Civil Legal Aid Fund

Since 1997, the Indiana Office of Court Services has been responsible for administering a state fund for legal assistance to indigent persons in civil cases. Yearly, in July and January, the Office makes distributions, totaling one and a half million dollars, to organizations providing civil legal aid services to Indiana's poor. The number of qualified organizations currently stands at fourteen (14). Distributions are based upon an analysis of each county's civil caseload, as it relates to the caseload for the entire state, and the number of organizations serving each county.

Thanks to the cooperation and efforts of all the Civil Legal Aid Fund providers using the new electronic reporting tool, we have been able to collect and translate the data from all the providers into a useable format. Though there are some hiccups due to the way data is maintained by some providers, overall this data presents a good overview of the services that indigent Hoosiers are receiving from Civil Legal Aid Fund providers.

The majority of cases handled by the providers arise in the area of family law, followed by consumer law and housing issues. The data shows that most cases are resolved with counsel and advice, but a significant number are resolved by court decision.

For those of you who want to delve into the data further, click the following link: Caseload Data. You will find three tabs:

  1. By County - Provider
  2. By Provider - County
  3. By Category

In the By County-Provider tab you find rows listing all ninety-two counties, with columns consisting of the various ways the cases were closed. Before each county name is a small box with a plus sign (+) in it. Clicking on the plus sign will expand the presentation to show the providers who reported cases in that county. Likewise, each provider name has a plus sign before it. Clicking on this plus sign expands the data further to show the various categories of cases that the provider reported in that county. Clicking the plus sign before the category names will bring up the subcategories for that category.

Note that clicking on a plus sign changes the sign to a minus sign (-). Clicking on a minus sign will collapse the view of the data to the view that existed before the plus sign was clicked.

The By County-Provider tab is different in that instead of rows consisting of counties, here the rows are populated with each provider. Clicking the plus sign before a provider’s name will bring up the counties that provider served. Clicking the plus sign before the county names will bring up the category data for that provider in that county. Clicking the plus sign before the category names reveals the subcategory data in that county for the provider.

The third and final tab, By Category, has rows made up of the category of cases. The data presented here is for the state as a whole. Clicking the plus sign before the category name brings up statewide subcategory data.

We hope that presenting this data is of value to you. If you have any problems or questions, please let us know.