Frequently Asked Questions


Q. When do I apply for Indiana CLEO?
A. Applications are typically made available each December and are due the following March for the Summer Institute beginning in June. We will not review any of the applications until after the deadline. Check out our applications page for exact deadlines.

Q. Must I be admitted to an Indiana law school before I apply to Indiana CLEO?
A. People generally apply to law school before they apply to the ICLEO program. You do not have to be admitted before you apply to ICLEO, but if you are selected, you have to be accepted to an Indiana law school before you can attend the Summer Institute.

Q. Is there a maximum age to participate in the Indiana CLEO program?
A. No. The ICLEO program welcomes applications from people of all ages and experiences.

Q. Can I attend a law school outside of Indiana?
A. No. Indiana CLEO Fellows must attend one of Indiana’s law schools. They include IU Maurer School of Law, IU McKinney School of Law, Valparaiso School of Law and Notre Dame Law School.

Q. Will selection as an Indiana CLEO Fellow guarantee me admission into an Indiana law school?
A. No. The selection process for Indiana CLEO Fellows and law school admissions are separate. You must be admitted to an Indiana law school before you can attend the Summer Institute.

Q. When should I take the LSAT?
A. LSAT scores are just one piece of information considered by Indiana CLEO. In order to receive your scores in time, we recommend applicants take the LSAT no later than December of the year before the student will begin law classes.

Q. Are there specific LSAT and grade point average requirements that I must meet to be eligible for Indiana CLEO?
A. No. LSAT scores and grades are considered, but there is no specific requirement. LSAT scores and grade point averages sufficient to warrant admission to an Indiana law school are acceptable.

Q. When will I be notified if I am accepted as an Indiana CLEO fellow?
A. All applicants are generally notified before between April 15 and May 1.

Q. If I am not selected as an Indiana CLEO Fellow, may I still participate in the Summer Institute, even if I pay my own expenses?
A. No. Classroom space is limited during the Summer Institute.

Q. How much is the Fellowship Award for Indiana CLEO Fellows?
A. Eligible Indiana CLEO Fellows receive a Fellowship award of $4,500 each semester of enrollment for up to three years, for a total award amount of up to $27,000. The Fellowship award is distributed as aid to student accounts through each law school's scholarship and financial aid office.

Q. What other assistance do Indiana CLEO Fellows receive?
A. Indiana CLEO has a wide range of programs designed to assist students while in law school including various networking opportunities, summer internships, bar exam preparation and post-graduation job search assistance.

Q. Is the Indiana CLEO Fellowship award taxable?
A. It depends how the stipend is spent. CLEO Fellows are strongly encouraged to consult a tax professional.