Michael Jackson Resources

The following materials may be of use when researching Michael Jackson and the Jackson Family.  These materials are available for use in the Indiana Division of the Indiana State Library.  If you have questions or comments, please contact the Indiana Collection.




I 781.63 J13d
Title: Design of a decade, 1986/1996.
Author: Jackson, Janet, 1966-.
Published: Miami, Fla. : Warner Bros. Publications, c1996.

I 927 J13b
Title: Michael Jackson : body and soul : an illustrated biography.
Author: Brown, Geoff, 1946-.
Published: New York : Beaufort Books, c1984.

I927 J13be
Bego, Mark. Michael! New York : Pinnacle Books, 1984 

I927 J13bi
Bishop, Nick. From the files of the National Enquirer : FREAK! Inside the twisted world of Michael Jackson. Boca Raton, FL : AMI Books, 2003 

I927 J13br
Brooks, Darren. Michael Jackson : an exceptional journey : the unauthorized biography in words and pictures. New Malden, Surrey : Chrome Dreams, 2002 

I 927 J13c
Title: Michael Jackson.
Author: Celsi, Teresa Noel.
Published: Kansas City : Andrews and McMeel, c1993.

I 927 J13ca
Title: Michael Jackson : the king of pop's darkest hour.
Author: Campbell, Lisa D.
Published: Boston : Branden Pub. Co., c1994.

I 927 J13g
Title: The Michael Jackson story.
Author: George, Nelson.
Published: New York : Dell, c1984.

I 927 J13gr
Title: Michael Jackson : making history.
Author: Grant, Adrian.
Published: London : Omnibus ; New York : Music Sales Corporation, c1998

I 927 J13gra
Title: Michael Jackson.
Author: Graves, Karen Marie.
Published: San Diego, CA : Lucent Books, c2001.

I927 J13grb
Grant, Adrian. Michael Jackson : the visual documentary. London ; New York : Omnibus Press, 2001 

I927 J13h
Halliburton, Warren J. The picture life of Michael Jackson. New York : F. Watts, 1984 

I 927 J13L
Title: Michael Jackson thrill.
Author: Latham, Caroline.
Published: New York : Kensington, c1984.

I 927 J131m
Title: Jackson family values : memories of madness.
Author: Jackson, Margaret Maldonado, 1965-.
Published: Beverly Hills, CA : Dove Books, c1995.

I 927 J13m
Title: The Michael Jackson scrapbook : the early days of the Jackson 5.
Author: McDougal, Weldon A.
Published: New York : Avon Books, c1984, (1985 printing).

I 927 J13ma
Title: Trapped : Michael Jackson and the crossover dream.
Author: Marsh, Dave.
Published: Toronto ; New York : Bantam Books, 1985

I 927 J13mac
Title: The Michael Jackson catalog : a comprehensive guide to records, videos, clothing, posters, toys and millions of collectible souvenirs.
Author: Machlin, Milt.
Published: New York : Arbor House, c1984.

I927 J13o
Overbey, Theresa. Michael Jackson. Hockessin, Del. : Mitchell Lane Publishers, 2004 

I927 J13p
Pitts, Leonard. Papa Joe's boys : the Jackson 5 story. Cresskill, N.J. : Sharon Publications, 1983 

I 927 J13ph
Title: Touched by the Jacksons.
Author: Phoenix, Arthur T., 1964-.
Published: Phoenix, Ariz. : Spirit Pub., c1998. 

I 927 J13pi
Title: The many faces of Michael Jackson.
Author: Pinkerton, Lee.
Published: Bury St. Edmunds, [England] : Ozone Books, c1997. 

I 927 J13t
Title: Sequins & shades : the Michael Jackson reference guide.
Author: Terry, Carol D.
Published: Ann Arbor, Mi. : Pierian Press, c1987.

I 927 J13ta
Title: Michael Jackson : the magic and the madness.
Author: Taraborrelli, J. Randy.
Published: Secaucus, N.J. : Carol Pub. Group, 1991.

I927 J13w
Wegner, Robert W. My three years working for Michael Jackson Dec 1990-Dec 1993. 1st Books, 2002 

I927 J132a
Andrews, Bart. Out of the madness : the strictly unauthorized biography of Janet Jackson. New York, N.Y. : Harper Paperbacks, 1994.

I 927 J132d
Title: Janet Jackson.
Author: Dyson, Cindy.
Published: Philadelphia : Chelsea House Publishers, c2000.

I 927 J133j
Title: La Toya : growing up in the Jackson family.
Author: Jackson, La Toya.
Published: NY, Dutton, c1991. 




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