Indiana Office of Defense Development

The Indiana Office of Defense Development (IODD) was created through an executive order by Governor Mike Pence on his first day in office to provide a focused effort on growing the defense sector business in Indiana and creating jobs for Hoosiers. The General Assembly recognized the agency’s significance and statutorily created the office during the 2013 legislative session.

IODD will focus on four main components of within the defense sector:

  1. Preserve and grow our current military assets and installations.
  2. Promote and strengthen the defense industries in Indiana.
  3. Attract defense related industries through local, state and regional economic development organizations.
  4. Promote the use and commercialization of defense and federal intellectual property to create new products, companies and jobs.

IODD works in partnership with several state agencies and associated organizations, federal installation commanders, industry and community groups, academia and the Indiana Congressional Delegation to develop and execute strategies to grow and enhance Indiana’s defense and national security.

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