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Schools at War Programs

Schools at war

The Schools at War program was organized on September 25, 1942 and was sponsored by the War Savings Staff of the Treasury Department and the U.S. Office of Education and its wartime commission. Public and private schools, grades kindergarten through twelve, participated in the program.

To document a schools' activities, each school would keep a scrapbook, provided by the State Administrator of the War Savings Staff. At the end of the program the state winners, chosen through their scrapbook entries, would receive a brick from the historic Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The Schools at War program asked students to participate in three ways:

  1. To serve by putting money to work for victory through the purchase of War stamps and Bonds
  2. To conserve money and materials for the war effort
  3. To save for personal security

Advertisement for the Schools at War Program

Cover of the schools
at War Scrapbooks

Heltonville Public Schools, Heltonville, IN

St. Mary School. North Vernon, IN

Madden Elementary
Bedford, IN

West Side School
Bicknell, IN

Oldenburg School
Oldenburg, IN

St. Ann's Hamburg School
Oldenburg, IN

Shipley School Connersville, IN

Huntingburg Elementary School
Huntingburg, IN

Blaine School
Muncie, IN

Butler Public School
Butler, IN

Riley School
Auburn, IN

Fifth Street School
Connersville, IN

Heltonville Public Schools, Heltonville, IN

St. Louis School
New Haven, IN

War Bond Buying Parade
Sellersburg Grade School
Sellersburg, IN

Jackson Township School
Frankfort, IN

Model for a Victory Garden
Washington Township School
Frankfort, IN

Thomas D. Gregg School, #15
Indianapolis, IN

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Text for the images comes from the scrapbooks found in the Indiana War History Commission Collection located in the Manuscript Section of the Indiana State Library.