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Indiana Biography Index List of Sources, "A"

ARC of  Indiana
I362.3 I385re
Title: Annual report / ARC of Indiana.
Author: Association for Retarded Citizens of Indiana.
Published: Indianapolis, IN : Association for Retarded Citizens of Indiana, [1984- ].

The Accelerator News Letter
I540.5 A169i
Title: The accelerator news letter / Indiana Section of the American Chemical Society.
Uniform title: Accelerator news letter (Indianapolis, Ind.)
Published: Indianapolis, Ind. : The Section.

Acres Quarterly
I574 A187
Title: Acres quarterly. Acres, Inc.

I352 I385n
Actionlines : the monthly newsletter of the Indiana Association of Cities & Towns.
Published: Indianapolis, Ind. : The Association.

Ad Lib
I27.4 A189
Title: Ad lib.
Published: [Indianapolis, Ind.] : Indianapolis public library staff association

Adams & Wells County, 1887
I977.201 A211
Title: Biographical and historical record of Adams and Wells counties, Indiana.
Published: Chicago : Lewis Publishing Co., 1887.

I340.06 A223 Title: Addendum : newsletter of the Indiana State Bar Association.
Uniform title: Addendum (Indianapolis, Ind.)
Published: [Indianapolis, IN] : The Association, [1985-].

The Advocate
I323.4 A244 Title: The advocate / Indiana Civil Liberties Union.
Uniform title: Advocate (Indianapolis, Ind. : 1984).
Published: Indianapolis, IN : The Union, [1984-2000].

I282 A369d
Title: Diocese of Fort Wayne 1857-September 22-1907; a book of historical reference 1669-1907.
Author: Alerding, Herman Joseph, 1845-.
Published: Fort Wayne, 1907.

The Alliance Bulletin
I977.201 M787aL
Title: The Alliance bulletin : a publication of the Montgomery County Heritage Alliance.
Alliance bulletin (Montgomery County Heritage Alliance (Montgomery County, Ind.)
Published: [Crawfordsville, Ind.] : The Alliance, [1988- ].

The Alternative
I50 A466
Title: The alternative magazine.
v. 1-10. called The Alternative.
v. 11-. called American Spectator.

The Alternative Magazine
I50 H832 v. 5-
Title: Hot potato magazine.

Alumnal Record
I378 D419a 1920
Title: Alumnal Record
Published: DePauw University, 1920.

The Alumni
I378 I385saL
Title: The alumni / Indiana State University.
Uniform title: Alumni (Terre Haute, Ind.)
Published: Terre Haute, Ind. : Indiana State University, Office of Alumni Affairs, [1982- ].

Alumni Bulletin. I.U. School of Dentistry
I378 I385uad
Title: Alumni bulletin.
Author: Indiana university--School of dentistry.

Alumni News
I378 A545a
Title: Alumni news / Anderson College and Theological Seminary.
Uniform title: Alumni news (Anderson, Ind.)
Published: [Anderson, Ind. : The College].
Dates: June 1953-Feb. 1959.

Alumni News
I378 A545a
Title: Anderson College news.
Published: Anderson, Ind. : The College.
Dates: February 1964-August 1986.

Alumni News

I378 A545a
Title: Signatures
Published: Anderson, Ind. : The College.
Dates: Spring 1987-.

Alumni News. Indiana Central College
I378 Ic385a
Title: Alumni news.
Uniform title: Alumni news (Indianapolis, Ind. : 1986).
Published: [Indianapolis, Ind.] : Indiana Central University.
Dates: - v. 44 #4, Summer 1982.
For later issues see
ICU Alumni News. Indiana Central University.
U of I Alumni News.

Alumni Record. Hanover College
I378 H247cb v. 5 #11
Title: Alumni Record. Hanover College.
Bulletin v. 5 #11, March 1, 1913.

American Fletcher Corporation.
American Fletcher National Bank Annual Report.
I332 I388r
Title: Annual report / American Fletcher Corporation.
Author: American Fletcher Corporation.
Published: Indianapolis : The Corporation, [1970-1986].

American Friend Magazine.
I289.6 A512f
Title: American Friend.

American Red Cross Reporter
I361 A512raa
Title: American Red Cross reporter.
Published: Indianapolis, IN : American Red Cross, Indianapolis Area Chapter, [1983- ].

American Spectator
I50 A466
Title: American Spectator. v. 11-
v. 1-10 called The Alternative.

American Men and Women of Science
Q141 .A47
Title: American men & women of science.
Published: New York : Bowker, c1989-.

Anderson College News
I378 A545a
Title: Anderson College news.
Published: Anderson, Ind. : The College, -[1986].
v. 46, #4 (Feb. 1964)- V. 69, #1 (Aug. 1986).
see also
Alumni News. Anderson College.

Annual Information Exchange/National Association of State Park Directors
I333.78 A615
Title: Annual information exchange / National Association of State Park Directors.
Published: [S.l.] : The Association.

Antique Week / Tri-State Trader
I70 T819
Title: AntiqueWeek.
Uniform title: AntiqueWeek (Knightstown, Ind. : Mid-central ed.)
Published: Knightstown, Ind. : Mayhill Publications, 1986-1991.
before v. 16, #28 (Oct. 10, 1983) called Tri-State Trader.

Around the Grounds. News from the Indiana State Fairgrounds.
I606 A771
Title: Around the grounds : news from the Indiana State Fairgrounds.
Published: Indianapolis, Ind. : Indiana State Fair Marketing/Publicity Dept., [1989-1996].

Arsenal Cannon
I379 I388tac
Title: Arsenal cannon.
Published: Arsenal Technical High School (Indianapolis).
Sept. 1950-June 1952 issues shelved in Oversized Collection.

Artful Dodge.
I50 A786
Title: Artful dodge.
Published: Bloomington, Ind. Artful Dodge.

Articles by or About Indiana Jews
I296 A784

Arts & Sciences

I378 I385uart
Title: Arts & sciences / Indiana University, College of Arts and Sciences, Graduate School Alumni Association.
Uniform title: Arts & sciences (Bloomington, Ind.)
Published: Bloomington [Ind.] : The Association.

Arts Indiana
I700 I385
Title: Arts Indiana. v. 9, #6 (Sept. 1987)-.
Published: Indianapolis, IN : Arts Indiana,
For earlier issues, see Arts Insight.

Arts Insight
I700 I385
Title: Arts Insight. v. 2, #1 (March 1980)-v. 9, #5 (June 1987).
Published: Indianapolis, IN : Arts Indiana.
For later issues, see Arts Indiana.

I707 A792
Title: Artsline : a publication of Jordan College of Fine Arts Student Council.
Published: Indianapolis, Ind. : Butler University.

I973.049 A951
Title: Avenues.
Published: Indianapolis, Ind.: Street Publications.
Subject-- Afro-Americans-- Periodicals.

I658.8 A985ac
Title: Ayrespeople.
Author: L.S. Ayres and Company.
Published: [Indianapolis, Ind. : L.S. Ayres.

I658.8 A985ab
Title: Ayrograms.
Uniform title: Ayrograms (Indianapolis, Ind. : 1953).
Author: L.S. Ayres and Company.
Published: [Indianapolis, Ind. : L.S. Ayres & Co., 1953-].