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Commercial Motor Vehicle / Driver Enforcement Deskbook

The Commercial Motor Vehicle / Driver Enforcement Deskbook for oversized/overweight vehicles and commercial driver license violations is published by the Division of State Court Administration, Judicial Technology and Automation Committee, and the Indiana Judicial Conference Special Courts Committee.

Excerpt from the Introduction

Observation of the motor vehicles using Indiana roads, highways and interstates readily demonstrates the transition that has occurred in recent decades with regard to shipment and movement of commerce within the state and the nation. American commerce which used to travel predominately by rail now relies heavily upon ground transportation supplied by heavy trucks of all sizes, shapes and configurations. Truck usage of the highway infrastructure has become so dense that consideration has been given to the construction of “truck only” roadways paralleling interstate highways.

The most recent survey conducted by the United States Census Bureau revealed that in 1997 there were at least 4.7 million registered and licensed large trucks, i.e. those weighing 10,000 pounds or more. Approximately 8.2% (386,000) of all trucks transport hazardous materials in quantities great enough to require display of a placard warning of the nature of the cargo. Each day of the year shipments of hazardous materials exceed 800,000.

Commercial Motor Vehicle / Driver Enforcement Deskbook