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Indiana Biography Index List of Sources, "G-H"

G.E. News
I621.32 G326 [microfilm]
Title: GE news. Fort Wayne [microform].
Published: Fort Wayne, Ind. : General Electric Co.

I621.8 G292w
Title: Gear-o-gram.
Published: Muncie, Indiana : Warner Gear Division, Borg-Warner Corporation.

General News
I384 G326i
Title: Indiana general news. Published for the employees of the General Telephone Company of Indiana, Inc.

Generals in Blue
I973.74 W281g
Title: Generals in blue; lives of the Union commander.
Author: Warner, Ezra J.
Published: [Baton Rouge] : Louisiana State University Press, [1964].

I810.8 G327
Title: Genesis.
Published: Indianapolis, Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis.

Gibson County Lines. Gibson County Historical Soc.
I977.201 G448g
Title: County lines / Gibson County Historical Society.
Uniform title: County lines (Princeton, Ind.)
Published: Princeton, IN : The Society, [1993- ].

Gilliam. A Time to Speak.
I325.25 G481t
Title: A time to speak : a brief history of the Afro-Americans of Bloomington, Indiana, 1865-1965.
Author: Gilliam, Frances V. Halsell.
Published: Bloomington, Ind. : Pinus Strobus Press, 1985.

The Girls Clubs Touch Stone
I369.46 G525ct
Title: Touch stone / Girls Clubs.
Published: Indianapolis, IN : Girls Clubs of Greater Indianapolis, [1988- ].

Gold Star Honor Roll, 1914-1918.
I940.3772 I385w
Title: Gold star honor roll. A record of Indiana men and women who died in the service of the United States and the allied nations in the world war. 1914-1918.
Author: Indiana Historical Commission.
Published: [Fort Wayne, Fort Wayne Printing Company] 1921.

Good OL' Days. Benton, Warren and Fountain Counties.
I977.2 G647
Title: Good ol' days.
Published: Williamsport, IN : Mary Ann Publishers, [1988-1989].

Goodwill Industries. Annual Report.
I362 I388r
Title: Annual report / Indianapolis Goodwill Industries.
Author: Indianapolis Goodwill Industries.

Goshen Historical Society. Newsletter.
I977.201 E43Zgn
Title: Newsletter / Goshen Historical Society.
Uniform title: Newsletter (Goshen Historical Society (Goshen, Ind.))
Published: Goshen, Ind. : The Society.

The Gospel Minister
I205 G676u
Title: The Gospel minister.
Published: Westfield, Ind. : Union Bible Seminary.

Greater Indianapolis
I977.201 M341g
Title: Greater Indianapolis.
Published: [Indianapolis, Ind. : Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce, 1964-1970].

Greater Indianapolis Progress Committee
I977.201 M341gr
Title: News / from the Greater Indianapolis Progress Committee.
Author: Greater Indianapolis Progress Committee.

The Grenade. Service Club of Indianapolis.
I369.186 G826
Title: The Grenade.
Author: Indianapolis, Service Club of.
Published: Indianapolis.

Ground Water Modeling Newsletter
I551.49 G882
Title: Ground water modeling newsletter / Holcomb Research Institute, Butler University.
Published: Indianapolis : The Institute, [1981- ].

HEC Monitor. Hoosier Environmental Council.
I333.72 M744
Title: Monitor / Hoosier Environmental Council.
Uniform title: Monitor (Indianapolis, Ind.)
Published: Indianapolis, IN : The Council.

HNF Bulletin. Hoosier Environmental Council.
I333.75 H677
Title: HNF bulletin / HEC.
Published: Indianapolis, IN : Hoosier Environmental Council.

Hamilton Co. Hist. Society. Newsletter.
I977.201 H222ne
Title: Newsletter / Hamilton County Historical Society.
Uniform title: Newsletter (Hamilton County Historical Society (Ind.))
Published: Noblesville, Ind. : The Society.

The Hamiltonian County Magazine
I977.201 H222hc
Title: The Hamiltonian county magazine.
Published: [Carmel, Ind. : Hamiltonian Publications, 1976- .

Hammond Historical Society. Newsletter.
I977.201 L192zhan
Title: Newsletter / Hammond Historical Society.
Uniform title: Newsletter (Hammond Historical Society).

Hanover College. Alumni Catalogue.
I378 H247a 1833-1890
Title: General catalogue of the alumni and former students.
Author: Hanover college, Hanover, Ind.
Published: Hanover alumni assn., 1833-90.

Harden, Samuel. Those I have met, or boys in blue ... 1888
I920 H259
Title: Those I have met; or Boys in blue, in which is remembered those I have met along the road of life.
Author: Harden, Samuel, 1831- .
Published: Anderson, (IN), 1888.

The Hardtack
I973.7 H266
Title: Hardtack. Civil War Round Table, Indianapolis.

