education Resource Center.
Published: Indianapolis, Ind. : Indiana Adult Education Resource Center and Literacy Clearinghouse.

Major: Pioneers of Morgan County.
I977.201 M847m
Title: The pioneers of Morgan County; memoirs of Noah J. Major.
Author: Major, Noah J., 1823-1911.
Published: Indianapolis, 1915.
Also in I977.2 I385i v. 5, no. 5.

Making Tracks to the Children's Museum
I708 M235
Title: Making tracks to the Children's Museum.
Published: Indianapolis, Ind. : The Museum.

Manchester College Bulletin
I378 M268b
Title: Manchester College bulletin.
Author: Manchester College (North Manchester, Ind.)
Published: North Manchester, Ind. : The College.

Manpower Developments
I331 M286a
Title: Manpower developments.
Published: Indianapolis : Indiana Office of Manpower Development, [1976-1979].

Manpower report. Purdue University School of Technology.
I331 P985m
Title: Manpower report.
Author: Purdue University--School of Technology--Office of Manpower studies.

I282 G743
Title: Marriage & family living.
Uniform title: Marriage & family living (Saint Meinrad, Ind.)
Published: [St. Meinrad, Ind. : St. Meinrad Archabbey].

Marshall County Historical Society Quarterly
I977.201 M367q
Title: The Marshall County Historical Society quarterly.
Published: Plymouth, Ind. : The Society.

Mature Living
I362.6 M445i
Title: Mature living in Indiana.
Published: Indianapolis, IN : Indiana Dept. on Aging and Community Services, [1982- ].

Memoirs of Indianapolis
I977.201 M341
Title: Pictorial and biographical memoirs of Indianapolis and Marion County ...
Published: Chicago : Goodspeed brothers, 1893.

Memoirs of the Lower Ohio Valley
I920 M533
Title: Memoirs of the lower Ohio valley; personal and genealogical.
Published: Federal pub. co., 1905.

Memorial record of Northeastern Indiana
LH1402 [Genealogy Division microform]
Title: Memorial record of northeastern Indiana [microform].
Published: Chicago : Lewis Pub. Co., 1896.

Men of Progress
I920 C969
Title: Men of progress. Indiana. A selected list of biographical sketches and portraits of the leaders in business, professional and official life. Together with brief notes on the history and character of Indiana. Author: Cumback, William, 1829-1905.
Published: Indianapolis : Indianapolis Sentinel Co., 1899.

Mental Health Association in Ind. Annual Report.
I131 M5488
Title: Annual report / Mental Health Association in Indiana.
Author: Mental Health Association in Indiana.
Published: [Indianapolis, Ind. : The Association, -1980].

Mental Health News
I131 M549
Title: Mental health news.
Uniform title: Mental health news (Indianapolis, Ind.)
Published: [Indianapolis, Ind.] : Indiana Association for Mental Health, [1959- ].

MERP Memo. I.U. School of Medicine. Medical Education Resources Program.
I610.7 M489m
Title: MERP memo / Indiana University School of Medicine, Medical Educational Resources Program.
Published: Indianapolis, Ind. : The Program, [1970-1980].

The Message
I282 M584e
Title: The Message.
Published: Evansville, Indiana, v.1, no.1, Oct. 2, 1970- ].

The Messenger
I362.7 F736
Title: The Messenger.
Author: Fort Wayne Children's Home.
Published: Fort Wayne, IN : Fort Wayne Children's Home, [1980-1986].

Methodist Episcopal Church & Methodist Church. South Indiana Conference.
I287.6 U58sm
see United Methodist Church. South Indiana Conference.

Methodist Church
Methodist Episcopal Church
United Methodist
Evangelical United Brethren

Methodist Episcopal Church. Memoirs of deceased ministers and ministers' wives.
Ip922 no. 1
Title: Memoirs of deceased ministers and ministers' wives: memorial service 1916 Indiana conference of the Methodist Episcopal church in Franklin Methodist Episcopal church September 20, 1916; address by Rev. C.C. Edwards.
Author: Methodist Episcopal church--Indiana conference.
Published: n.p., 1916.

Methodist Episcopal Church and Methodist Church. Indiana Annual Conference.
I287.6 I385ic
Title: Minutes.
Author: Methodist Episcopal church--Indiana Conference.

Methodist Episcopal Church and Methodist Church. Minutes of North Indiana Conference.
I287.6 I385m
Title: Minutes.
Author: Methodist Church--North Indiana Conference.

Methodist Episcopal Church and Methodist Church. Northwest Indiana Conference.
I287.6 N879m
Title: Minutes.
Author: Methodist church--Northwest Indiana conference.

