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Deadline: June 29, 2012

Please Read Carefully

  1. Attached is the application for the upcoming vacancy on the Indiana Supreme Court. To be eligible for nomination by the Governor, an applicant must have been a member of the Indiana bar for at least ten years or served as a judge of an Indiana Circuit, Superior, or Criminal Court for at least five years, and must be an Indiana resident. Ind. Const., Art. 7, §10.

  2. The application is designed for you to reproduce on your own word processing system.  Reproduce the application verbatim, setting out each question and category, including the waiver on the last page. 

  3. Candidates must provide the Commission an original application and 10 copies: eleven (11) complete applications, including exhibits, attachments, and photographs.  Retain a complete application for your records.  Candidates also must provide the Commission with an electronic version of the application (exhibits and attachments do not need to be included in the electronic version).  The electronic application should be sent to the Commission’s counsel, Adrienne Meiring, at adrienne.meiring@courts.in.gov.  For any candidate who submitted an application for the 2012 Supreme Court vacancy who would like to be considered for this vacancy, the candidate need only provide 10 paper copies of the previous application submitted, without the accompanying exhibits.  The candidate does not need to resubmit the photograph and exhibits accompanying the candidate’s previous Supreme Court application, provided the candidate notifies the Commission’s counsel so that the exhibits may be retrieved from the Commission’s records.

  4. Candidates must provide the Commission with a recent photograph attached to the front of the original application and to each copy of the application.  Candidates also are encouraged to submit a digital photograph with a property of 300 DPI or larger with the electronic application.  The photograph will be a public record and may be displayed on the Supreme Court’s web site.

  5. A State Police release form on green paper, to be included only with the original application, requires the applicant’s social security number, and will remain confidential.  Contact the Commission directly for the release form.

  6. Eleven completed applications and an electronic copy must be delivered to the Commission's office at 30 S. Meridian Street, Suite 500, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204 no later than June 29, 2012.  Applications received after 4:30 p.m. on June 29, 2012 will not be considered. Please retain proof of delivery. 

  7. Applicants who plan to deliver their applications during the week of June 25, 2012 or after will help the Commission organize the interview process by notifying Commission staff during the preceding week of their intentions.  This information is not binding and will be kept confidential.

  8. Upon the Commission’s receipt of eleven complete applications and an electronic copy from a candidate, the candidate’s name will be made public.  I.C. § 33-27-3-2(d). After the Commission has evaluated each application and determines whether to interview all or some of the applicants, the applications of the candidates to be interviewed become public records and may be posted on the Supreme Court’s website.  I.C. § 33-27-3-2(d)(1).

  9. The Commission will conduct public interviews in Indianapolis on July 17-18, 2012, after which the Commission will select a number of candidates for second interviews scheduled for August 8-9, 2012.  Upon the conclusion of the second round of interviews, the Commission will deliberate in executive session, then vote in a public session to nominate to the Governor the three most highly qualified candidates.  I.C. § 33-27-3-2.  Candidates must be available on the interview dates, including evening hours.

  10. The Commission will consider on behalf of each applicant a reasonable number of letters of recommendation.  Letters of recommendation may be sent to the Commission’s office and will be forwarded to each Commission member.  (Judges and other judicial officers are not prohibited under the Code of Judicial Conduct from writing on behalf of candidates on the basis of personal knowledge of the candidates’ qualifications.)  Letters sent to individual Commission members will be distributed to all other members.  Most Commission members prefer to not meet with candidates except during the interviews.  Letters of recommendation must be received by June 29, 2012.

  11. Direct any questions about the application process to Adrienne L. Meiring, Counsel to the Commission, at the address or telephone number above or at adrienne.meiring@courts.in.gov.

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