I362 H789
Hoosier Hospital Harmony

Haymond. History of Indiana.
I977.2 G654i3
Title: An illustrated history of the state of Indiana; being a full and authentic civil and political history of the state from its first exploration down to 1879 ... revised by Hon. W. S. Haymond. Author: Goodrich, DeWitt C.
Published: Indianapolis : S. L. Marrow & Co., 1879 [c1874].

Haynes. History of the Disciples of Christ in Illinois, 1819-1914
I296.6 H424h
Title: History of the Disciples of Christ in Illinois, 1819-1914.
Author: Haynes, Nathaniel Smith, 1844- .
Published: Cincinnati : The Standard Publishing Company, [c1915].

Haynes Digest
I671 H424d
Title: Haynes alloys digest.
Published: [Kokomo, Ind. : Haynes Stellite Co.].

I370.112 I385i
Title: Headlines : quarterly newsletter of the Indiana Committee for the Humanities.
Uniform title: Headlines (Indianapolis, Ind. : 1980).
Published: [Indianapolis, IN : The Committee].
Dates: v. 5 (1978) - v. 6 (1979)
For earlier editions, see
The Indiana Committee for the Humanities, 1974-1977.

Health Care Costs Perspective. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Ind.
I338.43 H42
Title: Health care costs perspective / Blue Cross Blue Shield of Indiana.
Published: Indianapolis, IN : Blue Cross Blue Shield of Indiana, [1985- ].

Hearts hands. Indiana Children's Christian Home.
I362.7 I385cc
Title: Hearts, hands / Indiana Children's Christian Home.
Author: Indiana Children's Christian Home.
Published: Ladoga, IN : The Home, [1990-1994].
Dates: v. 31, #11 (Summer 1990)- .
For earlier issues, see
ICCH Letter (-v. 30, #1).

Helicon. PSI IOTA XI National Philanthropic Society.
I367 P974h
Title: The Helicon; official publication of the Psi Iota Xi sorority.

HERPICC pothole gazette
I388.1 N558
Title: Pothole gazette / HERPICC.
Uniform title: Pothole gazette (West Lafayette, Ind. : 1993) Published: West Lafayette, IN : HERPICC, Purdue University.
Dates: v. 6, #2- .
see also:
Newsletter of Roads & Streets. v. 1, #1-v. 3, #1.
Pothole Gazette. v. 3, #2-v. 6 #1.

Herringshaw, Thomas W. Local and National Poets of America.
PS 586 .H4
Title: Local and national poets of America : with interesting biographical sketches and choice selections from over one thousand living American poets.
Author: Herringshaw, Thomas William, 1858- .
Published: Chicago : American Publishers' Association, 1890.

Hicks. Great Black Hoosier Americans.
Ip920 no. 28
Title: Great black Hoosier Americans.
Author: Hicks, Luther C.
Published: [n.p.], c1977.

High Notes of the Indianapolis Opera
I782 H638
Title: High notes of the Indianapolis Opera.
Published: [Indianapolis : The Opera, 1986- ].

Highland Historical Society, Inc. Newsletter.
I977.201 L192zhin
Title: Newsletter / Highland Historical Society.
Uniform title: Newsletter (Highland Historical Society (Ind.)
Published: Highland, Ind. : The Society.

I796 I257
Title: Highlights : IHSAA newsletter.
Uniform title: Highlights (Indianapolis, Ind.
Published: [Indianapolis, IN. : IHSAA.
Dates: v. 10, #1 (Aug/Sept. 1988)- .
For earlier issues, see
IHSAA Highlights

Hillsdale Co.-- Annual Rose Festival.
I790 A615r
Title: Annual Hillsdale Rose Festival.
Published: Indianapolis, Ind. : Hillsdale Nurseries.

Historic Richmond, Inc.
I977.201 W359Zrh
Title: Historic Richmond, Inc.
Uniform title: Historic Richmond, Inc. (Series)
Published: Richmond, Ind. : Historic Richmond Inc.

Historic Southern. Newsletter.
I977.2 H673s
Title: Historic Southern Indiana newsletter / Historic Southern Indiana Project, University of Southern Indiana.
Uniform title: Historic Southern Indiana newsletter (Evansville, Ind. : 1990)
Published: Evansville, Ind. : The Project, [1990- ].

Historical & Genealogical. Society of Randolph County.
I977.201 R192hi
Title: Historical & Genealogical Society of Randolph County.
Uniform title: Historical & Genealogical Society of Randolph County (Series)
Published: Winchester, Ind. : The Society.

The Historical Society Bulletin. Allen County. Fort Wayne.
I977.201 A425ob
Title: The Historical Society bulletin.
Published: [Fort Wayne, Ind. : Allen County-Fort Wayne Historical Society].
Dates: Jan/Feb. 1984- .
For earlier issues, called
The Old Fort Bulletin

The Historical Society of Decatur Co. The Bulletin.
I977.201 D291B
Title: Bulletin.
Author: Historical Society of Decatur County.
Published: May 26, 1959.