Methodist Episcopal Church and Methodist Church. Southeast Indiana Conference.
I287.6 S728
Title: Minutes.
Author: Methodist Episcopal church--Southeast Indiana conference.

Methodist Hospital of Indiana, Inc. Annual Report.
I362.11 M592
Title: Annual report / Methodist Hospital of Indiana, Inc.
Author: Methodist Hospital of Indiana.
Published: Indianapolis, Ind. : The Hospital, -[1990].

Methodist Protestant Church. Indiana Conference Minutes.
I287.7 M592m
Title: Minutes.
Author: Methodist Protestant church--Indiana conference.

Metropolitan Indianapolis Realtor
I333 I388r
Title: Metropolitan Indianapolis realtor : official publication of the Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of Realtors.
Published: Indianapolis, Ind. : The Board, [1977-1991].

Miami County Historical Society. Historically Speaking.
I977.201 M618hi
Title: Historically speaking.
Uniform title: Historically speaking (Peru, Ind.)
Published: [Peru, Ind.] : Miami County Historical Society.
Dates: -v. 11, #3 (March 1985).
Miami Co. Historical Society. History Bulletin.

I977.201 M618hi
Title: History bulletin / Miami County Historical Society. Uniform title: History bulletin (Peru, Ind.)
Published: Peru, Ind. : The Society, [1985-1992].

Mid-American Journal of Business. Bureau of Business Research, Ball State University.
I380.1 M627
Title: Mid-American journal of business.
Published: Muncie, IN : Bureau of Business Research, Ball State University, c1986- .

Midwestern journal of language and folklore
I398 M629i
Title: Midwestern journal of language and folklore.
Published: Terre Haute, Ind. : Dept. of English and Journalism, Indiana State University, [1975-1986].

Mirror. Muscatatuck State Hospital and Training Center.
I362.3 M676
Title: Mirror / Muscatatuck State Hospital and Training Center. Uniform title: Mirror (Butlerville, Ind.)
Published: Butlerville, Ind. : The Hospital.

Monks: Courts and Lawyers of Indiana.
I347.09 M745c
Title: Courts and lawyers of Indiana.
Author: Monks, Leander J. (Leander John), 1843-1919.
Published: Indianapolis, Federal Pub. Co., 1916.

Monroe County Historical Society. Newsletter.
I977.201 M753ne
Title: Newsletter / Monroe County Historical Society.
Uniform title: Newsletter (Monroe County Historical Society (Ind.))
Published: Bloomington, Ind. : The Society.

Montgomery Magazine
I977.201 M787mo
Title: Montgomery magazine [microform].
Published: Crawfordsville, Ind. : Robert M. Lyons, [1982-1999].

Montgomery, Your County Magazine
I977.201 M787mo
Title: Montgomery, your county magazine [microform].
Published: Crawfordsville, Ind. : R.C. Associates, -c1981.

Moore's Hoosier Cyclopedia
I328.8 M821
Title: Moore's Hoosier cyclopedia, a compilation of statistical, official , historical, political and general information.
Author: Moore, Edward E.
Published: Connersville, (Ind.), c1905.

Mothers of Achievement in American history, 1776-1976
I920 A512m
Title: Mothers of achievement in American history, 1776-1976.
Author: American Mothers Committee.
Published: Rutland, Vermont : Charles E. Tuttle Company, [c1976].

Motor Vehicle Advisor. Ind. Bureau of Motor Vehicles.
I629.2 I385fo
Title: Motor vehicle advisor / Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles.
Published: [Indianapolis, Ind.] : The Bureau, [1986- ].

The Mufon UFO Journal
I1.94205 S629
Title: The MUFON UFO journal.
Author: Mutual UFO Network.

Muscatatuck Today
I362.3 M985t
Title: Muscatatuck today.
Published: [Butterville, Ind.] : Staff Development Dept., [Muscatatuck State Developmental Center.

Museum highlights. Howard County Historical Society.
I977.201 H848mu
Title: Museum highlights : a publication of the Howard County Historical Society.
Uniform title: Museum highlights (Kokomo, Ind.)
Published: Kokomo, IN : The Society.

Muzzle Blasts
I623.4425 M994
Title: Muzzle blasts.
Published: National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association.

Myers, Burton. Trustees and Officers of I.U., 1820-1850.
I378 I385utr
Title: Trustees and officers of Indiana University, 1820 to 1950.
Author: Myers, Burton Dorr, 1870-1951.

National Greentown Glass Association.
I748 N277n
[Newsletter]. Title: [Newsletter].
Author: National Greentown Glass Association.

The Nature Conservancy Indiana newsletter
I333.95 N285
Title: The Nature Conservancy Indiana newsletter.
Published: [Indianapolis, IN : The Nature Conservancy, Indiana Field Office, -1986].
Dates: v. 1 (Feb. 1984)-May 1986.
Newsletter, Summer 1896- .

