Justice Biographies

Justice Joseph S. Dailey

(Fourty-fourth Justice)

Justice Dailey

Justice Dailey was born May 31, 1844, in Wells County, Indiana,107 and died October 9, 1905, in Bluffton, Indiana.

He received his early education in the public schools of Bluffton, Indiana, and graduated from the Indiana University Law School in 1866.108 After graduation he began a legal practice in Bluffton, Indiana, and, in the fall of that year, he was elected district attorney of the common pleas court.109 In 1868, he won the election for prosecuting attorney of the 10th Indiana Judicial Circuit and served there until 1876.110 He served as a member of the Indiana State Legislature in 1879.111 In 1888, Dailey was elected judge of the 28th Indiana Judicial Circuit, a position which he held until 1893, when he was appointed to the Indiana Supreme Court to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Justice Olds.112 His term on the Indiana Supreme Court bench was from July 25, 1893 to January 7, 1895.113

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