The Indiana Conference for Legal Education Opportunity (ICLEO) was established at the urging of former Chief Justice Randall T. Shepard by the Indiana General Assembly. In 1997, Governor Frank O’Bannon signed the law giving funding to ICLEO. ICLEO’s purpose then and now is to help college students in need pursue a law degree in Indiana.

The ICLEO Summer Institute is held annually to introduce new ICLEO Fellows to the program. The first Summer Institute was held in the summer of 1997 at Indiana University’s Bloomington Law School. In 1997, 30 students enrolled in the first ICLEO Summer Institute and 25 students went on to graduate from law school, representing all of Indiana’s law schools.


The ICLEO program was established to assist Indiana underrepresented college graduates in pursuing a law degree and a career in the Indiana legal community.

Summer Institute

The Summer Institute is an intense preparatory tool designed to help students become accustomed to what they will experience as law students. In a short period of time, participants are immersed into some of the required first-year law school courses. The courses vary each year, but the intensity remains the same. Participants not only receive support and assistance from faculty, but from teaching assistants who are ICLEO Fellows and have successfully completed the Summer Institute experience. In order to maintain the rigor of the program, participants are not permitted to work during the Summer Institute and must reside in the provided housing. There is no cost to participate for selected students.

Participants begin law school with confidence and develop bonds with their ICLEO classmates that often evolve into lasting friendships. The support and encouragement they are able to offer one another during law school and beyond is invaluable.

Fellowship Award

Upon successful completion of the Summer Institute, certified ICLEO Fellows are eligible for an annual education award for up to three successive academic years. The awards are paid directly to the Fellow's law school account to offset the costs of tuition.

Governing Statutes

ICLEO is governed by Indiana Code 33-24-13