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2007 Statistics (Excel Spreadsheets)

The following are compilations taken from the 2007 Public Library Annual Report. These documents replace the publication, Statistics of Indiana Public Libraries 2007, printed by the Library Development Office of the Indiana State Library. Statistics of Indiana Public Libraries 2007 will not be sent out in print form. All files can be downloaded and manipulated using Microsoft Excel 2003.
  • Instructions and Glossary
  • Indiana Summary Data
  •  Table 1  Public Library Service Areas
     Table 2  Branches, Bookmobiles and Primary County in which District is Located
     Table 3  Assessed Valuation and Tax Rates
     Table 4  Registered Borrowers and Non Resident Fees
     Table 4s  Summary of Registered Borrowers and Non Resident Fees
     Table 5  Library Operating Income
     Table 5s  Summary of Library Operating Income
     Table 6  Library Operating Expenditures 
     Table 6s  Summary of Library Operating Expenditures
     Table 7  Holdings (Physical Units or Licenses) and Circulation
     Table 7s  Summary of Holdings (Physical Units or Licenses) and Circulation
     Table 8  Library Services
     Table 8s  Summary of Library Services
     Table 9  Internet Access
     Table 9s  Summary of Internet Access
     Table 10  Library Staff
     Table 10s  Summary of Library Staff
     Table 11  Funding Measures
     Table 11s  Summary of Funding Measures
     Table 12  Output Measures
     Table 12s  Summary of Output Measures
     Table 13  Library Facilities and Construction Status
     Table 13s  Summary of Library Facilities and Construction Status
     Table 14  Automated Bookkeeping and Circulation Systems
  • Hourly salary minimums and maximums

    Supplement form and responses

    If you have any questions regarding these data, please contact the Library Development Office at 317-232-3697 or 1-800-451-6028 (Indiana only). You may send e-mail questions to Edythe Huffman at ehuffman@statelib.lib.in.us.

    LDO JC 7-25-2013