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Public Library Policies

The following is a selected list of Indiana public library policies that can be accessed from the library's homepage. It is not a complete list, (there are 237 public libraries) and libraries make frequent changes to their web pages. Contact the Library Development Office to add, change, or delete your library's listing or to request sample policies not listed below.

The purpose of this page is to provide a place where libraries can compare what other libraries are doing in the way of policies.  The policies linked hereto are not to be construed as endorsed or approved by the Indiana State Library.  It is expected that your library will review the requirements of the law, look at a variety of sample policies, and create a policy that works for your library.

It is suggested that your library attorney review your final policies before adoption.  It is further suggested that policies be reviewed on a set cycle, as required by law, and as necessary to address current situations.

Click on the following link from the New Director’s One Stop Guide 2017 to see a list of policies required by law. (pages 6-10).

For all other policies, see individual library websites listed by library in the public library directory, http://www.in.gov/library/pldirectory.htm        

LDO KA 10-16-2017