History Lowell District Warren Township Marion County, 1822-1944
I977.201 M341xwb
Title: History, Lowell District, Warren Township, Marion County, Indiana, 1822-1944.
Author: [Brady, Pearl Schilling, 1903-].
Published: Indianapolis : Mail Printing Company, 1950.

History of Bartholomew County, Indiana. 1888.
I977.201 B287
Title: History of Bartholomew county, Indiana, from the earliest time to the present, with biographical sketches... .
Published: Chicago : Brant & Fuller, 1888.

History of the Church of the Brethren in Indiana
I289.9 H673
Title: History of the Church of the Brethren in Indiana, by historical committees of the districts.
Author: Church of the Brethren. Indiana.
Published: [Winona Lake, Ind.] : [Light and Life Press], 1952.

History of the Eel River Christian Conference
I286.6 D611h
Title: History ... from its organization to the present time-Aug. 15, 1902 ... together with biographical sketches of ministers and laymen ...
Author: Disciples of Christ--Eel river conference.

History of the Order of Pythian Sisters
I366.2 W363h
Title: History of the Order of Pythian Sisters.
Author: Weaver, Ida M. (Jayne).
Published: [Seattle : Peters Publishing Co., c1925].

History on the Move
I977.2 H673i
Title: On the move.
Uniform title: On the move (Indianapolis, Ind.)
Published: Indianapolis, Ind. : Indiana State Museum & Memorials Society, 1984- .

Hobart History Advocate. Hobart Historical Society.
I977.201 L192Zhoh
Title: Hobart history advocate / Hobart Historical Society.
Published: Hobart, Ind. : The Society, [1979- ].

Holliday, Rev. F.C. Indiana Methodism.

I287.6 H739
Title: Indiana Methodism: being an account of the introduction, progress, and present position of Methodism in the state . . . down to 1872.
Author: Holliday, Fernandez C., 1814-1888.
Published: Cincinnati : Hitchcock and Walden, 1873.

Home and Away. Hoosier Motorist.
I629.2 H789ma
Title: Home & away.
Uniform title: Home & away (Indianapolis, Ind.)
Published: [Indianapolis, IN : Hoosier Motor Club, c1984- ].

Home Journal. Indiana Soldiers' and Sailors' Children's Home.
I362.7 I385hj
Title: The home journal.
Uniform title: Home journal (Knightstown, Ind.)
Published: Knightstown, Ind. : Indiana Soldiers' and Sailors' Orphans' Home.

Home Life
I334.1 H765R
Title: Home life.
Published: Indpls., Ind. : [Railroadmen's federal savings and loan association].

Home Missionary
266 H765 [General Collection]
Title: The home missionary, and American pastor's journal.
Published: N. Y. : James Van Norden.

Hoosier Animal Health
I636.089 H789
Title: Hoosier animal health / Office of the State Veterinarian.
Published: Indianapolis, Ind. : Indiana State Board of Animal Health.

Hoosier Annual
I329.3 H789i
Title: The hoosier annual. Indiana Democratic State Central Committee.

Hoosier Banker
I332 H789b
Title: Hoosier banker [monthly].

Hoosier Bulletin. Savings & Loan League of Indiana.
I332.3 H789
Title: Hoosier bulletin / Savings and Loan League of Indiana.
Published: Indianapolis, Ind. : The League.

The Hoosier Business Woman
I396 H789
Title: Hoosier business woman; official organ, Indiana federation business and professional women.
Published: Ind. federation of clubs.

Hoosier Camper. The Recreation Vehicle. Indiana Council.
I796.5 H788
Title: Hoosier camper.
Published: [Indianapolis, Ind. : Recreation Vehicle Indiana Council].

Hoosier Environmental Council
HEC Monitor

The Hoosier Farmer
I630.5 H789f
Title: Hoosier farmer, official organ of the Indiana federation of farmers' association.

The Hoosier Folklore Society. Newsletter.
I398 N558hf
Title: Newsletter / the Hoosier Folklore Society.
Uniform title: Newsletter (Hoosier Folklore Society : 1982).
Published: Bloomington, IN : The Society.

Hoosier Guidelines
I371.4 H789
Title: Hoosier guidelines / Indiana Personnel and Guidance Association.
Published: Indianapolis, Ind. : The Association.

Hoosier Health Herald
I614.542 H789h
Title: Hoosier health herald.
Published: [Indianapolis, Ind. : Indiana Tuberculosis Association, 1919- ].

Hoosier Heart News
I612.17 H791i
Title: Hoosier heart news / Indiana Heart Association.
Published: Indianapolis, Ind. : Indiana Heart Association, [1959- ].

