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Complaint Screening and Investigation

What happens if I file a grievance against a lawyer?
We review your grievance and may dismiss it if it does not raise a substantial question of misconduct. If so, you and the lawyer will be notified. Otherwise, the grievance is investigated. This includes notifying the lawyer of the grievance and requiring the lawyer to respond in writing to the grievance. After our investigation, we again review the matter and decide whether or not there is probable lawyer misconduct. If not, we dismiss the grievance with written notice to you and the lawyer.

What happens if the investigation reveals probable misconduct?
If we believe there is probable lawyer misconduct, the full Disciplinary Commission will review the matter. If the Commission believes that the lawyer has engaged in misconduct for which he or she should be disciplined, we file a complaint with the Clerk of the Supreme Court formally charging the lawyer with misconduct. If not, it will be dismissed, and you will be notified.

Contact Information

Indiana Supreme Court
Disciplinary Commission
251 N. Illinois Street, Suite 1650
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Executive Director
G. Michael Witte

Deputy Executive Director
Charles M. Kidd

Pho: 317.232.1807
Fax: 317.233.0261