Photograph Collection

Thousands of photographs and other photographic materials are located in the Rare Books and Manuscripts photograph collection. A card file index including information about photographs featured in select books, periodicals and within the Rare Books and Manuscripts Division is available in the North Room of the Indiana State Library. The bulk of the collection is arranged by subject or geographic area; listings of the headings are available online and in the North Room. Large photograph collections, donated by a family, company, organization, or individual are maintained as large photograph collections. Below is a numerical list of our large photograph collection holdings.

P1 Oliver P. Morton, Civil War soldiers photograph albums, 1861-1864
P2 Lowell Nussbaum postcard collection, undated
P3 Camp Atterbury World War II photographs, 1943
P4 Otis R. Bowen photographs, 1949-1979
P5 Wilson Eaton photographs, undated
P6 Robert Kyle photographs, undated
P7 Russell and Rainwater family photographs, undated
P8 H. M. Flora, Jefferson County, Madison, Indiana photographs, circa 1920s
P9 Harry Sheagley photographs, undated
P10 Lieutenant Colonel G. E. Goodwin, World War II photographs, 1943-1945
P11 Adkinson Steamboat photographs, undated
P12 Adkinson Fire Department photographs, undated
P13 Frank M. Hohenberger photographs, undated
P14 Civil War lantern slides, circa 1861-1864
P15 Indiana Governor’s lantern slides, undated
P16 Hoosier Hall of Fame photograph, circa 1916
P17 Historic documents and sites lantern slides, circa 1897-1950s
P18 Floyd E. Quick photographs, undated
P19 Coleman family photographs, 1803-1935
P20 Moore and Johnston family photographs, undated
P21 Scenic sites lantern slides, undated
P22 Glass plate negatives, circa 1910-1940s
P23 Jamison family photographs, undated
P24 Farm horses lantern slides, undated
P25 World War I leisure lantern slides, undated
P26 Lucile Johnson photographs, circa 1880-1980
P27 Indianapolis track elevation photographs, undated
P28 Claude Mason photographs, undated
P29 Leslie A. Weaver photographs, undated
P30 Special format photographs, undated
P31 Elkhart University photographs, 1947-1967
P32 Martha Wright photographs, undated
P33 Indianapolis Brewing Company photographs, undated
P34 Bass Photography Company photographs, circa 1897-1950s
P35 Norris family photographs, undated
P36 Richmond Road photograph album, 1912
P37 Frank M. Hohenberger, State Department of Geology photograph album, 1918
P38 Dunbar Furniture Company photographs, undated
P39 Robert W. Curry Indiana County Courthouse photograph album, undated
P40 Trees of Indiana photograph album, undated
P41 Indiana Village for Epileptics photograph album, 1915
P42 Bennett family album, circa 1913-1930
P43 Conkle family photograph album
P44 “Pictures and Scenes and Activities in Indiana connected with the World War” photograph album
P45 Graham family photograph album
P46 Norris family photograph album
P47 Brown family photograph album
P48 Maggie Moore photograph album
P49 Mary Heinzerling photograph album
P50 Stanton and Moore family photograph album
P51 Frenzel family photographs
P52 Public Service Company of Indiana, Inc. photographs
P53 Lieber Company photographs
P54 Fatout family photographs
P55 Walker family photographs
P56 Civil War daguerreotypes, tintypes, ambrotypes and carte-de-visites
P57 Stereograph cards collection
P58 Russell and Rainwater family photographs
P59 Tuberculosis photographs

Below is a numerical list of our small collection photograph holdings.

SP1 Cromwell, Indiana mastodon dig photographs, 1933
SP2 Automobiles in Indiana, 1906-1965
SP3 Myrtie Barker photographs, circa 1910-1960s
SP4 Central Soya, Decatur, Indiana photographs, 1958
SP5 Chase family photographs, circa 1850
SP6 Chemical Economy Company photographs, circa 1920
SP7 Indiana Highway and Road Commission Personnel photographs, circa 1930-1940s
SP8 Wilking Music Company photographs, circa 1930-1950s
SP9 Tim Morris photograph album, circa 1910-1950s
SP10 Indianapolis railways photograph album, circa 1930s
SP11 Klinge family photographs, circa 1920s
SP12 Bradley family photographs, circa 1880-1920s
SP13 Lucille Lipps Gaynor photographs, circa 1890-1920
SP14 English family estate photographs, circa 1900s
SP15 Beeson, Blackford County and Hartford City photographs, circa 1891-1920
SP16 Boswell family photographs, undated
SP17 Forry and Malott family photographs, circa 1880-1950s
SP18 Miami County, Indiana, Smith family photographs, circa 190-1940s
SP19 Agnes McCullock (Mrs. Hugh Henry) Hanna photographs, undated
SP20 Bartel and Schuck family photographs, circa 1880-1920s 
SP21 Mary Smiley photographs, circa 1920s
SP22 Indianapolis dry canal images, 2008/03/12
SP23 Crawford family photographs, circa 1890-1910s
SP24 Indianapolis Conservatory of Music photographs
SP25 Farmer family photographs
SP26 Radnor Corporation photographs
SP27 Homer Fauntleroy photographs
SP28 Stenograph Company photographs
SP30 Mildred Harrod family photographs
SP32 Harry Coburn World War I photographs
SP33 Unidentified family carte-de-visites

For more information, please contact the Rare Books and Manuscripts Division.

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