A New and Better Indiana
I338 N532
Title: A new and better Indiana.
Published: Indiana : Department of Commerce.

New Fiction From Indiana
I813 N5324
Title: New fiction from Indiana / edited by Jim Powell.
Published: Indianapolis : Writers' Center Press, 1980.

The New Works News
I301.41 W927
Title: The New works news.
Published: [Indianapolis, Ind. : Berg Investment Corp., c1987- ].
Dates: v. 6, #6 (March 1987)- .

News & notes
I370.112 I385i
Title: News & notes.
Uniform title: News & notes (Indianapolis, Ind.)
Published: Indianapolis, IN : Indiana Humanities Council, [1990- ].

News and Notes on the Social Sciences. Indiana University.
I300.7 N558
Title: News and notes on the social sciences.
Published: [Bloomington, Ind.] : Coordinator for School Social Studies, Indiana University, -1987.

News & Views
I616.748 M985
Title: M.D. news and views from Marion County (Ind.)
Author: Muscular Dystrophy Foundation.

News Center
I940.53772 B972
Title: [News Center].
Published: Crane, Ind. : Naval Weapons Support Center, [1975-1981].
Dates: v. 33, #1 (July 11, 1985)-v. 39, #8 (January 30, 1981).
see also:
Bursts & Duds
Crane News
The Commodore

News from the Greater Indianapolis Progress Committee
I352 I388gr
Title: News / from the Greater Indianapolis Progress Committee.
Author: Greater Indianapolis Progress Committee.
Published: Indianapolis, Ind. : The Committee, [1979- ].

News 92
I352 N559
Title: News 92 / Association of Indiana Counties.
Published: Indianapolis, Ind. : The Association.

Newsletter. Indiana Council for the Social Studies, Inc.
I307 I385n
Title: Newsletter.
Author: Indiana Council for the Social Studies.

Newsletter. Indiana University Department of English.
I378 I385uni

I706 N558m
Title: Newslet / Mary Anderson Center for the Arts.
Uniform title: Newslet (Mount Saint Francis, Ind.)
Published: Mount St. Francis, Ind. : The Center, [1989- ].

Newsletter of roads and streets. Highway Extension and Research Project.
I388.1 N558
Title: Newsletter of roads and streets / Highway Extension and Research Project, Indiana Counties and Cities.
Published: West Lafayette, Ind. : HERPICC, Purdue University, [1982-1984].
Dates. v. 1, #1- v. 3, #1.

The next step. Noble Centers. Marion County Association for Retarded Citizens.
I362.3 N567
Title: The next step / Marion County Association for Retarded Citizens.
Uniform title: Next step (Indianapolis, Ind.)
Published: Indianapolis, Ind. : The Association.

I378 E12rn
Title: Nexus.
Uniform title: Nexus (Richmond, Ind.)
Published: Richmond, Ind. : Earlham School of Religion.

Normal College of the American Gymnastic University. Alumni Bulletin.
I371.731 N864a
Title: Alumni bulletin.
Uniform title: Alumni bulletin (Indianapolis, Ind.)
Published: Indianapolis, Ind. : [Alumni Association of the Normal College of the American Gymnastic Union].

Nostalgia news.
I977.201 J66no
Title: Nostalgia news.
Published: Franklin, Ind. : Johnson County Historical Museum, 1975- .

Notable American Women, 1607-1950.
CT3260 .N57
Title: Notable American women, 1607-1950 : a biographical dictionary.
Published: Cambridge, Mass. : Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 1971.

Notes. Indiana Center for the Book.
I28 N91
Title: Notes / from the Indiana Center for the Book with headquarters at the Indiana State Library, Indianapolis.
Uniform title: Notes (Indiana Center for the Book)
Published: [Indianapolis, Ind.] : The Center.

Title: Notre Dame magazine
I378 N914n
Title: Notre Dame magazine.
Published: Notre Dame, Ind. : University of Notre Dame.

Nowland: Early Reminiscences of Indianapolis.
I977.201 M341e
Title: Early reminiscences of Indianapolis with short biographical sketches of its early citizens and a few of the most prominent business men of the present day.
Author: Nowland, John H. B.
Published: Indpls., 1870.

Nowland: Sketches of prominent citizens of 1876.
I977.201 M341s
Sketches of prominent citizens of 1876 : with a few of the pioneers of the city and county who have passed away.
Author: Nowland, John H. B.
Published: Indianapolis : Tilford & Carlon, printers, 1877.

The Nucleus. Indiana Institute of Technology.
I378 I385n
Title: The nucleus.
Published: Ft. Wayne, Ind. : Indiana Institute of Technology, Oct. 14, 1960- .