Hoosier Heritage. Indiana Department of Education.
I977.2 H789he
Title: Hoosier heritage.
Uniform title: Hoosier heritage (Indianapolis, Ind.)
Published: [Indianapolis, Ind. : Indiana Dept. of Education : Indiana Historical Bureau, 1986-1988].

Hoosier Hi-Lites
I362.7 H789
Title: Hoosier hi-lites.
Published: Indianapolis : Indiana Society for Crippled Children and Adults, Inc.

Hoosier Historian
I977.2 H789h
Title: The Hoosier historian.
Published: Indianapolis, Ind. : Indiana Junior Historical Society.

Hoosier Horticulture Newsletter
I716 I385hh
Title: Hoosier horticulture news letter.
Published: Indiana Horticultural Society and Purdue University. Agricultural Extension Service.

Hoosier Hospital Harmony. Indiana Hospital Association Newsletter.
I362 H789
Title: Hoosier hospital harmony.
Published: [Indianapolis] : Indiana hospital association.

Hoosier Independent
I644.23 H789i
Title: Hoosier independent : official publication of the Indiana Independent Petroleum Association Incorporated.
Published: Indianapolis : The Association, -[1995].

The Hoosier Knight
Indiana State Bulletin. Official Publication of the Indiana State Council, Knights of Columbus.

Hoosier Legionnaire
I369.186 H789
Title: The Hoosier legionnaire. American legion--Indiana department.
Published: Indpls., 1923-date.

Hoosier Life. Indiana Farm Bureau, Inc.
I977.2 H789L
Title: Hoosier life.
Published: Indianapolis, IN : Indiana Farm Bureau, c1987-c1990.

The Hoosier Line
I385 H791L
Title: The Hoosier line.
Published: Clarendon Hills, Ill. : Monon Railroad Historical-Technical Society, Inc.

Hoosier Minuteman
I977.2 H789
Title: The Hoosier minuteman : newsletter of the Indiana ARBC.
Published: Indianapolis, Ind. : Indiana American Revolution Bicentennial Commission, -[1976].

Hoosier National Forest
I634.92 L253
Title: Land management planning update / Hoosier National Forest.
Published: Bedford, Ind. : Hoosier National Forest.

Hoosier Outdoors. Hoosier Publications.
I796.5 H789
Title: Hoosier outdoors.
Uniform title: Hoosier outdoors (Chesterton, Ind.).
Published: Chesterton, Ind. : Hoosier Publications.

The Hoosier Outdoors. Nature Study Club of Indiana.
I570.5 I385b
Title: The Hoosier outdoors / the Nature Study Club of Indiana.
Uniform title: Hoosier outdoors (Indianapolis, Ind. : 1930).
Published: [Indiana] : The Club, [1930-1996].

Hoosier Policeman
I352.2 H789p
Title: Hoosier policeman.
Published: Indianapolis, Ind. : Police League of Indiana.

Hoosier Politics & Government
I320.9772 H789
Title: Hoosier politics & government.
Published: Lafayette, Ind. : Eureka Communications, Inc., [1990- ].

Hoosier School Libraries
I27.8 H789
Title: Hoosier school libraries.
Published: Indianapolis, Indiana School Librarians Assn.

Hoosier School Board Journal
I379.15 H789
Title: The Hoosier school board journal / Indiana School Boards Association.
Published: Bloomington, Ind. : The Association.

Hoosier Star-Light
I362.4 H789
Title: Hoosier star-light.
Published: Indianapolis, Ind.
Subject: Indiana --Blind --Periodicals.

The Hoosier United Methodist
I287.6 H789ma [microfilm]
Title: The Hoosier United Methodist [microform].

Hoosiers for Economic Development Committee. News & Views.
I330.9772 N558
Title: News & views / Hoosiers for Economic Development Committee.
Uniform title: News & views (Carmel, Ind.).
Published: [Carmel, Ind.] : The Committee, [1983- ].

I361.37 H811
Title: Horizons.
Published: Indianapolis, Ind. : Governor's Voluntary Action Program, [1974- ].

The Horseman
I636.1 W526
Title: The Horseman and fair world.
Published: Indianapolis, Ind. : [Horseman and Fair World Co.].
Dates: Feb. 5, 1947-March 30, 1955 are shelved in oversized collection.

Hot Potato
I50 H832
Title: Hot potato [microform].
Published: Indianapolis, Ind. : Timeless Publications.
Dates: -v.4.
v.5- continued as The Alternative Magazine.

Howes. American Women.
E747 A69
Title: American women; the official who's who among the women of the nation.
Published: Los Angeles, Calif. : Richard Blank publishing company, c1935-37.

Hubbard: Book of Indiana.
I920 H875b
Title: Book of Indiana.
Author: Hubbard, Frank McKinney.
Published: Ind. biographical assoc., 1929.

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