Memorandum Decisions Reclassified as For Publication
The Indiana appellate opinions below were originally classified as Not-for-Publication Memorandum Decisions when handed down by the Indiana Tax Court, see Ind. Appellate Rule 65(A), but later reclassified as For Publication by Court order. Opinions are listed in reverse chronological order by date of the order reclassifying the opinion. The "Decision Issued" column lists the original date of issuance. This list includes only opinions ordered published after 01/01/2007.
Order Date Decision Issued Case Lower Court Case Number Appellate Court Case Number
12/03/10 07/15/10 AWHR America's Water Heater Rentals, LLC v. Indiana Dept. of State Revenue N/A 49T10-0710-TA-50
11/22/10 10/28/10 Dale J. Scopelite and James T. Sheehan v. Indiana Dept. of Local Government Finance N/A 49T10-0812-TA-71
01/15/09 12/02/08 Clark-Pleasant Community School Corporation v. Dept. of Local Government Finance N/A 49T10-0805-TA-37
08/13/08 07/08/08 Lyle Lacey v. Indiana Dept. of State Revenue N/A 49T10-0711-TA-70
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