All oral arguments are conducted in the Courtroom, Room 317, State House, unless otherwise indicated. The argument scheduled for May is:

May 25

9:30 a.m. Hickory Hills Development Company, et al. v. Daniel Coffman, et al.

Landowners filed applications for approval of proposed subdivisions. A remonstrator sought discovery from the landowners. The Lake County Planning Commission issued an order compelling discovery, which the Lake Superior Court enforced in part. One issue is whether the Lake

County Planning Commission had authority under Trial Rule 28(F           ) to issue
the order compelling discovery.  The Court of Appeals' opinion is found at
   699 N.E.2d 1214 (Ind. Ct. App. 1998                                           ).

Attorneys for Appellants James Wieser Randy Wyllie

Schererville, IN                 Steven Hardin
                Indianapolis, IN
                Attorneys for Appellees
                David Austgen
                David Decker
                Crown Point, IN
                Joseph Irak
                Merrillville, IN
                James Reed
                Lowell, IN
                George Patrick
                Schererville, IN

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