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Patron Use of Indiana, Reference & Government Services Materials

To standardize the handling of the materials in the State Library's collection, and to identify the materials which may be borrowed by patrons.

This policy applies to all materials in the Indiana and the Reference & Government Services collections, and is to be followed by all Indiana State Library employees.

In order to preserve and protect the priceless collections in the Indiana State Library for future generations, the staff of the Library will not allow any tangible materials published prior to 1975 to leave the library. If the requested material, published prior to 1975, is in reasonable condition, a patron may request use of the item, and will be directed to the Manuscripts area of the Library to use such materials. If a page is available, the page will take the material(s) to Manuscripts. If the page is not available, the librarian or another staff member will take the material(s) to Manuscripts.

Some materials from the Indiana collection, and most materials in the Reference and Government Services collection, published after 1975, may be borrowed by patrons. Some materials published after this date may be in poor condition and will not be allowed to be taken from the Library.

This policy requires review of the stated dates annually.

Updated January 2010