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Getting Information About Lawyers

How do I find out the disciplinary history of my lawyer or a lawyer I am thinking about hiring?

Information about a lawyer's disciplinary history is public. Information about a matter that has not resulted in a formal disciplinary charge against a lawyer is confidential.

By contacting the office of the Clerk of the Indiana Supreme Court, you can find out whether a lawyer's law license is active and in good standing, whether there are any formal disciplinary charges pending, and whether he or she has been disciplined in the past. To reach the office of the Clerk, call (317) 232-1930.

Online Search. Another way to learn about whether a lawyer's license is active and in good standing is to use the Roll of Indiana Attorneys online database to search for your attorney. A search may be conducted using the attorney's last name and, optionally, the city in which the lawyer practices law. The database result detailing the attorney's record will include:

  • Attorney Number
  • Attorney Name
  • Address and phone number of the attorney on file with the Clerk's office
  • Date the attorney was admitted to practice law in Indiana, and
  • Status of the Attorney's License

Search the Roll of Attorneys

Online Decisions. Another way to review the resolution of formal disciplinary charges decided by the Supreme Court is to visit the website listing Orders of Final Resolution in Attorney Disciplinary Cases. These pages contain both Orders and Opinions handed down by the Supreme Court in attorney disciplinary matters dating back to 2003.

Review Orders and Opinions of Final Resolution in Attorney Disciplinary Cases

Contact Information

Indiana Supreme Court
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