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2007 Legislation

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  • Senate Bill 0001 - Indiana Commerce Connector and Illiana Expressway
  • Senate Bill 53 - Six-month review process to gauge savings, impact on state employees and quality of service to public.
  • Senate Bill 0456 - Outsourcing relief. Requires approval by the legislative council of state contracts that: (1) result in outsourced employees; and (2) total at least $10 million.
  • Senate Bill 0577 - Lottery. Authorizes the State Lottery Commission, the Indiana Gaming Commission, and the Indiana Finance Authority to enter into a management agreement for the operation of the lottery. Establishes the Hoosier Hope scholarship program. Establishes the World Class Scholar program.
  • House Bill 1045 - Review the savings associated with a proposed contract. A bid made by state employees would receive "ultimate preference" even if more other bids are cheaper.
  • House Bill 1062 - Review any contract of more than $15 million. No contract could be longer than governor's term of office.
  • House Bill 1811 - Education public-private partnership. Establishes the center for excellence in mathematics, science, engineering, and biomedical education as a public-private partnership to assist school corporations and postsecondary educational institutions in developing programs in those areas.

In The News

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  • Evans, Tim. “FSSA chief defends privatization deal - Roob says massive report typifies outdated system; critics unswayed”. Indianapolis Star, 11 January 2007, pg. B02.
  • Evans, Tim. “Senator asks state official to halt FSSA privatization”. Indianapolis Star, 10 January 2007, pg. B02.
  • Kim, Theodore. “Lottery suitors plentiful - Daniels says interest is high; in Miami, he'll woo businesses, Bowl”. Indianapolis Star, 2 February 2007, pg. B02.
  • Schneider, Mary Beth. “Hoosier Lottery lease deadline passes - Governor's office is mum on how many firms would like to take control of lottery”. Indianapolis Star, 30 January 2007, pg. B02.
  • Schneider, Mary Beth. “1 taboo word likely not to be heard”. Indianapolis Star, 16 January 2007, pg. A04.
  • Schneider, Mary Beth. "State pursues help to plan lottery lease- Governor says move would fight brain drain; House speaker says Daniels is being too hasty". Indianapolis Star, 20 January 2007, pg. B01.


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Location Item
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Other Articles available in full text through the INSPIRE databases or in print at the Indiana State Library (see ISL call number).
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Chi, Keon. "Privatization in state government: Trends and issues". Spectrum: Journal of State Government, Fall2003, Vol. 76 Issue 4, pgs. 12-21. (ISL: JK2403 .S7 print and microfilm) Critics on the implementation of new privatization initiatives implemented every year in the U.S. Result of the privatization of the state workers compensation system; price of privatization; level or amount of privatization in the U.S.
Rosenthal, Marguerite G. "Public or private children's services? Privatization in retrospect". Social Service Review, Jun2000, Vol. 74 Issue 2, pgs. 281-306. (HV1 .S6) The article investigates the changing relations of the public and private child welfare sectors in the 1960s and 1970s. In the past 20 years, several writers have examined increases in privatization and contracting out of formerly governmental functions and studied the newly developing social service agenda.
Montenko, Aluma Kopito, et al. "Privatization and cutbacks: Social work and client impressions of service delivery in Massachusetts". Social Work, Jul95, Vol. 40 Issue 4, pgs. 456-463. The article discusses about federal and state funding for social services, which has been drastically reduced in the past 10 years. Many definitions and forms of privatization exist. Privatization generally means the transfer of government services from the public sector to private resources. This process includes divesting state-owned enterprises, raising user fees, allowing the private sector to provide services either in place of or in competition with government, and contracting out service delivery to private firms through a competitive bidding process.
Kady, Martin. "Congress builds a barrier to Bush privatization plan". CQ Weekly; 10/11/2003, Vol. 61 Issue 39, pgs. 2486-2491. (JK1 .C15) Deals with the attempt of the U.S. Congress to build a barrier to a privatization plan by President George W. Bush. Number of federal jobs identified by the administration as commercial in nature; Information on a regulation issued by the Office of Management and Budget designed to streamline and accelerate a competition between government workers and private companies; reaction of federal workers and trade unions to the regulation.
Kodrzycki, Yolanda K. "Privatization of local public services: Lessons for New England". New England Economic Review, May/Jun94, pgs. 31-47. (ASI:85 9373-1 fiche) Examines evidence on the relative merits of privatizing public services and attempts to determine whether these costs and benefits actually appear to explain local government behavior throughout the United States. Empirical analytical considerations.

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